Scam letter(s) from Nina Krasnova to Alan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, I'm Nina. I guess we don't know each other good, but we could change this situation. I know that we are so far away from each other, but I'm glad that the Internet gave us this opportunity to talk. It makes this world much more smaller, it draws me closer to you. Although, I guess that two people of different cultures could be a wonderful couple. I'm cheery and easy calm person, as a real Ukrainian woman. I'm slim (48 kg), not very tall (168 cm). I'm a family oriented person, but I'd rather want to create a union of two loving hearts, then just to get married. My ideal partner should be kind, careful, loving. I want him to show me his feelings. I want us to share our thoughts and hopes, spend time together doing different things together, like walking in the park, cooking or just siting hand in hand and watching TV. I'm not waiting for a prince from fairy tale, I'm looking for a man to share my life with.
I want you to know, why I chose the Internet to find a partner.
First of all, now I understand that I want to built relationships with a foreign guy. At the second hand, it's important for me that we could create first mental and spiritual relations. So, what do you think? Is the man of my dream similar to you?
Maybe you're better. Let's talk and get to know each other better.
If you have serious intentions, I would be very happy to find your letter in my e-mail box! Sincerely,
Letter 2
Hello, Alan! Thank you for your letter and pictures! Our age difference doesn't bother me, I see that you're an active man. I'm glad that we start our dialogue, I hope we will become at least good friends, at least. And if there's a predestination for us to become more than just friends, I will be happier.I forgot to tell you that I'm 26 years old. I was born on August, 21. Maybe it's a little bit strange, but I don't like my birthday. I don't mean, that I don't get pleasure to count my years, actually age has no matter for me. You see there's such a theory that everybody has a definite amount of energy. The level of these energy is on the zero note, in the middle of the year it's maximum, and then it falls down back to zero. So right on the birthday one's personal energy is minimum. I don't like to have big parties on my birthday. First of all, I guess it's a little egoistic to do so. But if it's a surprise party, I guess it's great. Actually, I'm a great admirer of candle light dinners served for two persons. So as I told you my name is Nina, it's my full name, my surname is Krasnova. I'm an ordinary Ukrainian woman. I live in a urban village called Markovka. It's rather nice place, but here it's difficult to find a job. So my parents came back to Russia(Rostov). I have a Mum,Nadeghda, and a Dad, Vladimir. I also have two elder brothers Alexander, he's 34, and Vladimir, he's 29. They live in Russia too. And I'm here in Ukraine. When my parents were removed, I was studying at the university. I graduated from the university in 2005. I have a diploma of higher technical education. But now I work as a social worker. So as I told before I was studying at the university, so I couldn't go with my parents. Actually, I miss them very much. Sometimes they come to visit me here. I like reading, usually I read philosophic novels, like Paolo Koeljo. I hope you don't think now that I'm a kind of boring person. These novels are interesting and easy to understand. I found many truisms in this books, like "we should appreciate every day of our life", "we should see the beauty of life in simple things" All of us know them, but we don't follow them in our life. I also do some knitting, drawing. I like to dance. I'm not a professional dancer and I haven't visited any dance classes, but I guess the main thing is to put my soul and heart into dance, so I could enjoy it. Although, it's very the same for everything I do, because I'm perfectionist in a good sense of this word. I'm an active person. As you have already noticed I have green eyes (green is also my favorite color), I'm brunette. I'm here because I want to find my love. I broke up with my boyfriend. It was only one month ago, but nevertheless I'm ready to start new relations. I want to find loving and caring partner. He should show me his love every day, and I'll do the same for him. Why a foreign guy? I mean why I'm looking for a guy from another country. The answer is simple, our guys are good, but they don't used to show their feelings, they simply don't used to behave like that. It's our Ukrainian mentality, but Ukrainian woman are not the same;-) I guess now you at least little more information about me. I'll be happy to hear that you like me! Nina. PS You look better without moustaches.
