Scam Letter(s) from Olga Stepanova to Bo (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hi Bosse! Have good day!. thanks for your letter.
I shall tell a little about myself; my age is 31 years old , my name is Ludmila, friends name me is Luda I was not married and I live in apartment with my parents . Some years, after the ending of studiing I work as a hairdresser in a beauty saloon "Afrodita". I like productive leisure, periodically go in for sports for maintenance of a body. I like to travel and be in different places, but My work does not allow me to do it frequently. I have many friends, We sometimes together spend time, play billiards and tennis,we have Other entertainment. I send you the picture that you knew my person. Also I want to ask you to send me some pictures of you. Please Ask things interesting you about me and inform me some The information about you: what is your entertainment? What's your character? What qualities you like in women? Whether You had the wife? I shall answer on your questions and will inform you more about myself in following E-mail! I shall wait for your messages. Your friend Luda.

Letter 2

hello Bosse!
Thanks for your letter. I wrote you long time ago, but there is no answer from you, please tell me did you receive my letter? I think it was not delivered. So please write me if you didn't receive it, or answer if you received, I'll answer you as soon as I'll get your letter.
hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 3

HI Bosse ! I am pleased to receive your reciprocal message.
thanks for your picture, it's very pretty.

Bosse You e-mail means for me, that you are interested in me too. You Really , see a picture of me nice? - OK, in the following Messages I shall send you other pictures of me. You for me the nice person, And it is important for me to know your opinion on some things.

I think, that you read my structure and could see there, that I haves serious intentions to get acquainted with the good person for relations . I shall try to tell a little about my character. I do not know how to start, I think, that I'm very romantic person. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant for me Good humour. I very much appreciate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I'm jealous person. I adore, when to me pay compliments and is ready to listen to them indefinitely. For me it is necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness and the order, I frequently am engaged cleaning. Also I like to prepare for a meal, various tasty things. It is pleasant to me romantic relations between the man and woman, but probably all women dream to get acquainted with good person to have with him beautiful romantic relations. But frequently such things come to an end Very quickly. I have no intention to spend myself on such acquaintances. While I have not met In the life such person whom I would decide to give myself and the life. For me it would be desirable to find such person. I think, that for the woman the main thing to have in a life not Career or other success, and strong family and the favourite person beside what to care of him. Tell please, you dream to meet what woman in the life? Excuse Bosse, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with The person whom you know couple of days. But it is interesting to me to know It about you. I have shortly written to you my outlooks on life if it is interesting for you, That we can discuss these themes in more details then. I shall wait for yours e-mail. Yours faithfully Luda .

Letter 4

Hi Bosse. I am glad to receive your message again, every day we We start to learn each other better and for me it is an interesting thing, Yours e-mail. It was a real boredom on my soul and your message now for me As a solar beam.

Bosse I send you other picture of me. I hope, that you will like it.
Tell me more in detail about your family. About all your relatives?
What relations you have with them? how frequently do you Gather?
In my family very much close relations. I already Informed you, that I live with mum and daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, where There are three inhabited rooms, and kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I have a room. I only child for my parents. my Father's name Vladimir, he is 51 years old and he Works as a builder. My mother Olga, her 48 years old. Now she does not work some years and Is engaged in housekeeping. We like each other, sometimes We are chosen for city for an entertainment. In summer we go to the beach and on fishing. During the winter period of time we go for a skating and a skiing. This good time for me! In my own life I have emptiness. Last relations I had last year. One boyfriend I have left. we did not like each other and had different interests. Among all men I cannot allocate anybody for serious relations. Good men to become it is ever less and annoyingly in Next time to test disappointment when you think that has met The suitable person. therefore I have addressed in service acquaintances. Probably here I can find the person who will love me, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his financial situation and his work. I have specified in a structure that I search more Advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to communicate With them. I shall be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and I think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I finish my letter. Bosse, write me the ideas that I Has told you. I'll wait for your messages. Yours Luda .

Letter 5

Sorry Bosse I sent you the photo of my friend.
it's mine photo for you

Letter 6

Hi Bosse. It is pleasant, that you studied my ideas in the last message. I usually do not tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but I have written them to you , because havet desire open it to you. I'm independent woman, but probably sometimes it's necessary to have one man, to whom you can be opened and trust - sometimes it happens frequently hardly to reflect on all these things. I am glad, that has found at you understanding, you see it happens not very often.
Thank Bosse, that you have written me some details about your life and family, I closely studied it. It helped me more and well understand you and your life and you become closer man .

Bosse It is time to me to go to do some businesses and it is necessary to meet the friends. By the way I told them, that got acquainted with you, and my parents too. Have good day. I wait for your letters.
Yours Luda.

Letter 7

Hi lovely Bosse! I today waited the break at work to read your e-mail.
tell me honesty do you wait for my letters with impatience?
I would like to know about your ideas concerning our acquaintance. Do you have any ideas on learning me better. I want very much to learn you more close as a man. Probably you have to me any frank questions? Please tell me the truth, do You have now any woman or you are lonely man? I see you are a good man and I think, that many women like you. Don't you want to tell about the last experience with the women? I had in the past some relations with men, but they brought to me only disappointments. I have lost hope to meet the good man in the city for creation family. Our men drink a lot of alcohol and at all do not respect wives and children. On their mind only entertainments and they can not well care of family. Bosse, Write me please,do you want to have a good family? What relations do you want in it? I shall wait for your e-mail. with each your letter I understand you better inside, what are your ideals. I like to read, when you tell me about yourself. I Always wait for your letters.
Kiss you. Your Luda.

