Scam Letter(s) from Karina Matyuhova to Robert (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello, Mitch!!!
Really, today I had a great surprise. And this surprise was your letter in my mail-box. I opened it and I smiled. And I think you can guess why. Naturally, because I found there your message. I read it and I had a thought: how fine that you have paid attention to my small letter and that you have found some time to answer me.
I am rather experienced in computers because during my studies I used to work with them but I have never should thought that it's possible to find a new friend thanks to computers and Internet. Mitch, I think it's a nice opportunity to know more about the world that surrounds us, to change opinions and ideas.
I think it's high time to tell some words about myself. My name is Karina, I am 31 years old. I was born on the 30th of July in 1975.
I am a very sociable girl and I try to discover something new. I try to make my life full of impressions and for me it's necessary to look for something new in my life.
My relatives and friends often tell me that I am very good-humored and tempered. I am very responsible and I always do what I promise. This feature of my character often helps in my life. And what can you tell me about your character? What are your likes and dislikes in people's character?
Of course, you can ask me, Mitch, why I made a decision to look for relationship in the Internet? Frankly speaking it's a rather difficult question for me. I consider myself to be a very attractive woman who has everything to be loved and to love. but... Yet I have never met such man who would accept me with all my advantages and drawbacks. Two years ago I had some relations with one man. He seemed to me to be very polite and very well treating me. But once I came to him without warning and.... I saw him with a woman in his bed...
It was really a great stress for me, Mitch. After that I haven't had any serious relations. I tried to concentrate myself on my job.... but I think that this feeling is familiar to you, feeling of solitude, and feeling that it's necessary to find a man who would understand and support you.
And I also want to ask you, Mitch, (if it isn't a secret), why you decided to look for relations in Internet? I'd like to know it, so if it isn't a great secret, write me, please, OK?
I attach a picture of myself to my letter. How do you find it? Please, tell me frankly, I really need to know your opinion about my appearance!!! I send you my best photos to produce good impression on you. So, I hope that my efforts weren't vain!!! My height is 173 sm and my weight is 57 kg. I consider myself to be rather slender and I try to keep fit. I am a blond with blue eyes. Do you like more blonds or brunettes? I think that my appearance is quite typical for Russia. Can you call me a Russian beauty?
I live in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is situated!!!!!!!! . I like my city very much and I think that it's one of the most beautiful city in the world. What can you tell me about the place you live in? Is it big or small? What sights are there?
Mitch, you can't believe but this letter made me so glad. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to share with you a little part of my life. I hope that you won't mind of telling some things about yourself. Also I'd like ask you to send me some more pictures of yourself.
Hope to hear from you soon, your new friend Karina.

Letter 2

Hello, my gorgeous Mitch!!!
I am again very glad to write you my letter. Also I was immensely happy to receive your one. I was as ususal smiling reading your pretty lines.
This is winter around me but it's only outside, in my heart I have spring, marvelous spring, with flowering garden, with great splendid flowers, with birds singing amazing songs! And all this - it's because of you, because of your occurrence in my life.
Mitch, thank you, thank you for your long - waited coming to my life! You entered in my soul, you subdued me by your intelligence and kindness, you made me happy and smiling, you made me optimistic and cheerful.
Darling Mitch, you have made a miracle with me, and that isn't just loud words. I'd like to tell you a story. You know, darling, after your first letter I had a nice dream. I was in a fantastic garden. The birds were singing there, and there was a big river there. I felt very happy in this paradise. Even when I awoke away I was smiling with happiness.
Now I understand that it was a sign, a sign that something nice waits me. And that was naturally our friendship that we began and that we are continuing till now!
My sweet Mitch, I can imagine us together. As all girls I am very romantic and impressionable. What do you think of a picnic in touch with nature? Only you and me, and nobody else in the entire world. You so handsome and male and me so fragile and attractive, blue sky, green trees, bird singing... We won't need words; we'll understand each other without saying anything. My darling, don't abuse me for such courageous dreams, but I can't resist them.
I am afraid a little to say this words but I can't conceal my feelings any longer. I can't stop falling in love with you and what is the most interesting, I enjoy this strange and exciting feeling. I dare say my unique Mitch, I LOVE YOU!
The fact we got acquainted in this world is really wonderful. You can't imagine how I am happy we found each other. I understood you are the very person I need. You understand me, you appreciate me, and with you I feel a real woman.
My beloved, you presented me with fine sensation of being necessary. I want to express all my feelings to you, but it's impossible to do it, so fantastic they are!!! Fortunately I know you learnt to read my thoughts though such a long distance separates us...
My fantastic Mitch, I dare hope you will appreciate my courage and write me your opinion of my confession. I don't know why, but I feel you won't be upset having read this letter...
I love you, baby!!! I love you!!! Let the birds sing these words to you, let the wind transfer these confession to you!
My sweetheart, I wait for your answer with my heart trembling. I really need to know what you think of this.
Kiss you, with all my tenderness. Karina.
P.S I do not disturbed your age, the male with age becomes more solid, clever, skilled and careful. Because it already to
this time was developed And it would like quiet home life, I too very much want it. The adult the man will be always
true and careful with the wife And never will change. There are many advantages at the adult of the man, all and to not
WOW. Many thanks for your photo, you very beautiful in a photo,you very much like me also I is very glad to our acquaintance.

