Letter(s) from Marina Artemieva to Michael (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Mike,it is me,Tatyana.
how are you doing so far away ?
i am doing fine as always,good working day, weekend is so close...i have no plans for birthday yet,may be we will celebrate it with girlfriends in my apartment or go out,i do not know yet.
we worked out on fitness this evening...oh,i need to receive massage...are you good in massage ?
sertainly good about receiving,but what is about giving ? :)
About making massage to beautiful woman ? i would do massage to you,but not now,i am too tired fo this,may be tomorrow ? :)
I want you to know that i have enough money for living here, but i am not rich,are you ? i am not after money and i was never looking for it in my life,SO I think that money is just material thing.Certainly in each family should be enough money, but you will never find happiness having only big money, what do you think about it ?
i have the best in my heart to share with man i would be together with.
I will never marry rich man if he is rich only and there is no place for love,i just want to find soulmate to share my life with.
Well,this is my position about money,i do not want to tell to you that money is evil,money is money and we have to think about it,but it would never be the first to carry about. as you know,if i met my soulmate abroad i can relocate if it is necessary,i have international diplomar so it is not problem to work as a dentist any where,tell me about your place ? i have got picture was taken in my kitchen and the other picture was made in studio,which one do you like more ?
i am going to send them to you,if you are interested,i will send some more pictures of my apartment later,
well,it is too late and i need to drive home,
i will come here soon


My address :

Country : Russia
Region : Siberia
City : Irkutsk
Postal code : 664009
Street : Lyzina,44-4
Full name : Tatyana Vereshagina

if you want to send me flowers for birthday which is February 25, use this site :


i will be 31 and i like roses :)
if you are not able to send flowers throw this servise,do not use the other.
The other services will not be able to bring them,it has been checked by my brother Igor,he always send flowers for my birthday and they could not deliver them twice and we were sad.
Also let me know if you can not send flowers because i am going to wait them at home

i like you very much

may be all this is going to grow into alot like love