Letter(s) from Larisa Smirnova to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my darling Richard!

I am very happy, to receive from you the letter. I am am given with huge pleasure to read your letters.
When I read, them I mentally represent you. I see your eyes and I hear your voice.
As though I would like to hear your voice. Probably, it very beautiful. Unfortunately, it is impossible.
For us it would be simple to phone with the most simple way but, to my regret, I do not have phone.
And consequently I cannot hear your voice in any way. By the way I wished to tell to you my address.
I shall write it in the end of the letter. And still, the darling if you will want to send me something it is not necessary to do it.
I wish you to warn at once, that our mail badly works. Many letters vanish, let alone parcels, and furthermore letters from abroad.
Therefore the best way of dialogue for today is the Internet. Everything, that you wish to send me, send only e-mail, even cards.
It will be very insulting, if you, something you will send, and it will be gone. People happen different, and especially in our country can steal another's things and it nothing will be. In fact parcels nobody insures.
And at the best parcel can go about 2 months. One my school girlfriend, worked as the translator in one building organization, about two years ago it has left abroad and has married. It sent me letters and cards, but not all of them reached me as well as my letters, too somewhere were lost.
And once it even has decided to send me a gift on my birthday. And as a result I have remained without a gift, it simply was gone, and I very much was upset. Then the truth in a month or has more come the unpacked box and on it damage has been written at transportation.
And now I have decided to use never more than mail. As all world for a long time already uses the Internet.
It is very interesting to me to know as your business? How successes on work? I hope, that all is good.
At me all still. Nothing varies. The most interesting event is an acquaintance to you. I am very glad, that have met you.
And also it is glad, that we have found common language. I am am given with huge pleasure to write to you. And I feel, that it is mutual.
I madly like to tell about myself, about various things. Also it is pleasant to learn about you. I am really happy, that have met you.
Sometimes I think of it. And it seems to me strange, that the people living for thousand of miles from each other, could meet.
I am glad, that it has occured to us.
I for a long time wished to learn, ask you, you trust in destiny? Earlier I concerned to it skeptically.
But now I have really believed. And it will be very interesting to me to know your opinion.
I would like to know your favourite season. I very much love spring. In Russia this most beautiful season.
Because all nature wakes up after a long winter dream. It is madly interesting to observe of this awakening.
When trees throw off from themselves a winter appearance and become covered by thousand small still not dismissed leaflets.
I very much like to observe of it. Here therefore I most of all love spring. Also because after it there comes summer.
The warmest season. Time of rest. Tell to me about your perception. By the way I heard, that you have a holiday connected with spring.
Tell to me about it.
Together with the nature I wake up also. In my soul too spring. And what season, on my soul a holiday was now.
I fall asleep with a smile because I think of you. I wake up in high spirits. Because I think of you. You have brought pleasure during my life.
You know, on work to me speak, that I have very much changed. That I even to look became in another way. I and itself notice these changes.
I would like to know your opinion in occasion of family. You wish to get family, children? You love children?
It will be very interesting to me to know your opinion on this question. If to you not difficultly tell to me about it.
The majority of my girlfriends already married. And I very often think of that. That I am still lonely.
But at all I do not confuse it. Simply I yet have not met that person with whom could create the union.
I consider, that I am quite ready for creation of family. You never thought of it? You would like to have greater family?
Or you think, what it is enough only a two for happiness?
You know, my girlfriends tried to acquaint me with friends to the husbands or with fellow workers.
But all this was not on me. I have told to girlfriends about you. And they are very glad for me because they wish to see me happy.
Also I talked to the parents about you. They have very well reacted to it. But mum is dissatisfied, that it occurs through the Internet.
I have tried to explain to it, that all is possible even in such a way. But it in any case is glad to see me in good mood.
They estimate it positively because they care of my future life. And they want, that I was happy.
But I want, that you knew, that I do not wish to hurry event. In any case we should is better learn each other.
For me it is very important. I hope, that you correctly will understand me. On it I finish the letter and I speak you.


P.S. Has absolutely forgotten about the address:

Larisa Smirnova
Jukamenskaja St. 10-2
Glazov,Udmurtiya Republic,Russia

Sincerely yours Larisa.

Letter 2

Hi my favourite, Richard!

I was so is happy, to see your letter! I felt, that we each other are not indifferent!