Letter 8

Hi my lovely Bosse. How are you today? I hope, that you are OK. It pleasant for me to read your letters. Earlier I was sure, that it's is unreal to have attachment with the man and give him large sympathy, if not met it before and did not spend time with him together. But now I feel pleasure, when I receive your e-mails, I think of you and sometimes I'm sad, when I think, that we are so far from each other. I want very much, when I return from work to go to you with tasty pie. We could drink tea, and then go for a walk togehter. Probably it would be wonderful. I feel sadly, because we have relation only through the Internet. Sometimes there is a desire to embrace you and be near you. Often, when I visit cafe or restaurant I see different happy couples, I see how they embrace each other, nice talk and then I feel the loneliness. I do not know, whether you have feeling of loneliness. If you too feel it so you understand me and know, that frequently It would be desirable, to have a man, who will support you and always understand, will help you. Bosse, I would like to know your opinion what shall we do to make our acquaintance more serious. Probably, we could meet and spend some time together. It would be very good. What do you think about this dear Bosse, For me it is very important to know, whether you want to have more serious relations with me, than letter. Inform me please your ideas concerning it.
Kiss and embrace. Yours Luda

Letter 9

Hi my lovely Bosse. Have good day. I was very glad to read your letter and to learn, that you understand me. Presently it is possible seldom to meet the man, which can and want understand you. It is really pleasant, that you too would like to see me and to spend time with me. It means for me,that you want to have more serious relations with me than simply letters. Bosse, I am really glad to understand, that there is such man,to whom I am necessary.I am grateful my destiny, that she allowed me to get acquainted with you. I consider, that this large progress forward in our relations. I have very many imaginations concerning our time together. dear, today I would like to know your opinion concerning children. I love children very much, some my familiar have them and I have a great pleasure, when I look, how they care of them. Sometimes, when my friends go in the evening in cinema or cafe, they give me their child at home,and I look after and cared of he, while they are absent. Then I have the large pleasure to show care of the kid.I would like to have children, my friends speak, that I would be the good mum. Lovely,tell me please about your feelings to children. By the way,my parents asked me about you,Bosse.They asked concerning your enthusiasmes, work, parents. we talked about you. They speak you hi. My mum took from me you e-mail, probably she wants to send you something. Lovely, it is time to me to go. I shall wait for your letters. Kiss you. always yours Luda.

PS. sorry Bosse I really send you photo of my best friend, we are both blond :) her name is Maria, by the way she is single too (may be you have single friend?)

Letter 10

Hi mine dear Bosse. I am very glad again to read your letter. I already begin to miss without you. But tell me why you don't want to have children? I think you will decide better after our meeting, don't be sad, all will be ok I think. We are familiar a little to time, and it seems, that I know you for a long time. Today we with friends plan to go to club in the evening, it is a little to have a rest from work. It is a pity, that you will not be with me. You will not suffice to me. But I hope, that time soon will come, and when we could have these things together. I think of this day very much. I found some addresses of travel companies in my city. Soon I plan to go there and to know, how it is better for us to organize our meeting. Bosse, and how do you plan to spend today's evening. You probably a lot of time give to your work and have only a little for rest? It seems,that many men love to waste time at home in front of the TV set, watching football or boxing. what do you love to be engaged in your free days from work? I heard, what many men in your country, play golf and bowling, Bosse,Do You like these games? Write me my dear.
gently kiss you. Your Luda.

Letter 11

Hi mine favourite Bosse. Is very glad to your letter! I missed for you. Today I had a very much intense day at work and very tired. Now I have the large desire to reach home and to fall in my bed. Dear, I did not go yet in a travel company to learn the information on that how more convenient to organize our meeting. I shall do it the coming days. How you today Bosse ? Inform me about the mood. What you have ideas on that day when will see me? Now I am going to have a rest. I shall write to you tomorrow. Write to me my dear. Kiss you. Your Luda.

Letter 12

Good day mr. Bosse. Yours faithfully to you ms. Olga, Luda's mum. my daughter told about very much you both I think also I think, that you are very interesting to her. I hope, that you understand, that I as her mum wish to her happiness and I worry for her life. Probably Svetlana to you did not tell, but she had in the past failure in the personal relations and long time was injured because of it. I very much would like to save her from similar mistakes. And I to you I shall be very grateful if you will inform me honourly your intentions concerning my daughter. Luda spoke me, that you with her plan to meet and consequently I would like to know, that you think of her. Excuse me for this letter. I do not think to interfere with your relations, but as the fond mother I worry for the daughter. Yours faithfully to you. ms. Olga.

