Letter(s) from Anna Tarasova to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Richard!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. It means, that you wish to learn me more close.
I am really glad, that you have answered me. That has written thanks a little about itself.
I know, that very much many women find the happiness through the Internet, but very much doubted of it.
My girlfriend has convinced me that anything difficult in it is not present and probably it is my destiny. I have gone specially to agency which the help to get acquainted with people from other country. I knew, that in the USA men are very attentive to women and they are more affable with women, as against our men. But certainly all people different, everywhere are bad and good, but I hope only on good.
I really would like to learn better you and to make friends. In this letter I shall tell about the life.
As you already know, my name is Anna.
I was born to Russia and all life have lived in city Salavat. Also my parents in the same place were born.
I trust in the God, and I the Christian, as well as all my family.
I have ceased to live and depend on my parents, after that as has left school. Then I have acted in the state university on the dentist faculty.
And now I work in private clinic of my city, which name «Alita» and still I I earn additionally in city hospital. Workers of mine Trades will be always demanded.
And I consider, that I have made a correct choice in the trade and the life. Where you work? In what your work consists? To you it is pleasant?
Tell to me more in detail about it. I very much would want to learn what hobby you have, what interests? Person finds in itself any the creative person. Not looking at all on a sort of activity or a trade. The person all will equally find in itself that creativity, than will be engaged in free time also will carry by it through all life. It can consist in everything. Here I, to to example, I like to borrow with sports. I three times a week go to fitness the center.
For me, as well as for any woman it is important to support the body in the good form. Though my work too in own way very much even creative. It became now very fashionable to inlay a teeth. To insert different stones and srtasses in a forward teeth, than I and my colleagues too we are engaged.
Tell, what you do during free time from work? Tell to me about the friends? At me there are some friends, but it is far not all of them people very close to me. I have the best the girlfriend with whom I share all. We are friends many years. Now we live together, as to me so it is more convenient and a lot of time is not necessary to reach yes works. My parents live in other end of city. I do not live with them since that moment, as the beginnings to study at university. We with my girlfriend, her name is Larisa, together acted in one university.
But the life has disposed so, that she could not study as the doctor and left to other university.
Now it became the economist and now works in one their firms of city.
At us there are no problems of that we live under one roof.
I in general consider, that each day given to us needs to be lived, as last nobody can know, that with us can happen tomorrow. I have solved, are not afraid, and to get acquainted with the man on the Internet.
tell to me about the family. Where and how you live?
Whether you were married?
I was never married and I do not have children. I thought of career, but now my sights have changed, but my age already such, whether that I already doubt I shall find second half, but all very much I hope for it.
Whether you Trust, that you can meet still the second half. I in it very much trust and I hope, that it will occur.
I very romantic person. I like to read much. I read various books. It as in to music. It would be desirable to listen under moods, depending on pleasure or grief.
I very much would wish to learn you more close. I with pleasure shall read your histories. I would like to see more yours photos. Whenever possible I shall send you the well here, I as am possible in detail have told to you all about myself, in the first letter.
If you wish to learn, something ask, and I to you shall tell about all.
Only I wish at once you to warn, trust each other, to write only the truth, what it was not.
I the adult person and can understand all, but only not treachery and a deceit.
For now I say goodbye to you, I hope tomorrow to see your letter.
I believe, that you good the person.
I with pleasure shall answer your letter.
Your new friend, Anna.

Letter 2

Hello my friend Richard!!!!
I have not received from you not what letter.
I hope that with you everything is all right.
I ask you write to me even a pair of lines and tell to me how are you!!!
With impatience I brawl to wait for your letter.
Sincerely Anna!

Letter 3

Hi my dear friend Richard!
I very much liked all of the pictures that you sent me I am very glad, that have answered me, that you are interested in me.
Too it was very pleasant for me to find your letter in a letter box.
I am very glad to our acquaintance, that all of us it is more and we learn about each other, I about your life, and you about mine more.
I know, that it is interesting to you to learn not only my internal qualities, but also external.
I have been given birth on December, 14, 1972, and now to me 34 years
My growth of 1 meter, 73 centimeters or 5 ` 7. Weight of 56 kg.
As you probably already saw my eyes of blue color.
This color I love more others, it is color of the sky.

