Scam letter(s) from Olga Krrassotka to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Chris! I am very glad, that you have become interested in me. And I shall try to make so that you were not disappointed in me and have know about me more, as is possible. But also I want to know about you more. You seem very beautiful person for me, I hope, that you also very good person, and we can know each other better. Well, I will briefly write about myself.
My name - Vika! This usual Russian name. Yes, unfortunately, I am so faraway from you. I live in the European part of Russia, in city N-Novgorod. I don't know why, but I couldn't be registered on this site of acquaintances from the country.
I was tryed many times to make registration from the country, but for some reason at me that has failed. Probably it is a mistake of a site of acquaintances. I hope, it will not frighten you, and on the contrary will interest. New acquaintances to the person from other country, with absolutly other culture is seems very fascinating to me. By the way, have you any friends in Russia? You, certainly, now have thought of that distance between us. If you are frightened with this difficulty write about it at once. But that distance which separates us seems to me, that, will not be of great importance in our dialogue. I the just a girl, practically am distinguished by nothing from others. Probably, to describe myself it would be easier, if I would not do it for the first time. Probably, words and ideas are a little mixed, because I nerous a little. I sitting on work behind a computer and I don't know about what still to write. Excuse me, Chris if I have done many mistakes in the letter. If something is not clear to you, can ask me about it in the next letters.
About myself - As i was to saying before, i'm 25 years. I was never married And, unfortunately, I do not have children. But I want to have the child. I want to bring up him and to transfer all experience of a life to him.
I don't know, how many children I want, while in it I was not determined. I don't have harmful habits, I don't smoke, I take alcoholic drinks only sometimes in a small amount. Most of all from alcoholic drinks I prefer red wine. From food - the European kitchen. I have finished University on a speciality of the economist. But I have not found in myself a calling to work on this speciality, and now I work as the advertising agent. The agency in which I work, has been based be relative recently. I like to work and put here the skills in its further development. It is a little about my character: I am a cheerful person, I try to enjoy each moment of the life and to overcome with a smile all difficulties meeting on my way. I use such way of acquaintance because I have not enough free time.
But i'm sure that i will have enough time for you, Chris. I will glad very much , if you will answer to me as soon as possible. Write to me a little bit about yourself: what are you doing all days, do you like your job? are you the one child in your family? Have You already experience of internet-meeting? What your frends liking in you? With impatience I will wait for the letter from you. Sincerely yours the friend Vika! Write to me, please, on my e-mail: P.S. Chris, it will be very pleasant for me to receive a photos from you. I hope, to see it in your answer.
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