Letter 13

Hi my dear Bosse! My mother said that she wrote you a letter from my computer and mailbox, while I was not at home. I red your answer and I really see that she wrote the mistake with my name, once she wrote Svetlana but not Luda. I asked her but she can't explain why, she is not good with computer and she wrote using translator. I don't know how why this mistake took place. But it's not so important, the main thing, that i know that she really care of me now and she wants that I will be happy. I love her very much for this. And she loves me too, she even wrote you a letter. Next time I'll help her if she will want to write you a letter, I'll check the letter and there will be no mistakes in it. Also if you want to say something for my mother write, I'll tell her with pleasure. Anyway, today she made the first step... ok dearest I'll finish on this, and I'm going to sleep now, very tired today. I'll wait for your letter.
your Luda

PS. Hi from my parents to you.

Letter 14

Hi my favourite! I am very glad again to speak with you. Today I have good mood, and how you my lovely? I missed you and I have some news for you. I spoke with my mum, concerning our meeting, then we with mother talked to the travel agent . My mum agreed, that it is necessary for me to meet you Bosse. She agrees, that it is necessary for me to travel to you for the first time. She told, that if we will like each other and we shall decide, that we want to be close each other, she will get acquainted with you with a great pleasure and will invite you in our house as her son. I am very glad, that we have progress in our relations. Lovely Bosse, inform, whether your businesses and circumstances allow you to accept me a bit later? I hope, that I shall not create for you inconveniences in your businesses. I have a large desire to see you. The agent of travels has told, that tomorrow I could receive the information, how I can be helped by a travel company in organization of travel to you. Inform me Bosse About the opinions, what ideas do you have about it? Kiss you! Kiss you! Kiss you! Always yours Luda.

PS. My sexy photo, hope you will like it.

Letter 15

Hi my dear! I am very glad to receive your letter and to learn, that you too want to meet me and to hold in the hands. It is pleasant to me to know, that there is a man, who want to have me in his life and who expects, to see me. Bosse, and how your relatives will react for my arriving to you Bosse, I would not want to create for you any inconveniences. today I visited the travel agent. He told, that their firm can prepare for me travel. It will take approximately about two weeks. They will prepare for me the passport and insurance, then they will do for me visa. The agent has told, that to receive my visa I have to reach Moscow to your embassy. He has told, that now uneasy to receive the tourist visa to your country but they can care of that I could receive the visa without problems. The ambassador could do this, and a little time will be required to reserve for me the ticket and to develop more convenient route of the plane. I told them, that probably I shall conclude with them the contract of my travel, soon. Tomorrow I shall know from them full details about costs and necessary documents. Today I had little free time from my work also had not time to learn all in detail. So i shall talk with my parents to ask them, to help me to pay for this contract. I hope ,mine lovely,that all will be good and also we could meet each other soon. I often think of it. I have various imaginations concerning us and you, my favourite? Dear, I wanted to know from you, if cost travels will be large, could you help me with part of this expensives? I can't say that My parents are rich people, and I don't want to worry their finance. I hope,that some money for our meeting will not be a problem for you. But if yours financial position now heavy, I shall try to find any decisions for this purpose. Favourite, write to me quicker.
I love you. Kiss you. Your Luda.

Letter 16

Hi my favourite Bosse! A thank you for your letter, it supported me. Today I was slightly confused. My mum has told me, that she will not help me to pay for the passport, insurance and visa. She has told, that a payment for these things we should think of together. She has told, that when we shall pay for it and I'll receive my passport and visa, she and my daddy will care of my tickets to you. She told, that tickets are very expensive and consequently they will help us. Bosse, the agent of travels told, that contract includes the price of the passport, insurance, visa and services of agency. It is possible to pay for the tickets after I'll have all documents for travel. The price of all documents and works of a travel company,520 american dollars. They want so much money because now very difficult to receive visa to your country and they could do for this purpose many efforts. Bosse, lovely I have no so much money and I have told them, that while I'll not talk to you this, I'll not write this contract. Favourite, today I was sad by all these things. I tried to borrow this money from some people, but nobody could help me. I hope, that you could help me this money and it's not a big problem for you. I want to feel you beside me very much.
Favourite, I'll wait for your answer with impatience and I hope, that we could feel each other soon, and could spend happy time together. If such money not so difficult for you and it does not become a barrier for us, tomorrow I shall go to the travel company and will conclude the contract.
My dearest Bosse, you asked me about my imaginations about our first meeting, ok, I'll tell you with a great pleasure.
You went to pick me up at the airport, with flowers for me I just noticed there as our eyes meet and you run to me an give me a big hug and a long awaitted kiss (this part seem so real) your lips are so soft.... I feel I'm loosing my mind.... You take me to your house and help me to unpack my baggage and we talk and relaxe before we will go to have dinner. I just couldn't take my eyes from you and you feel the same. You take me to a fine restraunt an we drink wine, at dinner an talk about our different cultures of life, then afterwards we come back to the house and have a long walk holding our hands and talking about all. Then you tell me to be queit an give me a long kiss an hold on to me so tight, your skin feel so soft and your lips are sweet an soft, we walk for a long time, talking about all, to know each other, then we go to your home and... I think we couldn't sleep the whole night.....
I shall wait for your letter very much and will hope, that we shall be together very very soon. I love you.
Your Luda.