Richard I want to apologize beforehand that I not always can write to you every day.
All the matter is that at my place is a computer, but we do not have Internet. I learned how many money for this purpose it is necessary also expensively for me. And consequently I use services of the Internet on work.
Certainly is forbidden to use the Internet in the personal purposes but when I have opportunity to write to you, I try to not miss it.
Me very much interests, whether you understand all from my letters. The matter is that I write letters itself, I very seldom use the program of translation, it only when I meet difficult words. I studied the English language at school within 10 years, then it is a little at university. And when already began to work in individual clinic, has saved up money and has ended rates, the English language. It very much was useful to me on my work.
As many preparations come to us in city from abroad and it is necessary to know all.
Therefore, I hope, you understand, everything, what I write to you?! Though very much and it is very difficult to translate many Russian words to English. It would be desirable to inform up to you their true sense, but not always it turns out. So if you do not understand something, you can ask everything, that you interests.
And then I shall try to write is more accessible. In our language absolutely others even speech revolutions and sometimes to me to have to break a head, to tell to you all correctly that all has understood also nothing has missed about my life.
Richard I want to tell many thanks that you have answered me. I am valid with impatience waited for your letter.
I would like, that we with you have made friends.
You are very interesting to me as the person. And consequently I want, as much as possible to know about you and about your life. In the letters I try to tell about how I live. And I want the same from you.
I do not ask you to write to me the big letters. I only want, that it was easy and interesting to us to communicate.
Richard tell to me about a place where you studied.
Also that interesting occured during this period.
It would be very curious to me to know about it. As you already know, I studied 5 years at the state university in the city of Ufa as only there there is a Bashkir state medical university where the higher education is possible to receive.
But I can tell, that this time of a student's life has passed cheerfully and interestingly.
All this has passed so quickly and imperceptibly, that I could not experience all fun of this carefree life.
During this period of my life I began an independent life. After I have acted in university, I had to leave from parents and to start to live independently. I think, that it has served me as a good lesson in a life.
Certainly, there were also cheerful days of my training. We with friends had tradition.
Every summer we consulted by boats on the White river.
I at all do not know, why it so refers to, but it very beautiful and pure.
You sometime were fond of driving by boats? I simply adore this employment. We carried out on travel about two weeks.
On a lodging for the night stopped on coast. Now I at all do not have this primitiveness.
Now, unfortunately, all has changed in our life. All already for a long time have matured, at many the family and work.
All have parted, and we very seldom see. We have left this employment somewhere there far in our childhood and now is very sad, that it is impossible to throw, shirk all employment and to run away on the nature to have a rest, as once it happened earlier.
All have run up who where. Certainly, at all now a different life. Someone has created family, someone career.
I for myself yet have not decided, that I want to reach most of all. For me the question was always very important what to prefer. To create family or to build career, and the everything else will be applied?
I can not while to answer this question. I love the work. Also I can tell, that has achieved
almost all that wanted in a life and that else is not present I am sure still ahead. I am fast to all I study and is sure, that I can reach all!!! The most important is to put the purpose and step by step to overtake it.
In general I very serious person and persevering. I have always got used to achieve the purpose and in general to achieve that I want.
With career, with my work all is much easier, I was already possible to tell the good doctor and
the expert of the narrow structure. I still very much wanted to create family. I can tell, that is completely ready to this. So it now does not suffice me!!! I would like to combine these two concepts.
To live in family, to care of it and to go on a service ladder. That is I want to tell, I want to give the energy and love to the family and close, and not just to my patients.
I very much hope, that at me all will turn out. I very much aspire to this. And I am ready on much to reach the purpose.
I to this always was learned by my parents. For what I am very grateful to them. I think, that they have brought up in me the worthy person. I very much respect them and I like. As parents - they gave me all.
I very much miss on my parents. As you know, we live not together. But I try to visit their each days off. In the following letter I in detail in absentia shall introduce you to my family.
