Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinokurova to Allee (Pakistan)

Letter 1
HI DEAR. How your business?
I'm fine!
I think that at you too all is good! DEAR it is very pleasant to me to receive from you your letters write to me more and send more than the photos I shall be glad them again and again to see! But I think, you will send the photos new and new! Excuse for that that could not answer you earlier!
Here today descended to the girlfriend has borrowed from it money of what to write to you the letter! Here has told, that I shall give it soon! So it is bad when there is no the house of the computer! At you the computer? Simply here as early as years 5 back my parents wished to buy a computer but then to my mum it was bad also it have put in hospital and have not bought money have gone on a medicine and products! You understand it! Dear DEAR that you in general think, what at us with you something can be in the future???
At us today in city something happens in an hour in 2 or in 3 very strong snows almost all the winter long has gone was not snows and here before holidays the snow has gone! And at you a snow or not? It was not simple at us in the country as though such, what in Christmas and New Year there was no snow! And you always had a snow?
Well all right DEAR I shall go I shall wait from you for your answer! You love
Letter 2
HI Allee.
I am very glad, that you have paid to me attention!
I think that we can correspond with you!
How are you doing?
I also like to meet new friends! But now while I write to you only one my as I have decided for myself that I shall make for myself family!
I think what at you the same plans? If there is no what?
I work as the seller in shop!
I live in the country Russia! My Kirov is proud is the Kirov area!
Quiet city without any large factories as factories poison our environment!
Mine the data!
My growth approximately 168-169 centimeters! Now I precisely do not know my weight, but approximately about 60 kg! Me of 27 years!
Allee it was very pleasant to receive from you your letter! Also has learned your name but now I would be glad to see your photo!
I the blonde! I do not know whether to like you my data, but those they! :)
I do not have children! But I very strongly want them!
I do not know that you still interests in me! All right, I shall go.
I shall wait from you for your letters and a beautiful photo.
Letter 3
HI the Darling!
I name you so as you to me are pleasant! And I wish to communicate with you!
I think to you well difficultly to write to the girlfriend from Russia it in fact so?
The darling I think, what you understand, I would not write to you if I did not wish to have with you the attitude you understand it?
Dear I shall wait from you for your answer and the letter!
Yours Svetlana.
Letter 4

Hello dear friend Allee!Thanks for your new letter if it is fair I to wait for it all the day. I was afraid, that you to not write to me. I to miss under your letters already a little. With each new letter we to become more close and are more close to each other. All of us it is more to learn each other. I hope that you feel it. I today after work hurried up in the Internet the center to see your new letter.I wish to inform you a little on my life. I rise in 7 o'clock in the morning; I make to myself a breakfast. In the mornings I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Then I go for work. I go by the bus. Sometimes happens, that at a stop it is a lot of people, and I cannot get in the bus and to me to have to go on foot. Generally, I love walks, but I love slow walks when it is not necessary where to hurry up, be passed on familiar streets, to come to girlfriends on a visit, to sit to have a drink tea, to talk. To me to like to be in a society of good friends. It is possible to solve any problems with them, to divide pleasures.At me very good work. I work from 8 mornings and till 5 evenings. My work on the one hand interesting, but difficult. I work as the seller in shop on the one hand this work difficult and in minute easy when there are many visitors yes it is difficult but so happens often and to have a few even to run! For the active person, such as I, am the best work what it is possible to wish only. At me it is a lot of plans which I am assured in due course are realized. Once to me our head mistress has told: it is not excluded, that business at you not at once will go uphill, but to despair it is not necessary. Because you have "chesspiece" and it is necessary to you is charming to smile, and you can make all. The main thing does not surrender and trust in the forces. After these words I do not represent for myself other work.
Allee I like to go with the the man on a beach and to talk and a romantic supper! On it I wish to finish the letter. I hope, it was interesting to you to read it. And you have not much learned about me. Now I am going to go home. Tomorrow I shall inform yes I can probably come to the of the parent and tell it about our correspondence with you!
I wait for the reciprocal letter. Svetlana.
Letter 5
HI my darling Allee.
Excuse for that could not answer you earlier there was a darling has put much!
But I hope, you will forgive me and will understand well?
Simply I all time thought of you and itself forgot about the affairs! Road, that you think, what we had no correspondence our attitudes have improved or on a turn? As speak, that the person does not see another longer, the it misses on you more, and I love you and I wish to be with you! Dear yes that you have solved in occasion of our meeting?
Dear we simply spoke about it long, and I think, that it should take place, as we are worthy it! We love, each other and we wish to be excellent together our attitudes! Also I think, what spring that is March this most excellent time for our meeting road I think, what you with me agrees? The Darling that you think in this occasion? Dear and I think, it would be more pleasant, if I have arrived to you! Dear I think that you soon will write to me, and we shall solve it! Well? I love you and I shall wait for the letter.
Yours Svetlana.
Letter 6
HI my darling Allee.
I am very glad to re-read your letters again and again! Dear I for itself for some reason have just now understood that the darling if we love each other that our meeting should take place! It will be not important it tomorrow or we will need to wait but the main thing we should meet you understand? The darling, I think, and you will be, and I shall make any decisions in this occasion well? Are favorites I wait for the letter.
Yours Svetlana
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