Letter(s) from Alisa Sankova to Bengt (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Bengt. Thank you dear for your letter. MY dear, I was so much happy to hear from you again.

Oh, dear, it was really a great idea of you to go together to Varna in April. Wow, I have always been dreaming to visit Golden sands, the resort near Varna. I really want to go there with you, I am sure we will have really a great time there together.

So, dear, I have found really great hotel there, and it costs 120$ per 24 hours from one person. Darling, is this ok for you??

So,I think I should book it for us but for this I need to know the time when will it possible for you to have holidays, so will you tell me at least the near dates of your holidays??

Also dear I think that I should start doing my international, you know I have never been anywhere abroad and that's I do not have it. So, I went and learnt that to get it I need to pay 120$ and also I have learnt that visa ro Bulgaria costs 60$ but the process of getting it may last too long even for 6 monthes but it is possible to hasyen it and to get visa in a month but for this it is needed to pay 250$. Oh, darling, I do not know what to do cause I just do not have such means:(( will you help me with all this??? cause I really want to be with you and I do not want anything to make us not to meet each other.

My darling here is my information for you to help for me to start all the documents:

Sankova Alisa
plowad Shevchenka , 25
L'vovskaya region

You know my darling , Bengt today at night I was dreaming about you and about me having rest in Paradise , golden sands.

My dear, I dream about you and about me spending time together somewhere very far where noone will disturb us, where we will be along.....

I dream about swimming in the clear blue, blue sea where it is possible to sea every grit and every shell on the bottom. darling, you will take in your arms and right now I feel your warm hands on my body , your sweet voice whispering pleasant things in my ear and you warm and at the same time wet lips on my cheek, on my lips, on my neck.......

oh, darling, how tender and passionate you are at this moment and how much I want this moment to last forever.......

Darling, I hope you have the same feeling with me now.......

I am really sorry darling but it is time for me to go, I hope to hear from you soon, kisses Alice