And you to me in detail write about the!
On it I want to finish the letter. I already start to wait for your answer! Very much I miss.
Richard I want to ask you to send your photos.
Your family, your city and everything, that you will want, only I will have to you the big request let they of the small sizes. If they will be big it is necessary to spend a lot of Internet and to me can forbid to use it. I very much ask send only easy photos.
Unfortunately, I cannot write more at still more many work.
Good-bye my new friend!
Yours Anna.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Richard.
I am simply happy to see today your letter and I is glad, that you do not overlook about me.
Today at me simply mad day! At me it is so much patients still more so much the private affairs. Now I have small break, and I have thrown all and I write to you. I can not be kept to miss any opportunity once again with you to communicate!
Pictures were done by my girlfriend.
I already wrote to you, that I live in Russia city Salavat.
I to you at all did not tell about the city of Salavat. At us simply remarkable city with very
interesting name.
It is formed in 1948 and named in honour of the national hero of Salavat Yulaev. It is approximately in 178 kilometers from city of Ufa and about 1500 kilometers from Moscow.
I cannot tell, that city very big, but also not small.
The population of city about 200 thousand people.
At us here many the different enterprises connected to oil refining and not only. There is a drama theatre where I very much like to be and much only. The city is madly beautiful, is especial in the summer.
A plenty of trees do its more beautiful and interesting.
In it there is a plenty of gardens and various parks.
In it a plenty of squares where I usually like to walk on the days off is located.
In my family there is a small tradition. We like to meet on Sundays and all the day long to carry out on fresh air.
We frequently walk on park which is located in city centre.
Unfortunately, not in each day off such opportunity drops out.
I want to tell to you about the family.
My parents very kind and lovely people and I think, that they have brought up as me, and my sister that we could live adequately.
My father, Alexander, though also strict, but very kind person. he has worked all life at a factory under the name "Synthesis".
It is an oil refining factory which is engaged in release of various fuel production.
He very much loves the work. And at any opportunity tells all the most interesting, that there occurs. I not absolutely approve his interest to this work. In fact this employment brings the big harm to health. And for so much years it has done much harm to the father. At him sight and his health that was before has very much worsened became at all.
But something to him to speak it is useless. I sometimes simply am surprised as they could meet mum. In fact it is people of absolutely different trades. My mum, Tatyana, the person of art. She has finished college of arts and all life dreamed to leave abroad to engage in higher art. But father has turned all her life. At them it is valid very beautiful and romantic history. When to mum was twenty years, she studied in art and at this time has got acquainted with the young man who promised her the beautiful future and was ready to take away her in the distant countries.
As mum she tells was ready on all. But somehow in the evening, walking along the street she has got acquainted with simple but very charming person, my father. And this meeting has turned all her life. Now she teaches in one of schools of city where she teaches children the skill. I very much miss on them, in fact now we not frequently see. I try to come to them on the days off because I know how I do not suffice them.
My sister Natalia she lives now in Moscow, she there has married and now waits for the child. We seldom are at her as it is rather far, but each meeting it always the big holiday for all of us. Since that day as I began to live separately, all my life has turned over. I have firmly decided, that should begin a new life. And I try to do everything to achieve the. I such person, that if that shall want, I shall necessarily achieve it. Now I have firmly decided, that should create family.
I am ready to this both morally, and physically. I do not have not enough only the satellite in a life. For this reason I have decided to take advantage of this way of dialogue. Also has met you, I very much like to write and tell about the life. But I want to learn more and about you, full details are interesting to me. I see, that you very kind person.
I feel you through your letters, through words which you to me speak. I would like to learn you better and closely. I would like to see more than your photos. It is interesting to me to learn any you inside and externally. Richard it is very important for me. I really believe in our friendship and not in what case I do not want it to lose.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Well and certainly questions which so interest you. I with the great pleasure shall answer.
I shall wait for your letter and your new photos.
Yours Anna.