Letter 17

Hi my loveliest man Bosse! I hope, that you are Ok. I'm glad to learn, that you can help me. I am pleased, because will pass some time and I could embrace you. I would like to talk with you and to see you as a person, I have a lot of things in my head, about what I want to tell you. I hope, that it will be interesting for you to listen to me. I have a lot of questions, which I want to learn from you. I think, that you too have a lot of things, which you would like to ask me. I am glad, that soon we will have enough time to be together. Dear I live in the city Novosibirsk, it's very far from Moscow to the east-south of Siberia, you can see it on the map of our country. I live with my parents now and I have my own computer at home. Of course I have msn messenger, I communicate with my friends, and old classmates there, and of course we could meet there, it would be very nice to speak online. My adress: so add me to your list and give me your address, and write me when we could meet there in the evening.
Today I came into a travel company and signed the contract for travel. I have told them, that they should begin it to prepare. They told, that begin to work for us now. They told that there will no problems, so I can relax, and do what they will ask. Dear Bosse I like your letter very much, I like the way you write, I understand you very much, I didn't have a man for a long time too, and so I'm "Hungry" too, yes really the first night will be unforgettable...;) Dear I send you my other photos wiht pleasure I'm happy that you like my photos. But unfortunatelly I have only one yours... please make me happy and send me some else.
I frequently think of you Bosse. About that time, which we shall be together. I imagine, how you gently touch me and kiss, and my body responds on yours of caress. I wait for that moment, when you slowly will undress me and will put on a bed. I very much would like to kiss you, your shoulders, breast, I would like to kiss you only. It is very bad by one, I dream of that day, when we shall incorporate.
I hope, that you too have the large pleasure and expectation from all these things. I love you. Yours Luda.

PS. please answer me as much quicker, I miss you very much

Letter 18

Hi my love! How are you? How is your day? I am glad to your letter. thanks for your pretty photo, I'll wait another with impatience. Today we with my girlfriends played sport, after that we together had dinner and talked much. I love to speak with my girlfriends. I told them some things about you. They had lots of questions concerning you They are glad, that I have got acquainted with you and, that we shall meet soon. Did You tell to your friends about me? What opinion do they have? my friends like you, they speak, that you are good man. Bosse, I think, that you are very good man too. Today I went to the travel company and gave them my photos for my new passport. The agent has told, that he already began to prepare my travel. Still he asked, that I have to inform them your address. Lovely inform me your address, and I could give it to the agent. And he also said that I'll have to pay fpr all this on monday. Dear, how will we solve this problem? Please write me as soon as possible. Now, it is necessary only to wait, when all will be prepared, I can not be focused and in my head constantly come ideas about us. I do not know, how to busy myself to spend time, before travel .Now I'm at home, watching the TV set. I love some telecasts and shows, they are funny. Bosse, what's your opinion concerning TV. I know, that you have many various channels, in my city we have not very much. I wait for your letter soon.
Kiss you. Your Luda.

PS. here is my photo with my friends, do you have your photo with friends?

Letter 19

Hi love mine. Before to fall asleep, I think of you and I dream to be near you. I wait with the large impatience , when will pass days, which Divide our meeting. But this very pleasant expectation, and It gives me many different imaginations. Lovely, now I constantly practise in English, that we could better To understand each other. Dear Bosse thanks for your photo. I explained the agent our situation and hoped that we will decide something. But I was surprized when he told me that it happens very often, and abroad men usually help women and send them money for all papers, because you know that in russia it's a problem with money. The easiest way to send money, which usually use, it's "western union", they have their offices in all banks around the world, I could receive money in an hour after you send. It has no high taxes and very fast and easier way. It will not take a lot of time from you. You will come to the bank, write my name and address, then you'll send me your name and adress and control number, and I could receive money without problems. I think it's easiest way, what do you think? If you are agree, I'll send you my info details in my next letter. As I wrote you before I need 520 euro.
Favourite, I always wait for your letters as a miracle...
I love you. kiss you. Your

Letter 20

dear Bosse, thanks for your pleasant words about my english. Of course at first night there will not be free time to talk...;)
OK my information:

full name: Maltseva Ludmila
Full address: Russia, Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk city, Sovetskaya
street 4-2
zip code: 630056

You'll go to the bank and ask about "western union", it has this picture. Then you'll give this information about me. There will not problems with it, they will explain you all.
of course dear my photos for you.
I'll wait for information from you tomorrow.
Lots of my hottest kisses
I love you
your Luda

Letter 21

dear Bosse if you are at home now please write me exactly and correctly your full name and adress how you wrote this in the paper of western union without any mistakes, if I'll have a mistake I couldn't receive money. Dear write me all you wrote in the paper. Hope you'll receive my letter and could answer me immediatelly.
I love you
your Luda

PS. write else exactly how much did you send, because I will have to write this too