Letter 3
Hello again, Alan! Thank you for writing back! I want you to know that I appreciate your interest to me. We have just started to learn about each other, but I feel sympathy to you. Although, I know that I shouldn't compare you with my ex-boyfriend, but can't stop doing this, and guess what? He doesn't bear comparison with you. As you already know, I broke up with my boyfriend only a month ago. It's still hard for me to talk about this, but not because I still love him, no. I just can't believe that things went like that. We were together for one year, when Serge(my ex-boyfriend) suggested me to remove to him. We wanted to live together and see whether we are ready to get married. You know, I'm attentive person. And before we started to live together, I've noticed that he became irritable. I thought that he had problems with his job, and tried to make his life easier to help him to relax. One evening he came home, he was very angry. I took of his jacket and refused to eat. I told him, that he was so tired he should eat and have a good sleep and I asked him to stop working so much. Suddenly he shouted on me, told that I didn't understand anything and ran out of the flat. First I cried, then I called to his friend. He told me that, Serge lost all his money at the casino. I didn't know that he played at the casino. Then the nightmare began, tears, entreaties... But then I understood that if one doesn't want to stop this dependence, nobody will do it for him. So we broke up. Sometimes I blame myself and sometimes I think that person in love can do anything for his love, especially when his beloved helps him to do it. As I have already told you sometimes I compare you and Serge, and I see that you're more gentle, understanding and in some way reliable. We know each other not for a long time, but you have already taken your place in my mind, and I'm ready to invite you to my heart. Thank you very much for the pictures you sent! I enjoyed watching them. I come to the office at 9 o'clock in the morning. First I should do some paper work, frankly speaking it's rather boring. Then reception hours start. Old ladies and gentlemen, who is already retired come to ask me some questions about their pension. I consult them, tell them how much money should they get from the state, explain them why they should get that definite sum of money. But actually more often they come just to socialize. They don't have a person to chat with, because many young people are gone for a work in Kiev or in Moscow. Sometimes they even bring albums with photos and we look them through together. I feel sorry for those people, but life is life, their children should earn money. Only this way they could help their parents to live a good life, because pensions are incredibly small. I want to tell you another thing, I guess you should know that I don't speak English. I don't know it at all. When I decided to get acquainted with a foreign guy, I went to a translation firm. They registered me on some sites, and now I receive your letters. They are translated for me and printed. When I want to send you a letter I write it on the paper and then go to the firm. I give it to my translator, sometimes she asks me to do some explanations. She translates the letter and the operator sends it. One of my acquaintances, her name is Lena. She is also in correspondence with one foreign man. The things seem to go excellent between them. Actually, it was her, who inspired me to try the Internet correspondence. I should say that my other friends are set rather skeptically. But I guess they just don't see good example, as I see it (I mean Lena and her boyfriend) But my friends love me very much, they told me that I look different on the pictures and in the real life. They say that on the pictures I look not so kind and lively. So I prepared one surprise for you, I hope you'll like it. I send it with this letter. Oh, my God I have written so much. I hope I haven't made you feel bored about me. I'll be waiting for your letter! Nina.