P.S. It is a photo of my family and our friends. We saw off my sister on station, she leaved for Moscow. At the left you will see me and my sister. Further mine the daddy and my mum. About mum my niece. Further our friends

Letter 5

Hi my dear Richard!!!!!
Today is Valentines Day. I want will congratulate you on this remarkable holiday.
I very much liked all of the pictures that you sent me I am very happy to read your new letter to me. I with impatience waited for it and frequently thought of you, tried present that you can to do at present. I again on work but after I have got acquainted with you for me work became also a place of dialogue with you. Therefore I go for work with the big desire.

Mood at me too very good, that would be desirable to sing and jump with joy directly songs as the child. But I cannot do it in fact I the adult woman and I borrow a serious post.
Me can simply not understand correctly on work.
Yes! And you do not guess, why all this occurs to me???
What to all the reason your letters to me! What do they cheer me up!
What do I spend all free time only on you! On that to write somewhat quicker the new letter and to look forward to your answer!!!
To all event the reason only YOU, YOU AND ONCE AGAIN YOU!!!!!!!!
And if it is fair, I very much and am very glad to this. You for such short time interval of our acquaintance and dialogue became me very much close and native to me the person. You could fill in all emptiness in my vain life.
It appears, that so to me so did not suffice me in this world! You and your letters!
Richard today at me the day off and I meet the girlfriends.
We very much like with girlfriends to go to cinema.
I very much love theatre and cinema. I can not tell, that I look everything, but I try
To me for work frequently bring invitation and tickets, and I go.
I have many favourite films. From our Russian I prefer comedies of director Eldara Ryazanov, Gaydaya and many others.
Such films for a long time do not remove at us in Russia. Lovely old kind and ridiculous films. From foreign I love Francois Zona's films, Eight women, the Dragonfly, the Smell of the woman and many others.
The main thing that film bore any idea. But sometimes it happens, that very much it would be desirable to look melodramas and to cry together with heroes of film.
But I like to do it, when I am alone with myself, and it who cannot see Probably does not suffice some tears me in my life.
Richard and you have favourite films? You love what music?
About myself I can tell, that everyone are surprised over me. I listen to all both fate and classics and a chanson and a pop-music and a jazz and even electronic music. I without mind from Edward Artemjeva's compositions.
If such opportunity somewhere will be presented you and sometime to listen to his music, I think, it is pleasant to you. It is the space music not similar to everything else, that I ever had to hear in my life.
And so I like all music, well certainly except for not normative lexicon and written by worthless people. Well about itself to you still to tell?! It would be desirable to brag a little. I very much like to prepare, and at me it well turns out. There are few things in this life that I was able to prepare. Well unless, except for national dishes Chinese, Japanese, well and other kitchens.
And as to Russian kitchen I am able to do all!
Us with the sister our mum learned this, and her, her mum, our grandmother.
And we store all culinary secrets and we remember.
What do you like to have a meal???
Richard I very much like to improvise with different components in salads. My familiar frequently are surprised, that at first sight at all not comparable and different products to taste can appear at me in one plate, to get mixed up and be very much even tasty salad. So it happens!
And still I in preparation of my dishes give very big place to different spices and grasses.
They too can change cardinally taste of any dish or simply add taste.
I have started talking about meal probably not casually, I am very hungry and now I shall go to eat.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter and I hope already soon to receive your answer.
I want to tell to you once again, that is very happy that we have got acquainted with you.
And now all my ideas only about you.
With impatience I wait for your letter.
Yours Anna.

Letter 6

Hello my fine friend Richard!!!!
I am very pleased, that we again together, that we continue our correspondence .
I very much was absent on you. When I see your letter, and I can write to you, in me, the impression is created, that you become closer to me. But I do not want to think about sad, that distance which us shares.
All is good, today in me remarkable mood and I very much would like to divide it with you.
Today in me usual day of work, but it only from the party I as a smile, I speak, I fly patients, But in me, in my ideas all has turned.
All my ideas are borrowed only with you.
Yes, I understand, that it can seem to you impudence, but I do not want to limit feeling in me directly.
We with you in the beginning have agreed to speak each other only the truth.
I can tell to you, that you have filled in my life new sense , I already start to understand,
That all this acquaintance was not casual, that you, that the person, which can cause to
beat my heart in increasing frequency.
I spoke about us to mine to parents, and they they very much for me are pleased.
Certainly they do not understand everything, in what as it is probable also it is clear, since
time, any Internet there was not, there were no computers.
I want to thank now founders of it, I think they already the help to find happiness not to one pair.
Please write as you, you feel about it?
Today on work all colleagues ask me on what I such am happy and on what in me such good mood.
I only smile in the answer and I speak everything, that is happy.
And you know on what I is happy???
I want to tell to you, that it seems to me that I start to fall in love with you, and it is the truth.
At me I start to grow to you the certain feelings, I all time think of you. At the nights I wake up also my ideas only about you.
I do not know as it to explain, but it seems to me that it is love. I cannot while to tell precisely that it for feeling, but I think that soon I shall understand it and I shall write to you.
I once again want to tell to you that I am very glad that I have got acquainted with you, instead of with what other person.
I any more do not present the day without you and your letters which are heated very strongly with my soul and heart and from which it would be desirable to shout and jump as to the child.
My dear I want to tell to you that I write to you only the truth, and all that am in my soul I write to you.
I hope that you understand it!!!
Difficultly to itself to present, that several days ago, we with you knew that about each other.
And today we with you it is similar each other. We with you learn each other more and more and more, and grows in our relations.
Probably it is destiny, that we have familiarized with you, and now we build our relations.
I believe in destiny. And you trust in destiny??? Write to me that you think of it.
For me it is very important to know it.
I very much would want to write still to you, I want to write to you every day and each hour, but unfortunately I need to finish, as I have not enough time.
I ask you write to me all that you think of my letter, I ask you to write more to me about the feelings.
It very much is very very important for me.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Sincerely yours Anna!!!!!