After your last letter I long reflected on our acquaintance, about you, about your letters and on us.
And I have understood, that I cannot live without your letters any more, and certainly without you, mine Richard!
I think of you all time. And I can do nothing with it. I feel, that we are created the friend for the friend!
Probably, it is love? But as still it is possible to name my feelings to you! You trust in love?
And in love on distance? And you trust what has occured to us? What have we grown fond each other and thus never met? I trust! And it is valid so!
This feeling has come to me so quickly and unexpectedly, that I cannot believe in it.
And that I have not invented you that you really exist on this planet! I wish to tell to you, that I love you! I love you all heart and soul!
I never tested similar feelings. And consequently I felt emptiness in my soul without love. But now my soul sings with happiness, for pleasure of a life, from love to you! This feeling to not explain words! I hope, you understand me and feel to me the same warm feelings, as well as I!
My life became similar to a fairy tale, and I want, that this fairy tale did not come to an end! Therefore for the sake of our love I am ready on all:
to leave my family, girlfriends, to give up work and to be near to you.
Because I very much wish to be with you, to feel your breath, your touch! And I know, that you too want it.
I trust, that if very strongly to want something it will necessarily come true! And if our desire is mutual, we necessarily shall together, and that to us in it will not prevent! Whether not so, Richard?
But I would like to ask to you one very important question for me. Except for me you have attitudes with other women?
I hope, that you will sincerely answer my question because I do not wish to be deceived again. I very much love you, and to me will be very sick, if you deceive me in our attitudes. We should trust each other. Whether not so, Richard?
I wish to tell to you, that many men try to get acquainted with me. But they are not interesting to me and not nice, because all my ideas only about you.
Now for me the most important in my life is you! And nobody is necessary to me except for you.
But the only thing that connects us and our feelings are our letters. And I so love you. And separation from you becomes for me intolerable.
I very much grieve on you. Therefore I am ready on everything to be near to you.. Tell, what you think of it? It is very important to me to know the truth.
I have told to parents about my feelings to you, and that I wish to be with you and to leave to you. They have been a little surprised, that I wish to leave all and to leave for other country. But they see, how I am happy, as I wish to be with you, and it for them the most important.
My parents hope, that I have made a correct choice.
Certainly, during first time I shall grieve on my native, but at the same time I cannot without you, my favourite.
I have so become attached to you, to your letters, that I cannot live without you now.
I speak it sincerely and in all sincerity which is filled by love to you. And I wish to be with you as soon as possible.
Therefore I have decided to learn about all necessary documents to arrive to you. In my city there is a travel agency.
It is near to my work. And I shall come there tomorrow. To learn about everything, that it is required to me.
As soon as I learn all, I at once shall write to you about it Favourite, on it I shall finish my letter to you.
And on the account of the passport at wit him all is normal.
Many thanks for your photos.
Please, do not force me to wait for your answer long.
With love, yours Larisa.

Letter 3

Greetings my love Richard!!!
My dear Richard I waited your letter. I write to you the letter with tears on eyes.
I never left abroad. For me this first travel.
Please do not offend by me. Understand me correctly. Everyone
The airline has the insurance company. And this airline
Payments to me of money at once at the airport as soon as I to you shall arrive.
I do not know as all of you still it to explain. I do not want it it there was a reason
To our happiness.
Richard I love you and only you. You unique the man, to which
My heart belongs. I love you most of all in a life. I always
Has written to you only the truth. In Each letter, on everyone
Word I invest soul. I write, that you as speak me mine
Heart. I love you. I with impatience
I wait our meeting. For the sake of our meeting I am ready to go on all.
I shall find this money. When to me there were 18 years, my mum has presented me
Ring. It costs approximately 800 $. I shall sell a ring for 600 $. And in
Me will be this money. And I can arrive to you. And we with you shall be
Are happy.
The ring is for me the most dear
Thing in a life. And I am ready to sell this ring. As I want to be with
You. I love you and only you.
Now in a life you for me the most important person. And I think that mine
Mum would be happy, when we with you shall be, but she does not know about my act Richard for the sake of
Our happiness I am ready, will do everything what to be required.
If in me will not buy a ring for such sum. That I shall have a coat of fur me
To try to sell to her. And we with you shall be together. Nothing can
To break our love. And I do not want this insurance upon my life
The reason was to this.
Richard I shall go tomorrow in the market, and I shall sell a ring. As already
Tomorrow it is necessary to bring this money in travel agency.
I know, when we shall meet you it there will be the happiest day in
Our life. I strong I shall embrace you, and I shall shout loudly as
Urgently I love you. Let everyone to hear, and all people see, as we with you are happy.
I know that now for me very difficult days. With this insurance in me
Already the head injures. I am very much tired. Now it is necessary for accepting for me
Warm souls and to go to bed. I love you.
I with impatience wait our meeting. Your future wife Larissa.

Letter 4

Greetings Richard.
Yes it is not so pleasant for me to hear from you these words.
Went once again to the inspector of rings and he has told wait
Month do not hurry up, I speak well. Furs hardly who that
Will buy, yes at me not so it is a lot of them. Richard excuse but me
It seems in the near future I to arrive to you I can not,
I shall not cope with such sum of money. You will not help me
Richardy even with myself I can take a ring and sell him at
You in the country there it will cost on much more dear, than
At us and I at once shall give you a duty, I do not know that to me more
To do. Think well Richard.
I wait for your answer.