Letter 22

Hi my lovely Bosse. How was your weekend? Where did you go? I missed you very very much. Dear I wrote you my letter before as much faster, because I hoped you could receive it before you go out, but unfortunately no. Lovely I couldn't receive money because I don't know exactly these things:
1 Your full name Bo, Bosse or other...
2 your full adress ( don't forget zip code)
3 please check again control number
Write Bosse , how you wrote it in the paper of western union, because there is a mistake, and so I can't receive money. Please do this when you will return late in sunday, because I'll have to pay on monday to the agency.
My lovely Bosse, I see you are very hot man... you know how to get pleasure to women and how to get it together... You know how to excite woman and it's great thing. Sex should be desirebale exciting and long. I hate men who thinks only about him, how to get pleasure himself, and when they get, they sleep, and don't think that I want to have orgasm too. I like your way. When I red your letter, I became wet of your and my imaginations, and it was difficult for me to sleep this night. I'm very "hungry" now because I had no real sex already for a long time, and I dream about it. You told me that you are "hungry" too, I'm sure it will be fantastic and unforgettable. I can't wait more, I want to be with you, it's very difficult to wait... and to wait your emails too, so please my love Bosse, make me little happy to receive your letter as much faster, I'll waiting with impatience.
your Luda

PS. just imagine you'll have me soon...

Letter 23

Hi my lovely Bosse. I'm glad to see your letter again. I missed you these days, and my mood became evry good when i saw your letter. Dear I don't know why but there is a little problem. I asked at the bank before how to check is there money or not, they told that I can check money status on the site , I have to write control number and your name. I tried, but there was no result, was written that it's mistake. Please try yourself may be there are problems on the site. I'll go tomorrow to the bank and will know, if there will be problems, I'll write you immediatelly. Hope all will be good, and we will meet soon.
I'm very glad that you didn't forget about me during weekends, it's pleasant that you miss me. I miss you every second and minute, my dreams only about you. It's very difficult to wait, if I could I go to you now, but unfortunatelly it's impossible...
I love you dear Bosse
will write you tomorrow, sweet dreams my love
your Luda

Letter 24

Hi my sweet and lovely Bosse.
I'm really sad today. Today I should pay to the agency but i couldn't, because i didn't receive money. I have a difficult day at work, our boss was very angry today because of some problems. And I couldn't go from work earlier in order to receive money, but when I reached the bank before 20 min of closing, there were problems with their server and they told me to come tomorrow after morning or may be later, but i'm not sure that i could, and I think that money will come to you tomorrow, so I will not receive money even tomorrow. More than I have to give my passport to the agency for prepairings. After bank I went to the agency and explained my situation. I told that I have money in western union but can't receive them and tomorrow they will come back to you. More than by contract rules I will have to pay 10 euro a day the penalty till I'll not pay 520 euro money to the agency. I'm pleased to my travel agent, he is very kind person, he understand me very much, he met such situations in his job before, and immediatelly gave me two advices what people usually did in simillar situations, in order to not loose the contract and don't pay much penalty. First if I'm busy and have no possibility to go to the bank, you could send money to my friend or relative. The second and most popular is to send money to their main agent in Moscow who is close to the embassy and who do all work in Moskow between their agency and Moscow embassy. It's more comfortable: for me, I will not need to go to the bank, to the agency and so on... I'll not loose my time. They will only inform me when all will be ready. It's comfortable for the agency, less paperwork, and less money transactions from here to moscow, less time lost and less taxes for transfers. More than there is no difference for the agent in Moscow to receive from you or from agency. The agent told that because of some changes in "western union" appeared some problems connected with their servers, so it sometimes cause inconviniences. Yes I saw this today. But inspite of this it's only one way now, because they don't accept transactions to their bank account from physical persons-high taxes, only big summs from organizations. They will try to find another solution than western union, it will be in future but in this moment it's only one way. He told that if I'll pay all summ for the travel at once, it will be a big plus for me and our time. During the prepairings of documents this agent in Moscow will reserve for me earliest tickets from Novosibirsk to moscow and from moscow to Halmstad. there is no plane from Novosibirsk to Halmstad, I have to fly first to Moscow, then in other plane from Moscow to you. This agent will choose the optimal variant between these two races in order to not loose time in moscow waiting the plane to your city. In other way I could spend in Moscow some days waiting the plane, now is a lot of tourists want to travel abroad, and it's very difficult to buy ticket to Sweden. So if the agent will do this I will not have to worry about this. I only will receive my docs and tickets and will fly to you without problems. I thought about this and I see it's really the best way... I asked how much will cost all this travel. They explained:
1 passport, visa, insurance=520 euro
2 ticket from Novosibirsk to Moscow not more 400 euro, it will depend on the date and day of week.
3 ticket from Moscow to Halmstad about 600 euro
4 you know your country under shengein rules, so to travel without some money is not allowed. I'll have to have with me about 250 euro to show them in the customs
So all the summ is 1770 euro.
When I'll go to you my mother promised to give me about 350 euro and I'll have a salary at the end of this week, so I'll have about 500 euro with me and + 250 euro I'll show in the customs and so when we will be together I'll give you back about 750 euro.
We will not loose our money, the agent will give me all the receipts and checks about money and will give me back the rest money of this summ. So may be i'll give you back more money.
The agent told me to explain you this, and if we will decide to use this opportunity, he will give me information I need, including the bank location in Moscow.
To tell the true lovely Bosse I became better after this talk, now I see that there is nothing impossible, and always possible to find way out of trouble.
As for me, I meet the first time such difficulties, I never travelled before and till this moment I didn't know how difficult to travel. And now I'm sure that travel agencies should be, they are very very important. But the most important thing dear is you my lovely. I understand that alone I could never organise my travel myself. I'm sure our destiny and our love to each other is much harder than this troubles and difficulties. And if our love is truly nothing will stop it, do you agree sweet Bosse? You know that we are woman, we are more poorly than you (men) but we are very sensitive. And for us it's very important to have hard half who will always care of us. I think I found this half and it's you. I love you dear, I can't imagine if we will not together, i don't want to think of it...
I'll wait for your answer dear, on my today's very long letter. I'm sure we will find solution.
your love Luda