Letter 7

I am happy, to see your answer Richard!!!
I huge impatience waited for your letter.
Thanks you for your fine photos, they have very much liked me.
Thanks you, for that that you have given me a phone number, I shall necessarily call to you as soon as at me such opportunity will appear.
It as if as a drink of fresh air which now so is necessary for me.
Your letter it as if the thin thread connecting us you. It is a string which is taking place
through hundred thousand of kilometers, through oceans and the seas, through the huge areas of fields and meadows.
And it about me, also I can see it, I can read ideas which you wanted to inform up to me, your mood.
I am glad, that we have even this opportunity of dialogue.
Your letters do me happy and already even I am grateful for it to you.
I want, that you spoke me that you think and that you feel more. It so is important for me.
It that, through what I can learn you and your world.
To learn than and as you live. I want to see you, I want to hear and speak with you, I want to feel and observe you simply.
You became very necessary in my life!!!
I dream of you in the dreams, I feel, that you somewhere are very close, beside and at the same time is very far.
I have very much become attached to you and all my life has radically changed from dialogue with such remarkable person as you!
You, maybe, also do not suspect, but I feel, that I became completely other person.
Yes, yes it you have changed my life, it due to you I can tell, that I am in love.
Yes, I am confident, what exactly this feeling is present at me. I with the big impatience wait when I can read your letter when I can write to you about all that I think and I feel. At me ideas are completely confused, and I can not write even the letter. To me very difficultly correctly to express all emotions.
Ideas skip, fingers shiver and it is very difficult to collect and write all to the offer.
My emotions overflow my reason!!!
Yes, I know, that it is love. It as always comes unexpectedly and I am happy, that I can test this fine feeling and I I know precisely, that I can not without you.
Every morning it would not be desirable to leave a warm bed. It would be desirable to luxuriate and dream of you.
You very much like me, and I feel in your letters reciprocity.
Write to me, please, that you about all it think!
And still I am interested by, whether you now see the future together with me. All the matter is that up to a meeting with you, I knew for sure as as I shall do, I could tell about the provisional plans for some months forward.
Now I simply do not know as me to act. I cannot think of anything, let alone affairs.
All my ideas are borrowed only with you. On the one hand it is good, and with another I am frightened simply with all this situation. And the biggest problem that between us of hundred thousand kilometers. And it disturbs me most of all.
If you were a with me all would be in another way, and can be anything not were.
I know that something conducts us on this life. And all that with us occurs it not simply so.
I believe in destiny, but on the other hand I know, that there are things which the person himself chooses. I have in a kind a won which it will go on a life. I to you am attracted with any latent mysterious force and I do not want to oppose to this. I want that all went as goes.
And if on this way there will be complexities, I want, that we with ease of them passed.
Continuing to speak about destiny, me it was recollected, that Napoleon in a gift has presented ay the wife Zhozefine a medallion inside which one has been written simple and to too time a mysterious word destiny.
Up to ours with you of acquaintance I never thought of it. But now I understand, what not all in our life so is easy and simple. That did not occur, it should take place, and anything cannot prevent this. Even if the person will try to bypass this word destiny, it all the same will make the. I never could even suspect, that I can meet you and that my life so will turn.
I am really happy, that it happened with me. And at present my life, you take very significant place.
I do not want to lose these attitudes. I am afraid to lose that communication, that string that connects us.
And I want that both of us have tried to make all that it has not disappeared, and even it is more, that it has got stronger and has connected us.
With ideas on you, I finish this letter in hope soon to see your answer.
I Love you Richard.
Yours Anna.