Letter 3

Great hello, my darling and unforgettable prince Mitch!!!
Thank you, my sweet and nice kitten Mitch!!! I dare call you like this because you are really so tender and fluffy like a little kitten. Youa know, Mitch, for me is so pleasant to say to compliments and sweet words and also I like to get compliments for you. Those are signs of our love, of our tender feelings. That's why it's so important for me, my love Mitch.
Darling, I sent you my pictures in my house. I hope you will like it. I'd like so much to see you sitting next to me on the sofa. Oh, darling, I really want it so much!!!
You know, we, girls are so sensitive. I am very sensible too. Of course, you know how our relations are important for me, that's why the fact are so far from me hurts me. I feel your presence next to me and sometimes I see you in my dreams. Yesterday, for example I had a dream about you and me in the restaurant. You were so imposant and you presented me with a scarlet rose. We had a romantic supper, there where only candle light. But when I opened my eyes there were nobody next to me... Sometimes I even cry lying in my bed because I am not next to you....Oh, darling, it's so painfully for me.
But, baby one fact consoles me, the fact that we connected already in our hearts and in our souls. But, I can't stop thinking of you, I can't keep from imagining you next to me, holding my arm, kissing me tenderly and whispering me sweet words... Oh darling, how fine my dreams are, do you like them?
Darling, today I had a talk with my parents. They saw that I am so thoughtful and they guessed that it's you who is reason of my thoughtfulness. I told them that I can't do without you, without my beloved person. My parents advised me to do all best for arrange our relations. And, my love, I decided to go to the travel agency and to learn all the information about my trip to you. I think that we are a sound couple and that we must be together.
I love you!!! I love you, Mitch!!! I love you incredibly with all my heart, with all my soul!!! I love you with my entire mind that is completely devoted to you, Mitch!!!
I wait for your answer with great impatience. For me is very important to know your opinion about my decision.
I kiss you very- very tender. I love you, my precious baby. I love you very much!
My sweetest kisses to you, your loving girl Karina.
P.S Dear Mitch I want to tell to you, that I do not search for the rich person. I do not need riches, I do not think, that money will make the person happy. I search for the person which will love and respect me.

Letter 4

Hello, sunshine of my life, my prince Mitch!!!
Today, baby I am overfelt with my emotions, I am so excited. Even now, writing you this letter my fingers are trembling. I feel that this day is the most important in my life. I am really happy, because I have done my first step for being with you.
Well, today I went to the travel agency. Darling, it was such happiness that before going there I decided to tell it to my dear friend Inna. She said to me that her husband's sister works in one of agencies of our city. Inna gave me telephone number, I called her and we arranged our meeting in the agency.
I do not know why but I felt so close to this manager and I have told her everything. I told her how much I love you, Mitch, how strong is my desire to be with you. I was just crying while talking to her. She was very touched by our feelings and she told me that it's possible to arrange our meeting. Darling, I was explained everything and I saw that it is not difficult at all.
So, I was told that if I want to go to your country and want to do it fast, I must have a passport (168 $), there is no problem to do it, it's very quickly, then tourist visa (it is available for three months, 215 $), then two-way air-tickets (880 $), insurance (870 $, every person who goes abroad must have it obligatory because some troubles may take place during the voyage). If I have my tourist visa I'll be able to stay at your place for three months but if we want to continue my staying with you I think it will not be a problem. I think it's possible to prolong the visa. I was told in the agency that they had such cases and everything was OK!!!
Well, I told my parents about all this information and to my great delight my parents expressed their desire to help us. They said to me that for my future, for the future of his only daughter they will sell their wedding rings and other golden ornaments and they will give me money for my trip. So, my parents will give me 1300 $ approximately. We have counted everything very neatly, so I will have enough money to pay the passport, visa and tickets. But... baby, I do not have enough money for my insurance!!! I counted everything very neatly but I have no money left. In fact, my darling, I do not have anybody to ask to, so I do not know what to do. For our country it's really a great sum of money and everybody does not possess this money. Among my acquaintances there are not such people. My unforgettable, I can hope only at you. I know that you really want me to be next to you, so I want to ask for your help.
My daring Mitch, I really dream of you all the time and I need you immensely. Tonight I have already seen you in my dream. You were next to me and you hold my hand. When I woke up I burst into tears because you were not next to me.
My fantastic Mitch, we really have all the chances to be together!!! My manager in the agency said to me that it's possible to make all the documents very quickly. So I wait for your answer with impatience and I want to know your opinion.
I hope that everything will be very good. I kiss you tenderly, Karina!!!
P.S Loved Mitch you asked me concerning a photo, but I wrote to you, that I have no the chamber, therefore I can not do for you such photos!!!!

