Romance scam letter(s) from Valeria Bozhenova to Sylvain (France)
Letter 1
Hello, Sylvain!
Nice to hear from you :) How are you going?
Thank you once more for noticing my profile and I'm really glad you're ready to continue our communication! So, let's have a closer look at each other :) Do you agree? I'll try to tell you something about me, my life and of course about the world of my deep soul. I'd like to show you that a girl can be beautiful not only with her appearance, but be beautiful inside.. Well, what to start with? Maybe first of all I'll tell you about myself and my family, which consists of me, my brother and my Mom. As I've already told you, my name is Valery but my friends use to call me Lera. I am 22 years old. I am rather sociable and easy-going person, have a lot of friends whom I usually spend my free time with. I'm leading an active style of life, like playing volleyball and swimming. Sport always keeps me fit and helps me to look good and fresh.
And are you an energetic person? So, I was born in Alchevsk, a small industrial town of Ukraine and two years ago together with my brother Anton I moved to a neighbor city Lugansk which very soon became my second home. Since we were little children with Anton our mother brought us up alone, without father. The situation was rather difficult for us. My parents divorced long time ago, and being too little we couldn't understand the reason of this. Unfortunately Dad is not interested in our family, in his children at all and you even can't imagine how difficult it is to realize that your own father doesn't want to hear anything about you. He just doesn't care about anything! Well, but we grown up and all the time tried to live without his support and attention which, frankly speaking, we needed a lot. But you know Mom was everything we needed. She gave us all of her and was ready to do all that we could be a real family. My mother's name is Irina. She is 42 years old, but she looks so young that people always think she is my sister. You even can't imagine how much I love her. She is everything for me. Her smile always cheers me up :), her love and support encourage me, help to overcome all the problems. She is my best friend and we can share everything with her! I'm thankful very much that she brought me up and helped to become what I am now. Unfortunately she didn't want to move to Lugansk and I accepted her wish. That's why almost every weekend with brother we come to Alchevsk to spend some days with her. So now we're living in Lugansk together with my brother Anton. He is 2 years younger than me. Now he's getting free education at the University and wants to become a designer. He's a boy of overflowing creativity and can draw everything you want rather well. I think he has a great future and his talent will be noticed! I'm proud of Anton and love him very much. And what about your family? I'd love to know something about your relatives. As for me I'm working at school and teach children dancing. The work is rather interesting, because I love children a lot and being with them I feel so happy and I'm always trying to teach them in the best way that I can. Unfortunately, the work of the teacher is not well-paid in Ukraine and nowadays I earn not much money to continue my secondary education. Since childhood I've been fond of dancing and wanted very much to teach others that kind of Art. But I've never thought that this profession will not be very popular nowadays. That's why I understand that I need high education to find another job, to climb a ladder of success in my future career. Now I don't have enough money for entering the University but I hope only for the best, because I like to be an optimist and I think a great pleasure in life is doing what people think you cannot do! Hope one day I'll have an opportunity to make all my dreams come true. :) To tell the truth it's the first time for me when I use the Internet and it's rather uncommon for me to communicate in this way. It's really difficult to use the world-wide set like the Internet without knowing English. Yes, I wish I could know this language and feel that's a great pity I didn't learn it at school at all! That's why this letter was translated from Russian into English with the help of the agency I referred to. I hope that won't prevent our further communication with you. And do you usually use the Internet to get an acquaintance with somebody or to make new friends? You know, I am rather sociable girl and that's why prefer get acquaintance and talk with people face to face because it's really important to look at each other's eyes to understand the personality you are. But usually from a lot of people I've heard stories how lonely people find their love with the help of the Internet and live happy with each other. So I thought "Why not to try?" Maybe a man of my heart, my destiny is waiting for me somewhere at the opposite site of the screen? Maybe there is somebody whom can I open my heart and give my love? And I decided to try. That's why it's really important for me to know you better. Please, Sylvain, tell me about yourself as much as possible.
Could you please send me your picture? I'd love to see your charming smile :)
Do you have any hobbies?
Do you belive in real love? In other words I'm expecting to read everything that you think is important to describe the personality you are. Sorry for asking so many questions, but you may do the same and ask me everything you are interested in. I'm sending you my photo, think you'll like it. Hoping to hear from you very soon.
Waiting for your next letter. Faithfully yours,
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