Letter 8

Hi my love Richard!!!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter.
I want to tell to you, that my full name Anna Tarasova.
I want to tell to you that I have no phone.
At me the cellular telephone certainly was, but him have stolen 2 months ago from my handbag when I went in public transport.
But if you write to me the number I shall necessarily try to call to you.
My address: Russia, Salavat, street. Lenin, a. 16, sq. 12/4
I am glad, that my feelings are mutual. That in your words and offers I learn and I read as though the ideas.
That we think equally and we want same. I feel, that we related souls.
I am very happy, that have met you. I, probably, the happiest woman and on a planet because I have such man as you.
As I want and I dream of appearing now in your embraces.
I would nestle on your breast and my breath concerned your neck. I want, that all this fairy tale has turned to the validity.
In fact it is not too difficult. It is a pity, that I not the magician and cannot, having closed eyes to be transferred to you, my loved. You even cannot present, as I would like to make it.
Reading your letters I leave in the small world, where you beside. Where I can feel you where you to me smile and there is nobody and where nothing prevents us. And nobody can prevent us.
And the most important, that is the world only ours where there is absolutely nobody where it is not necessary to think where it is possible to plunge simply each other and to overlook about all on light.
I want to feel your breath, carrying out a hand on your body, I want to see your eyes when you will speak me everything about what it was necessary so for a long time to be silent.
In fact you understand how difficultly to express all ideas on a sheet of a paper.
In my head it is so much ideas, that I cannot simply write to you everything, that so it would be desirable to tell, looking in your eyes.
I would like to forget all shame and pride, and to rush on a meeting of the love. I simply do not learn myself.
I was not such earlier. Receiving your letter, I receive such charge of your energy and emotion, that I am capable to turn all world and to make all how it would be desirable me.
It seemed to me earlier, that I am floating on current and I rotate together with other people in any vital ring. And was, but now all has changed.
I have forced this world to rotate around of you and me. I could turn page of the sad past,
forget all pain, that when - that was caused by me, and caused me.
I could begin a life with the pure person due to you. Everything, that occured to me before our acquaintance already far in the past.
I that was earlier. Now I strong and have given these forces to me you.
I also am grateful to you for it, you have brought pleasure during my life.
No, you have presented me this life, a life full of color and paints which life it is necessary to live and to not think of how it it is correct and as are not present.
All this is not important. It is necessary to follow the feelings. Only the first idea is correct.
And henceforth I want to live only so. And I want to live with you, I want to wake up and see you.
To observe your dream and to think that dreams you. I want to fall asleep with you and to
feel your strong hand when you will embrace me. I want to speak with you when it would not be desirable to sleep.
I want to enjoy with you a decline, to meet a dawn and much many other things. I want to do everything if only you were a together and let all world will wait. Certainly, I understand, that it is not possible and necessary to look at this world really. But sometimes so it would be desirable to forget about all. It would be desirable to think, that all so is simple, that stars can be touched. Also that is possible to touch you, and simply to fall asleep and see dreams are sweet.
You my beloved, you my air, environment in which I live and I breathe. I want, that we simply lived and liked each other.
On the one hand in it there is nothing complex, and with another there is a huge set of so-called complexities.
I do not want, that between us there were barrier.
And I want to destroy that now exist between us. I cannot experience and is farther this separation.
I dream of ardent passion, I want to realize that is created by us with the help of letters.
Feelings overflow me, I feel myself at top of pleasure.
But only not for you, you could subdue me and win my heart.
You have destroyed all my illusions and prejudices and have at the very same time forced me
to feel again yourself as that naive little girl whom it is not terrible anything in this life.
I live in this world. I cannot simply hide sincere admiration from such person as you. I cannot hide the secret desires.
Our letters is a cradle of our love. But it only letters. I want to feel in full force all that connects us.
I want to be given to love and to not think of anything. I am in excellent mood and in an anticipation of close happiness, that soon we shall with you together.
I want to throw all and to be near to you. This unique my desire.
I am ready to all and on all only to be near to my favourite person, with you! I cannot live apart from you more.
I want to overcome that distance that divides us with you. And I am ready to go on everything that nothing has cut us. I want to be a single whole.
And I know, that it is possible, we need to want it very strongly only. The strongest thing in this world - desire.
Having it it is possible to overcome all. It is necessary to want only and then all will be subject to us.
This desire overflows me, but I up to the end cannot know about what wanted by you.
When I shall know it, I shall be even stronger, and together we can all. Write to me the ideas, make me more strongly, the help to me to overcome up to the end all my fears though I already am afraid of nothing when you a with me of me nothing can stop.
You beside and I are happy. So make me happy, in fact all in our hands and to us is dependently all.
I with great impatience shall wait for your letter.
It is important for me to know your ideas and feelings. I want to listen and hear you.
You all this, that are necessary for me. You my life, my love and pleasure.
I shall make everything that you also were happy, as well as I.
Kiss and with tenderness I think of you, yours Anna.

