Romance scam letter(s) from Elena to Greg (USA)
Letter 1

Congratulations my friend Greg, That you have answered my letter. It compels me to feel like similarly to very good and pleasent. I really want to know, that I was very pleased more about you.I to want to know a way which you live, I - valid learned{found out} things which you love.I am very cheerful person.I have very difficultly work as, I work in hospital as the children's doctor. I think, that my work is rather responsible{crucial} {critical}, and I compare it with my life. I mean, which I cannot make {do{make}} a mistake.
I had a lot of good and pleasent things in my life, but unfortunatelly sad events have taken part in it also. And every day I try to make sure directly, that a life - a life, and I never should throw. I never was maried, and I have no any children, but I would like to have children, very much I think, for which children - colors in our life and that, that we should live. At the same time I want, and I understand, that I want to have children with the person, Ilike also who will be with me up to the end of my life. I would like in my children the good future.I want, that they have not lifted in any need{requirement} {the requirement} anything. I think, that each mother wants the same things for their children! I believe, that the real love exsists and each person can have it only once in it{him} {her{it}} lives, and I think, which is very important for understanding in time, that it has arrived. As soon as I thought, that this real love has arrived to me, but it was the gross blunder gross {rough}. The person whom I loved with all my heart, has appeared, was "monster", there is no other word to name it {it{him}}. It {it{he}} only has left me alone because of some other lady. It was a lesson for me. From now on I never had the friend more, and I - am valid carefull with it now. So I have decided to meet whom - that abroad. I think, that the main features of human character {a sign} - Sincerity, Kindness, politeness, respects also the truth, I really think, that everyone should be fair to each other especially, if it - about true feelings, true love. More likely frequently I see young pairs, I see their happy, I sincerely grateful them, and I believe, that, as soon as I shall have also the person to share {divide{share}} my feelings with. I only want, that you have understood me correctly, that I only tired to be one and I think, that I can love and there I can be we like {liked; a favorite}, and it - a unique thing for which I want.
As I have told to you, that I had the friend, and it was my unique close both real friend, and the end of ours, relationsheep was rather sad, especial for me. I heard, which it {it{he}} drinks very much now, and it{him} {it{him}} the new girlfriend suffers also. But it has no my business more.
During long time I tried to get rid of it idea, and I think, that I am valid {I do{make}} it is rather good now. I would like to begin all. I believe, that I deserve to be happy as anyone in our world.
I am valid similarly to to character {to a sign}. I like to enter into wood, one, there I remain one with my ideas, and it compels me to feel like similarly to so well and easily. I also am similar to animals very much. It is in usual about me, now to speak me something about you and your life. I would like to know more about your life, a hobby and all which you can tell to me about you directly. I, also sending you my photo. The hope to have your photo also. I shall look forward to hear back from you. Your new friend from Russia Elena
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