Letter 5

Hi, my sweetie!
Mitch, I want to say many times how much I love you and how I dreaming about our happiness.
It's rather cold now, but my darling Mitch, in my heart there is spring. And the birds are singing there!!! And I really feel happy, very happy. You know, Mitch, I fell in love like a school girl! Dear, I have never had such emotions, such feelings. I am overfilled with them and I like them a lot.
How do you find my pictures? I think, Mitch, that you will be able to read all my love in my eyes. I love you with all my heart, with all my soul!!! I love you!!! I love you!!! Can you feel it, my diamond?
For me it is so pleasant just to walk and think about changes that happened in my life. I glad that it is happened with me and I've met you. It is so strange to understand that I have now a love and you. I know that life have many secrets and we will explore it together. I know that you have a lot to show me in my life and I will show you too how I can love a person.
I miss you already, you are mine and I will never give you to anybody else. You are the only one in my life.
I want to see you, to feel your gentle touch on my skin. I want to kiss you light at first and then with more passion and desire. I need you like oxygen and you are inside of my head and skin.
Please, just be with me. I need you very much! I need you!! I need you!! I need you!!!
Soon everything will change for us and we will be together. I can't wait of this time. I began to think that time is our worst enemy because I can't see you. I want it, I want you.
I do many things during the day and I imagine that I do it for you. It is so pleasant for me.
I hope that our future will come soon and we will have an opportunity to talk face to face.
Our first evening we will spend together, only we, you know. You are my sweet man and I love you so much!
I will be waiting for your letter, Mitch, and I send you my warm kiss. With love, Karina.
P.S Dear Mitch today went to bank and learned the information on the international remittances. I for a long time talked to the manager of bank. It has told to me that the most reliable system, system " Money Gramme ". This system is similar the Western union. Advantage in that that in our city is present some branches of this system and it will be easier to me to receive money!!!! The manager as has told, that in your country this system has very big distribution and you will not have problems with it!!!!!!!
I know that it is necessary to have information to send money thru Money Gramm.
I am going write you this and please be careful, there should be no mistake.

My name:
Last name:
Nizhni Novgorod

Money Gramm. As I know to use this sistem I should receive after your translate money in my country 8 numbers to have an opportunity to receive money in my country! So when you will send money to me please write me 8 numbers and I will receive it in my country. Money Gramm. As I know to use this sistem I should receive after your translate money in my country 8 numbers to have an opportunity to receive money in my country! So when you will send money to me please write me 8 numbers and I will receive it in my country.
I need to know it and that you have already sent me. I will need a full information about
you (country, state, name, last name, address) .I hope that everything will be fine and I can
do everything very fast. I really dream about our meeting. I love you so much. I love you,
never forget it!!!!

Letter 6

My sweet, my honey man! Hello, Mitch!
When I tell you hello, I mean not only this word but a kiss too. So kiss and not one to you!!!! A miilion of great kisses for you, Mitch!!!
I think about you a lot and more I think the more I love you. I imagine you dancing with me in the moon light and it is so romantic atmosphere that we just forget about all word around us!!!
We can smell a light aroma of some flowers and you excite me so much. I can feel that I love you and I want you so much.
I dreaming about you for along time but I just could not see your face in my dreams, now I can.
I want to see you and tell you how much I love you. I hope that you understand this.
This season so wonderful because it it tell me about love!
It is so strange to understand that I have now a love and you. I know that life have many secrets and we will explore it together. I know that you have a lot to show me in my life and I will show you too how I can love a person and what love means for me!
I had a busy day today but it usual for me and I am not very tired, I hope that you too. I just want your days be fine and very good with emotions! You know, Mitch, all the clients in my haiur-dressers have noticed my fine mood. One woman even said to me today: " You are a fine master!!! I am very pleased with your job. I think that you are inspired with love! " I smiled. Yes, my Mitch, you help me even in my job. I think of you and I want to make the world brighter, better. That's to you whom my clients must thank!!
I want to see you, to feel your gentle touch on my skin. I want to kiss you light at first and then with more passion and desire. I need you like oxygen and you are inside of my head and skin.
Please, just be with me. I need you very much!
Today I decided that I will cook something interesting, maybe it will be a meat with prunes and souse, and then I think I will get some ice-cream with fruits. I think that after this you feel your self hungry.:)
Yes? Don't worry I will cook it for you too, when you will want! I think that you will like it very much!!!!
I had a talk with my mum and she asked me to tell you Hello from her and all the best. My dad also sends you his best regards.
I hope that our future will come soon and we will have an opportunity to talk face to face. I want you to know that your happiness is very important for me and I will try to do all to make you happy. I can promise you this.
Our first day will be so exiting for us and we will never forget it in any case, I love you sweetie and I wish you to have only good time.
Wish biggest kiss from your Karina.
P.S Loved Mitch I understand, that you missed under my letters! I have been borrowed with registration of my documents! You wrote in the last letter of that you will be helped by your friend! But I as wrote to you, that all documents for trip and tickets are ordered in agency with which I have concluded the contract and I cannot change a condition of the contract as my documents are available! I found out as in bank concerning your problem of system " money gramme ". The manager in bank has told to me, that remittance from a site, through the Internet is possible! You can go on a site and receive there the detailed information! I very much miss you and now when our meeting so is close we not should I will stop in one step from our meeting and our happiness Mitch!!!!!!



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