Letter 9

Hi my love Richard!!!!!!!!!!
Loved Richard I cannot transfer those feelings, that now live in my heart.
It is difficult for me to describe all those emotions with which I live every day.
You are necessary for me as air as water and everything, that gives a life.
As it is good, that you have appeared in my life.
You the most unusual and I do not understand in what your secret.
Like in you there is nothing unusual and at the same time I should think of you.
Each your word, each breath in your letter gets in a point of happiness and I simply lose a head.
You as - as if have arrived from other world. You are very much distinguished from all men.
At you good manners, brilliant taste and magic charm.
When I am with you, I read your letters, I simply overlook about all on light.
As I would like to be near to you, to look in your eyes, to embrace and more than nothing to see around of myself.
As I already spoke, I am ready on all and now I have decided, that the only thing of that I want is to connect the life with you.
Unique way for this purpose be to arrive to you.
I learned from my sister about that as I can arrive to you and what it is necessary to execute requirements that I could go to you.
I already talked to my boss and he understands all our situation and hopes, that all will be good also we shall be together.
My parents as very much for me are glad also they already now concern to you as to our close person.
As to me my sister has written to me it is necessary to go to Moscow to make all documents.
First of all certainly I will need the visa, the passport at me already is.
She learned how many all this will cost and appeared, that it about 500 $.
I need to make the visa of the tourist as the sister has written, this visa refers to B-2 and it for us is the best variant.
I have understood, that this money to me is difficult for finding and I have asked our boss, but he can give no more than 100 $.
I do not know loved as to write to you about it, but it is necessary for me 400 $ on starting to do the visa.
I understand, as for you it is the big money, but I do not have other choice how to ask this help you.
I considered all variants, but it turns out nothing, nobody can to me the help.
Whether loved please write you can to me the help with it.
As far as I know in the best way of remittance the Western Union or MoneyGramm is.
To send money it is necessary to know only this information: RUSSIA, the city of SALAVAT, ANNA TARASOVA.
My parents already some times sent the small sums to the sister to Moscow.
It is rather reliable translation system of money and fast.
I do not know loved as you will react to my request for the help but if you have such opportunity I shall try to make so that we with you were together as soon as possible.
It is difficult for me to think of essential things when I read your letters.
It is the world of unsolved sacraments which to me should be learned.
I am ready to pass all this way, in fact I know, that to all this there will be a compensation.
And the award to this will be you, and you - all this that are necessary for me for existence. Without you I cannot simply live.
I am sure, that I can pass all this complex way while we not together and when we shall be together we shall be the help each other in all.
I for myself already have solved all and is ready to go towards to the happiness.
I understand and I expect all difficulties which I should collide.
I understand, that I am waited absolutely with other life, that I should be reserved. Also will change me a life in other country.
Certainly it frightens me a little, but I am ready to go on everything to be near to you.
I am ready to reserve the life, to leave former and to begin another, for the present unknown to me.
If only only you wanted it also the help to me in all. I shall know, that you beside and me will be easier to consult with all complexities.
Lovely mine, I hope, you understand, what I should collide and on what is necessary me.
I completely rely on you and I believe in your help.
I read each letter with huge excitement, I consider each phrase.
I try to experience you and to understand your ideas, to catch each your breath.
I want to experience your life, to learn as you there, as from you affairs.
You dream me every night, I want, that we always were together, and nothing could separate us.
I madly miss. Probably at me such destiny, that you have appeared in my life, and I never would change it on any another.
I ask the god only one that you were near to me and belonged only to me.
I protect our happiness and our love, I shall not allow anybody to spoil everything that we have created.
But it is very difficult for me to be here one. My parents see, how I suffer, and they understand, that I feel.
They understand, that shortly I shall leave from them, but they are happy for me.
They are ready to make everything that I was happy though as it will be difficult for them.
My soul is broken off on two half of that we not together. I every day suffer that I can not while to be near to you.
With you I have found a peace of mind and at the same time the suffering which is not giving to me rest because you so are far.
Only I want to connect my life to you. I want to love you, to care of you. I am grateful to parents for everything, that they have made and do for me.
They understand, that I want to be happy, and during the same moment they understand, that I shall very far.
So we become wiser, we understand and we agree to the price this life.
In fact between us only kilometers.
My heart without you as if a wild bird without the sky, without you I as a fish without water.
In fact we know, that will be farther. We now need to live simply to live and enjoy that that we have.
I live in an anticipation of our meeting.
I not time imagined this moment when our hearts will beat with huge speed and our ideas behind them will not have time.
And I shall think, it that moment which you so waited, give speak him all. But during this moment there will be no words.
I want to look only at you and to listen to palpation of your heart. I shall plunge into huge ocean of your love. I shall be near to your soul.
Loved I with impatience wait for your answer and I think to me today it will be very difficult to fall asleep, my ideas will be only about you.
I very much hope, that in the near future we can not only write about the feelings, but also feel it and I know, that all this in our hands. Let's live...
Richard I very much love you.
For ever yours Anna.