Letter 25

where are you lovely???
Write please, i'm waiting with impatience...
your luda

Letter 26

Hi my lovely Bosse. Thanks for your compliments and understanding, it's a great thing to think the same and to decide together without any arguements. I waited for your letter yesterday, but was too tired and your letter was late, so fell asleep, and today I received it and immediatelly went to the agency to know the information.
the agents Name:
first: Nina
second: Mihailova
country: Russian federation
City: Moscow
Bank: VTB 24
(7) (495) 9825858

I love you dear. Hope you'll have enough free time to go to the bank to receive your money back and to send them to this adress, we don't have to loose our time, more than I pay every day 10 euro penalty before payment.
You can't imagine how I'm glad to have you and your seriou feelings, I'm sure we will be happy together.
I'll wait for your letter with impatience today.
Thousands of hottest kisses to you my sweet love.
your Luda

Letter 27

Hi my darling Bosse, I little bit sad too :( because this day passed without any results... And it didn't make us closer and our meeting sooner. Lovely I missed you, I can't live normally every minute I think of you and our future meeting. Every second I'm waiting for your letter with information which help us to be together soon. I don't know what with me, my friends tell me that I'm not that Luda as was before, they tell that I really in love. It's not interesting for me what around me, I live in world where only you and me. We speaking with mother about us very often, she is glad for me. She is happy because I'm happy. Dear I can't wait more. The time is playing against us. I think that tomorrow we should pay in order the agent will start prepairings. My sweet Bosse may be you have little time befor your work in the morning to send money, and to write me immediatelly information, and I'll run to the agency to give them this info. So our tomorrow day will not have been lost. If it's possible for you dearest please do this in honour of our love. I know we have 5 hours time difference between us, please remember this.
Dear they gave me 3 addresses nearest banks, but I gave you only one, it was my mistake. Dear can't you try to send money only to russia without city and bank. I heard it's possible and so she could receive money in each bank she will want, and comfortable for her. What did they said in the bank, how long time ago they did this changes? Because one woman told me that she received money from germany without her city and banks, it was about month ago. So she had no difficulties with banks and so on. It's more easier. Just try and if you couldn't, here these addresses. First try to this:

(7) (495) 7850047

And if you'll have problems, send to this:

(7) (495) 6723423

Dear answer me please after you will receive this letter, what you'll do tomorrow. Could you do this tommorow morning or not. Because today I was waiting the whole day.
I'm waiting for your letter my lovely kitten
your Luda

Letter 28

My love, I'm glad to your quick answer. Thanks for your understanding. In every letter I'm sure more and more of your truly feelings, this is the mainest thing. We love each other and we will solve all the problems without any doubts. I hope that success will smile us tomorrow and your boss will have good mood and understanding, and will allow you to come to work in some hours later. All will be much better this way. Anyway try to inform me from your work if you will have no possibility, write me a letter, I suppose that there is internet at your work. These two banks are correct, so send better to the first i wrote you.
Ok now before I go to sleep I want tell you that I love you very much and I miss you very hard, waiting for our soon meeting. I want to wish you sweet dreams, hope we will meet there in our dreams today night we will spend happy time together.
I'll wait for your letter tomorrow with impatience thousands kisses to my sweetest kitten, from his lovliest Luda

Letter 29

Lovely, when I received your letter today, I was in a state of panic! I immediatelly went to the agency and wanted to make a scandal with a police, because I love you and I couldn't live if we will not meet, I don't want to loose you. I told them this what you wrote me. They calmed me down and told that it's a big mistake. In Moscow live millions people and there are more than hundred same names and it's not surprize. They have inssured me that it's not yuong woman with very high reputation in society, and it's absolutely impossible that she have cheated somebody. They told me about her autobiography and after that i'm sure that it's a real mistake. They explained me that it's very simple to check this. Her pasport ID number is: 8801197007 In western union have to know such passport number of this Nina Mihailova who is in a black list. Because when smb go to receive money, he go with his passport and he couldn't receive money without it. He gave his passport to the agent of western union and she write down this number of passport to the check wich she left to the western union. So that show this number to the western union and there will not be any problems after they will check it in their system, they could send the ask to the russia where they could check this passport number and his owner if they want. Anyway you will send money to this name, and somebody with another name and passport number could not receive this money. gave them this number, you will that it's a big mistake and it's another person. I'm sure this information is more than enough. Dear I understand that you are afraid of and tired of all this, but you also understand that I'm in the same situation, I love you and want to loose you.
About your travel to me. Dear it's more difficult for you and us, because you see it's not very simple to receive visa and other docs, then it will take much more time, you'll need to decide question with work, may be your boos will not give you vocations. And the last, it will be more expensive, you will go to me, and then we'll have to do my docs and then go to your home, it's very big money, you understand. Dear I love you, and I'm ready to cry it in the street. Difficulties will not stop our love. Dear please do this today and write me immediatelly, ok?
I'm waiting for your news with impatience.
your Luda forever.

