Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Dolgorukova to Theodore (Greece)
Letter 1
Hi my dear Theodore !
Thank God, today my mood is very good.
But I am afflicted that I do not have a beloved person.
I feel loneliness in this wonderful day.:-((
It seems to me that I have found the man of my dream.
But he is far from me. This man is you.
You are the most good and decent man I have ever met.
In the first day of our acquaintance in my soul there was a spark of hope that you are my prince.
I did not want to believe this!!! But with every day of our acquaintance my heart spoke to me YOU YOU YOU only YOU are my unique man. You are the man with whom I want to meet old age!!
YOU that are unique and loved, you are the man promised me mine angel the keeper.
You are the man with which I want to be together. I shall kiss you in the mornings and speak to you i love you!!!
I hope that you are not frightened by such fast development of relations. But you can not order to the heart.
Love is like a big explosion. The love arises unexpectedly when you do not wait for it.
It is as hot fire covers all my body and I do not own my soul any more.
You own my soul and my body. I love you. I am not afraid to speak these words.
I know that it sincerely feeling.
I know that day will come and you will tell me the same. I shall wait, I shall wait each minute of the life when you will tell me: I love you.
After these your words I shall be the happiest woman in the world!!!
I believe that this in the summer becomes for us the most unforgettable!!!
I had a dream that this in summer I will find my loved man. In my dream we worked together on a beautiful field where many flowers grew.
You have collected for me a bouquet of field flowers and we embraced on a soft field herb.
And the sun shined and gave heat of the beams only for us two, and birds sang only for us and angels sang only for us and the blue cloudless sky was reflected in yours beautiful eyes.
I hope that this dream will turn in reality.
I have found sense of my life. I know that we are from each other very far.
Thousand kilometers between us of land and thousand kilometers of ocean!!!:-((
Never probably we shall meet. It very much oppress me.:-(( I shout from idea that we never meet.
I want to be a free bird and to arrive to you through the countries and oceans!!!
But unfortunately I am not a bird and I do not have wings.:-((
I shall pray to the god that we sometime meet. My dear I should finish the letter.
I sincerely hope that my feelings do not offend you.
I like you, Your friend Gulya.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Theodore !
I am very glad to read your letter.
I now very much was upset, as the manager informed the Internet of cafe to me that I have debts and she makes 114 US dollars.
I to it have told that have detained my wages and that as soon as I shall receive wages I shall pay at once a duty.
But it has told that they cannot wait when I shall receive wages and should pay money during 3 days.
It has told that if I shall not pay my duty during 3 days I any more when cannot use their services more.
That is if I shall not pay I shall pay it during 3 days I any more when cannot write to you.
I was very upset also to me it would be desirable to cry, as I love you and very much I value our attitudes and I would not like to lose you.
I tried to borrow money from my girlfriends and to ask mum, but they too have no this money.
To me I letter am now very bitter also write to you and I pay, as I do not want to lose you my lovely Theodore !
Dear for me very much it is not convenient to ask you the help, but me any more where to take this money.
Dear mine if you value our attitudes help me please.
I very much love you and very much I value our attitudes and I do not want to lose you as I know that you my love you my destiny.
If I shall not pay it during 3 days I cannot write any more to you not when.
If I shall lose you I do not know that with me will be.
My love I hope you you understand my position and we can help me 114 dollars?
I love you and I shall wait very much for your letter. 1000 kiss for my loved Theodore !
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