P.S. To me still as your FULL NAME and your HOME ADDRESS is necessary to know loved.
Please have gone to me it, I very much hope, that soon we shall together.

Letter 10

Hi my love Richard!!!!
I very well understand our today's situation and my dear I want that you knew, that in spite of on anything I very much love you also I is sure, that for us the main thing, that we like and we trust each other and let yet together, but I think, that it only business of time. Some my familiar speak me, that my acts are difficult for understanding, but I know, that acts in love always are difficult for understanding. Frequently the big love came to an end tragically, but I believe, that we shall be happy.
I believe, that my first letter to you it was not casual.
I do not want to speak, that it something divine, there is no it simply destiny.
Now I think only of you and for me each hour of my life without you this test which to me is very difficult for overcoming. But our love should us help to overcome all obstacles and we shall be together. I am sure, that our love not simply hobby and fire of love never will go out. Many me I ask as it is possible to fall in love with the person who never saw in alive, but I speak them, that in the letter we write each other everything, that we think and that thus is much easier to express everything, that you think and feel. So we learn each other can even better, than our familiar. Our director with the big understanding has considered our attitudes and I very much for it am grateful to it.
It to me has told, that as soon as I shall go to you it at once will release me.
It very good and kind person.
Today at me on work it was very interesting, I have told to my fellow workers that I was possible soon shall with my favourite person. They laughed and have told, that it is not possible, that I could find love on such distance. They see, how I have changed recently, I think only of you, but nevertheless count, what it only words, but you so do not think?
Director even wants to give me holiday that I have resulted the ideas and feelings in the order, but if I shall leave I can not write to you. We have Internet of cafe, but it is expensive to write it for me therefrom.
I am confident, that when we shall be together my colleagues will understand, that were wrong and that the love is the strongest than barrier and any distances anything before this fine feeling.
I believe in it and sincerely I wish that our acquaintance and our love have not remained only in letters.
My dear know, that I very much love you and I wait for our meeting.
I shall wait for our meeting and to miss on you and your letters.
I love you!!!!! Yours Anna.
1000000 kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 11

Hello my love Richard!!!!!
I am happy to read your letter.
Thanks for this fine melody, she has very much liked me!!!
Loved, I do not know on what my letter box have broken.
I do not understand in computers well.
So I do not know on what it have taken place.
Loved, I want to tell to you, that I am ready to go to you and as soon as you can help me with money, I at once shall go to you my lovely.
Loved, I as want to tell to you, that I do not know, that I would like to do all over again when I shall arrive to you.
Though I have one dream. I very much would want to see ocean, and to float in him.
It seems to me, that the ocean very much bewitches.
My today passes as usually on work and only letters from you decorate my day both only your letters and warmly which goes from them help me is reconciled by that we not together.
I very much frequently think of you and many notice that I became very thoughtful and are dared over me.
Let we and not together, but I believe in our future, you allow to me the main thing in a life, it is hope for love and fortunately.
At us remarkable solar weather and when I remain one I think of that as it would be fine to walk to us with you and it seems anything especial in it is not present, but this walk would make me very happy. I very much would like to embrace you and to kiss. To look in your eyes and to tell everything, that at me on heart. I you very much love also I it I shall always speak you.
My feelings to you the real and if we shall be together, you will understand all. I already should go, but ideas I always shall be with you.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
I very much love you. Yours Anna.