Letter 4

Darling Alan, I'm very glad that you liked my video! I asked people from ;the translation firm to make this video,because I'm absolutely serious about you, so I want you to know how do I look like in real life. I hope one day you will compare ;me on that video and in the real life, at least I would like it to happen. I thought how our first meeting could look, and I came to a conclusion that I would be totally embarrassed and wouldn't be able to say a word. Coming back to English, I'm sure I could learn it and speak little English till we meet. The fact that you liked me on that video gives me a hope that you would like me. Thank you very much for the picture and video! I enjoyed watching it. I guess I should present you my apologies again for comparing you with my ex-boyfriend. I guess we, you and I, could start new life together, don't you think so? I suggest you to leave all bad things in the past and to take in the future only good memories! What do you think about it? Frankly speaking, I have already become attached to you. You know, I divide people between positive and negative. And I'm absolutely sure that you are positive. I feel warmth of your soul, which comes from your letters. ;You really help me to live, I mean to get your letter means to have a wonderful day. This was a hard and busy day. You know, when I come home after such days I feel loneliness stronger than ever. I come to an empty flat and there's nobody to talk to, to share my thoughts. You already know, that I live alone here and my family lives in Russia. I have many ;friends, but I still feel lonely sometimes. And now when you talk to me through your letters, I feel like I'm not alone. Although, you are far away from me, you're always on my mind. Sometimes I talk to you and ask you some questions, I ;don't dare to ask you those questions in my letters... You know, I'm a big dreamer. They say dreams help us to live. I dream to live like my parents do. I have never seen them quarreling, my father has never raised his voice on my mother. I guess two persons, especially when they love each other could discuss everything in calm manner. Although, my mum hasn't been a housewife, now she is, so everyday she had a dinner, prepared and served. And she meets and ;sees off my father with a kiss. It's a rule. My father says that, my mum is his gift from God. I look at them, and I see that eternal love does exists. I should go for now, I wish you a good day! Please, remember that there's an Ukrainian woman who constantly thinks about you! Sincerely, Nina. PS "Kak deelah?" - How do you do? ; ;"Khorosho." ;- I'm fine.
Letter 5
Hello, my darling Alan! Today I'm the happiest person in the world! First, my parents came to visit me(I haven't seen them since August) and the second, but not of less importance , I got new letter from you! I really feel like I'm going fly! Today is very happy day for me , I hope you have a good day too. It was such a nice surprise to get a picture of you and me. Thank you! Don't you think we look great together? I would love to get more pictures from you! I couldn't dare to tell you that you found the road to my heart. It's not easy thing to do, but I guess you did it because I helped you. I let you in and showed you the road. You has became the constant object of my thoughts. I think a lot about how we could communicate, I want to able to share my thoughts with you, to put in words my feelings, although it's rather difficult for me, even in Russian. I want to tell you that my desire to meet you in real life is so strong, that I could become the best student of English. I really think I could learn it. Do you remember I told you about my acquaintance Lena? She didn't know English too, but now she can speak English and her boyfriend says she speaks rather well. I want to learn English too, so I could talk to you without any other person. Although, we should be appreciate this opportunity to talk, certainly it doesn't gives the feeling of complete privacy, but anyway I'm glad that we could write to each other. You know, when I'm going along the streets I look at the people, they have such sullen faces. They are in hurry, everybody thinks about his own problems. If only they could feel what I feel! Although, I was told many times, that it's difficult to see my emotions on my face. I'm a kind of reserved person, and only my close people understand what I feel without asking me. For example, my mum. When I saw her, I opened my mouth and wanted to tell her about you, and she stopped me and said, that knew everything. She told that I was brightening with happiness. I had time to tell her only few words about you, and than I had to go to my work. Now, I'm in hurry to go home, but at first I decided to go to the firm and send you this letter. I have almost forgotten to ask you, have you ever thought how lucky we are to meet each other? I know, that we are two grown up people,who are so far away from each other, and we should understand that life is not that simple. But life is unpredictable, we have gotten our chance. It's like a serving from God, he gave us the ball, and now we should act. It's our life, your life and my life. I won't tell you that I love, to tell you this I need to see you in real life, but I do tell you that I need you, I need you in my life. Do you feel the same? I hope so. I should go for now, because my parents are waiting for me to come from work, but I'll be waiting for your letter and for your answer. Sincerely, Nina.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, As You might already know Nina Krasnova has used our translation services and Internet services till this moment. Now Nina's account is empty. She has no opportunity to fill up her account. Nina wants You to know that she is interested in Your further communication. If You want to continue Your correspondence with Nina, we could award You the needed information about our service and prices which are rather available. If You are not interested in further communication, please, be confidential about the information You got from Nina. And we want You to know, that this e-mail address is not Nina's personal address, so it is useless to continue writing on this e-mail. We have informed You about the present situation, but it is the only thing we could do till the account of correspondence is empty. We want to remind You that we are not a marriage agency. If You are to continue Your correspondence with Nina, please, let us know Your decision. Respectfully,
Principal of TF "Tantal" Victor Belousov.
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