Letter(s) from Irina Sharova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello My dearest Fred
Fred, dear,I feel so bad today.Yesterday evening when I went after the internet cafre and the went to hospital,I lost the camera1 I do not know w here it happened.I just brought it with me here to the internet cafe to s end you photos and then, when I came home I did not have it! I am in schock.I do not know w here this could happen.Maybe, in the hospital, or in the bus.mybe, someone stole it.I feel terrible.I did not know hwo to tell you t his.I am about to cry.I had to bring it to you when I come to yhou.I do not know what to do.I am really very upset here.Please, tell me what should I do.
I am sorry for such begining of my letter.I am just really very very upset here.I will try to write my usual letter.How are you today? Thank you for the letter. I hope everything is fine by your side. You know it's rainy here today. The rain started early in the morning and it's dirty, gloomy and wet outdoors now, very upleasant, though warm. How is your weather? How did the day start for you? Did you sleep well? I wa s able to w ake up later.And on Monday i will start my work again. Fred, dear,i w ill go this weekend to some places where they teach English and find out how much it will be.I will write you on Monday.
Early in the morning I was the witness of a very unpleasant, of terrible and horrible car accident. I did not see how it happened but I was at the place in some minutes. The car accident happened not far from my work place. The car crashed into the lamppost. It's so huge and high. The car crashed exatly into it and I think the speed was high because the lamppost appiared in the middle of the car cabin. It's terrible. The car was almost broken into two halfs. Can you imagine? Those who was in the car died. I was shoked. How dangerous it is to have a car, how many terrible, horrible accidents I see almost every week. Oh, it's better not to think of it.
Well, it seems to me i do not have any special plans for this weekend.So will just rest and do nothing:-) I do not know.I am planning to go to the market and look for the heater.It is getting pretty cold here and on the weekend they promise -2 already!Brrrr! Will you come to keep me warm?
You know my city looks so sad today. It's rainy, almost all leaves fell down and trees stay all nude. No more color, no more beauty. The city is turning into the grey one, like it usually happenes in late autumn. But nevertheless I am in a wonderful mood because you are my sunshine and you paint my life into many wonderful bright colors. I was happy to get your letter today as always. It's a pitty it's Friday tomorrow and we talk to each other the last time till the next week starts.
Well, I have to finish now but I want you to know that I think of you and wait for your letters always very impatiently. I wish you to have an incredible weekend.I will be thinking about you and wait your letter on Monday very very impatiently.I feel very bad about the camera and do not know w hat to do.I understood that you did not get some photos I s ent you.Please, tell me once more w hich one.I saved all of them in my mailbox here.
With all my hugs and kisses.I miss you here.
Say thank you for Michael for writting me a nd big hello!
Yours only Irina