Letter 30

lets talk in msn, I'm at home too now, I'm waiting for you...

Letter 31

Dear Bosse, please lets talk in msn. Don't worry please, I love you, but not your money. Please come to msn, I'm waiting you...
I love you, your Luda

Letter 32

Hi my lovely Bosse. I so miss you. Today I waited for you in msn so long time, but you was not online. I thought that you wrote me a letter but there was no too. I want to write you before to go to sleep that I miss you every minute and want to be with you as soon as possible. Lovely I think it's good idea to ask your boss, it's only a chance for us, may be tomorrow the fortune will smile us, it will be great. May be you'll have good news tomorrow in the bank. Anyway I'll wait for your news tomorrow.
May be you forgot, I want to remind you that i love you very much, and hope that our meeting and unforgettable time together will be soon.
I wish you sweet dreams my lovely.
I'll wait for your letter with impatience.
your love Luda

Letter 33

Oh my lovely Bosse I'm so glad to receive your letter. You are my love without any doubts. Now I think that you are ready to do all you can in honour of your love. It was my dream to meet such man who will do all he can for our happiness. I can't belive my happiness. I'm at home and have no good mood because I have no you near me, we are not together. I'm sad because of this. You wrote me that you are not sitting at home you do all you can for us, it's really great news. Dear, I proud of you, and I have no any doubts that we will happy together, if we want we will reach this. I'm sure that all troubles are under of our power of love. Dear I love you more and more by days. I see you are strong man, and I'm not afraid of difficulties with you. Bosse I'm sure our destiny checks our love. We will be happy if will solve all of them. Lovely I have no words to describe my good mood. When we'll be together we will remember all these troubles with smile... Bosse I love you and I'm sure all will be good with us soon. We were born for each other. We will be happy.
Now I wish you the sweetest dreams, just remember that you have one woman on the earth who really love you, it's me.
I'm waiting for your letter with impatience, you are the best for me!
your love Luda

Letter 34

Hi my lovely Bosse!
One day else without you. I hoped to receive your letter today, but there is no. I think you just came from work, hope your day was good. as for me I'm tired today and want to sleep very much. And before to go to sleep I want to write you that I love you very much and miss you and your letters. My love please don't forget to wtrite me, you know that your letters always bring good mood, it's very pleasant for me.
Dearest I wish you sweet dreams and send you millions hottest kisses.
I'll wait for your letters
your Luda

Letter 35

Hi my love Bosse, thanks for your letter yesterday, it brings me a lot of good emotions. it's pleasant for me to know that you have strong feelings to me and you love me very much. I want to tell you now that I miss you and your letters very much and I love you my prince.
I'm waiting for your letter with impatience today.
Your Luda with love

Letter 36

Hi my love, to tell the true, I'm really sad to read your letter today. Before I thought that there will not be any problems else, that it's enough troubles for us, but... the greatest step to regress of our relations... Mistrust it's the first step for destruction of relations. You know this very much. Even in happy family when the mistrust starts, begins quarrels and abuse very often, and in majority of situations it leads to divorce. I'm sure you know this and even had such experience... And think how difficult to keep calmness when somebody doesn't believe you. And imagine how it's difficult when this mistrust from the closest man whom you love and going to be together the rest of your life. If you can't imagine just beleive me, that for me as for sensual woman, there is nothing pleasant. How do you see to the eyes of person who doesn't trust you??? Answer please to you yourself... Before that moment all was not so good with those problems all was against us. But I was glad that you told me you love me and trust me. That was the main hair which saved us and our love. Tell me what else could save the love on such a big distance? And now I see that after you met your friend, you understood that money is more important for you that the feelings of the woman you love and who loves you! I can't stop my tears... Don't forget that frauds are everywhere in our life! In internet, in real life... everywhere! You also had this experience with your credit card... But remember also! Dating sites was made not for frauds and cheaters, they of course for lonely people who want to be happy when will find their second half! Think why there are so many many dating sites in the world??? Because people met, meet, and will meet each other, of course I mean people who trust each other... Because I think it's the second mainest reason after love in the life. I don't know why that man friend of your friend was cheated, may be he didn't understood her, or something else... I don't know but it doesn't have to mean that all women such! And of course if it means so for you, you don't trust me! but before you told about your trust very much! What has happened Bosse?! Did you get scared, lovely??? Are strong man or not? Decide for yourself please. May be your friend right? May be you will find another woman whom you could love and whom you'll trust more than me? May be he envy you? Lovely I can't controll myself, I'm in a state of shock... this is offends me very very much. I can't expect this after our lovely letters. Of course dear I understand that it's very much money, but could you buy your truly love for this money? If I'm fraud why my name is not in the black list? Tell me. You told me that I sent you wrong photos. These photos are not wrong, it's my friends, and I also sent you photo where we are together with my friend. Did you see it? If you want I could do a photo else where we are together, do you need it? All photos on my comp is in one place, mine, my friend's, ours... Is this cause any doubts else? About my mother, she doesn't know english and she use translator, she is not advanced computer user! May be I had to forbid her interest to our relations? All she want is my happiness, but I see that for your it's something wrong, so this mistake could lead to our stop relations, may be I have to say her THANKS?
I'm not sure about web cam, but I promiss you that I'll care about all you'll be confident for your money. Give me you phone number, where I could reach you, I'll phone you when I could. I could scan my documents I'll do on your money, and will send you and then you could send money for tickets... Anyway, it was very bad situation today... And it could not continue later, we have to decide about our trust. If you are afraid of to loose your money, but not afraid to loose your love and happiness, it's your choice lovely... I'm crushed today and my boss allowed me to go home...
I'll wait for your decision Bosse.
Don't forget that I still love you and want to be together
Your Luda

Letter 37

Hi Bosse, I'm fine. I wanted to find a cam before, but now I see that it has no reason, you have only suspicions to me, and the word "love" is not take place here. Of course you can think everything now, but I don't understand only one thing: if I'll show you myself on the cam, I couldn't deceive you? Just think, if even we will speak cam to cam, you'll be confident that I'm the person who on the photos and will send money, but if I'll want I'll not come to you and will disappear, as it was with the friend of your friend.
Don't you think that your risk will not be smaller with cam? It's only iteresting for me...
interesting thing all was so good untill one moment wich was change all in other side, may be it's our destiny not to be together. But for you it's all good because you didn't loose your money.
Anyway I wish you all the best and I hope you'll find the person who will proof you 100%. But my advice for you, be carefull too, everythig is possible now, and people who really want your money will do all you need...
It will be pleasant for me if you'll write me when you'll find the woman who will love you as me and who will really come to you, I'll be glad for you...
Good luck

PS. the alternative variant to web cam is to do the photo you'll ask, for example: you stand in special pose with a paper sheet where is written "Bosse I love you"- the same thing, if the woman real she will do it, if not it's impossible....

Letter 38

dear you push me in every letter! I see you have not bad mood too, it seems that you get a pleasure in every letter write me your new ideas about my reality! You find every small reason to tell me your suspect. Now there are no doubts that you think that I'm fraud wants only your money... This mockery from you! Know that my patience is not unlimited. Remember please that it's not only I loose all, WE loose all! I'm glad for you that your money came back.
After all that things I decided for myself that there is no reason for me buy a webcam wich costs here about 120 $ I paid already 40 euro penalty, and it seems to me that it was in vain, I already lost them! I can't undertstand one thing please clear me: you want to see me on the cam, only after that you will be ready to send money. But if I wanted to cheat you for me better to buy the cam and then when I'll receive money I'll not come to you and you'll never hear more about me as it was with that man you told me. Why you don't afraid of this??? why you are so sure??? can't this thing take place??? So I think if you don't trust me, after we will talk by web cam you'll decide or your friend will tell you that it's not enough to be confident and you'll tell me to do something else! All the problem in this situation is TRUST each other. If you don't believe me you'll find every small reason to suspect and will tell me more and more conditions. I don't want such relations, it will not bring us happiness, I wrote you before about my opinion about TRUST importance in relations, it's my life position, I want this in my relations, LOVE=TRUST ; LOVE-TRUST=0 in my relations and future family will be only so! there is no another variants. If you'll trust me and will risk, you'll see that you was not mistake. Anyway just think that sending money abroad it's risk 100% and you'll never be confident that person to whom you sent money will come to you. All you'll ask it's no problem for fraud, they are ready to do all to receive money, because it's their job, they prepair and ready for all changes, situations and they have all possibilities in every situation... But truly relations can save only TRUST and nothing more, it's my opinion. I'm not young and silly woman and I have seen very much in my life and have a big experience of life. You too not a boy and you can think about this very much and effective. If you want to be sure that I'm the person which is on the photo, it will be enough to take photo, where you will ask me to be in special pose with something in the hands and so on...(no nude photo of course)it will be enough. I repeat you again that if I'm another person than on the picture who wants from you only money, I couldn't do this photo. If i'm this person I could do this photo as good as I could speak with you on the web cam. Thats all. Lovely I asked web cam from my friends, but they have no, and I'll not buy it for 120 $ Because with those 40 euro I paid already it will be little bit more than my salary,( we spoke about our salaries in msn if you remember), may be it's summ cause your smile, but for me it's a big summ, and I'll not risk too. Just think, that 1800 euro is little bit more than your salary too ( I remember, it's about 1500 euro for you). So you don't want to risk your salary, and me too. Principe. You ask me to do it for love, me too, I ask you to do this for love... if you feel it of course. I'm not silly, I'm serious woman, who wants real love and happiness...
Think very hard about what I wrote you today Bosse, and write me your ideas... You are right, it's our last chance...
I'm waiting for your decision, but don't hurry, each your word can change all, be carefull, you know I'm very sensitive woman...



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