Scam Letter(s) from Elena Hopina to Gian (UK)

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Letter 1

I am happy that you are interested in me and want to communicate with me further...
I am an easy going and friendly person to be around, like to spend time with my family and I am really looking forward to have a family of my own with a kind, tender, strong, outgoing, energetic man - may be you can be that man? As I have told I am family orientated and will do my best to make a big loving caring happy family with a man who will love me and will have the same concepts of love and marriage as I do. Hope to hear from you soon - my e-mail address: (

Letter 2

Hello my dear Gian,

I am happy to be writing to you again. Thank you so much for taking your time to write to me. Perhaps you are wondering why this nice lady is searching for her love in the net. I think that several months ago if I would ask myself the same question - I would not be able to answer it, but now after what has happened to my friend I have realized that it is possible to find love - true love in the net...My friend has met her boyfriend using Internet and now they are together and live happily in his home city and they are planning to have a baby boy pretty soon. And I think that is a miracle...

When I have heard this story I have understood that my destiny is waiting for me around the corner and I have understood that there are still so many lonely hearts that are searching for their second half and for their one and only true love...if you are dreaming about true love and family happiness - you have met a native i have same desires and wishes...

My full name is Elena, but my Mom used to call me Alena for short and I am still using this name - you can call me either Elena or Alena - which way do you like the best. Speaking about myself I should say that I am a child of late spring - I was born in a small city called Slavyanogorsk on the 6 of May in a middle class family of doctors and have had a happy childhood with my three sisters and an elder brother, who used to be our guardian and helper as he was the only boy. I was born between my younger sister and other kids of my family, I was growing up in a family that was poor but happy because we had one another and all the difficulties and obstacles we were overcoming with dignity and with the thought that everything will be fine...

The main hardship that my sisters, brother and I have faced in our childhood was our parents divorce...when I got to know that my Dad is leaving us I felt that it was my fault - only now I understand that kids can not be the reason for the divorce, but back in that time when I was little I was thinking that it was our kids fault that we did not behave ourselves and did not do the things our Dad asked us to do...after they have separated, our family life has became less happy...When I grew up I have made a decision that if I will commit myself to one man and will make family with him - I will do my best to make all of the sharp corners of our relations round... because children should have their own house - their Mom and Dad and a small puppy that will be playing around...- it will be the happy and loving family and child will be brought up like full individual without any complexes and without knowing how harsh this world is - my child will have happy and careless childhood...Do you agree on this point - that parents should do their best to keep family together and to make their kids feel that they are loved and cared?

Everything that has happened to me and my family has influenced me when I had to choose my profession...actually i have graduated from the historical faculty of Pedagogical university of Lugansk. But I think that it was my fate to become the nurse at orphanage house as I love children so much and I want all children of the Earth to be happy and safe...

I hope that you are not tired from my life long story - if are interested I will tell you more about myself in the next e-mail... Thank you so much for telling about yourself - nice to know more about you. You seem to be an interesting person, I hope we will keep in touch.

Write me soon...

Letter 3

Hello my dear Gian,

Thank you for writing to me again and for your sincere interest in me. I feel special knowing that such a great man is communicating with me. It was really nice to know about you from your last letter - I hope that you will be writing to me further as you have aroused great interest in me. It is really nice that we have a chance to communicate with you even living hundreds of kilometers away from each other...

Being sincere with you and having a desire not to have any misunderstandings in future communication I want to explain to you that I am using the firm to translate your letters and mine, as i don't know any other languages except Russian and Ukrainian and I don't have Internet access. Hope that it won't be an obstacle for you, as it is not for me. I know that I should learn English, and i wish to do so, but I have never got a chance.

You are interested why i don't have a boy friend already - there were a lot of men who wanted to be with me, but all of them were looking just for several nights wit me and for nice looking girl to show their friends - I am here searching for a real man who will be interested in my inner beauty. I have never met anyone over the internet before. I think it is a real adventure. I would much rather meet someone like this than at a bar or a nightclub. It is hard to find true love in a bar or nightclub. Also you have to be ready to commit yourself to another person and it is really good that you can make your goals clear over the internet as to what you are looking for.

I have already mentioned that I am working at the orphanage house for kids from 3 to 8 years old - I know that it is a job with no future - I mean with no perspective, but the career is not for me - in my job I just want to do as much good to those lonely kids as i can do. All of them are thinking that I am their Mom and we are not telling them that they don't have Mom, because every child has a right for happy childhood. I feel really sorry for the kids that are brought to the orphanage - listening to the stories why this or that child was brought to us make me cry: either the child was left on the street, or their parents were trying to get rid of an extra mouth in their family and many others...sorry, i don't want you to get bored or sad reading my letter. It is just i wanted you to know what I am doing and why i am doing that for a job. I love children and want all of the children of our planet to be happy and healthy...When I will have a family of my own I would like to have two or three kids - may be a boy and two girls and if my husband would not mind I would like to adopt a child to make him or her feel that he/she is an equal citizen and person of this society.

When i was a student I have been a volunteer at the summer camp for children from poor families - we really have had fun time - we have had a lot of activities and have had a lot of outdoor games that helped children to develop and made them more healthy. But especially I liked the Talent Show at the end of the camp period - all of the kids have shown their talent - some of them were dancing, some were painting pictures, some of them were presenting sketches, other were singing - I like to sing myself and I helped the kids to learn some of the songs from well known cartoons to present them at the Talent Show. I felt like it was my turn to get on the stage and sing when the girls that I have been training went there to sing - I felt excited and nervous - they did really good. I like to look through the pictures from the camp and to refresh the memories from that time. Have you ever been to summer camp as a child?

As for the age matter - for me it does not matter how old you are when you have a kind heart and an open soul and also I would love to have a man who is older and more experienced - I think that it is great that you older.

I wish you to have a nice day and i want you to know that I will be thinking of you,
Yours Alena.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Gian,

Thank you very much for sending me your so beautiful photo, my Sweetheart. Today going to the firm I was feeling happy because I felt a warm light inside of me - I knew that you will write me a letter. I am happy that my inner voice was right and you have wrote me today:-)

Of course I understand you, my dear Honey. I share your thoughts. With every letter you are becoming closer and closer to me and now i can't even imagine how would I live wit out your letters - it is really something new to me as have told you that i am new to the Internet search. But i feel that it was a right decision to try the net. Do you feel it too?

There are so many things that I want to share with you - about myself, my work, my life...I just feel that you are a kind, tender and understanding man with whom i can share a lot of things. From my early childhood I have set up a goal for myself to help people who are in trouble or who are feeling hurt. When I was a child i have found a small bird who fell out from the nest - I took it home and was taking care of it for two days with my younger sister. My Mom told us that it won't live long as it small and can't live with out his mother bird - it has died, but I can still remember this story. May be I am too sentimental...

The other day my story from the childhood have repeated again - no, I have not found the baby bird again, but i have met a little boy who was left alone on the street...he was sitting on the stairs of the under way and crying...I could not help stopping by and asking what has happened to him - there were a lot of people around, but it seemed that all of them were too busy going somewhere and did not see or did not want to see the poor boy... The boy was crying and did not reply to me - I went to the store and bought him a sweet bun and a hot chocolate and went back to him... he took the food and stopped crying. I have asked him to go with me and have took him to the orphanage where i work. I bathed him and gave him new in the morning when I was leaving the orphanage as my night shift was over I came into the room where he was sleeping (by the way he finally have told his name- Petya or Peter) - he woke up and smiled at me. He told me that he wants me to be his wife when he gowns up so I could take care of him and he could be my guardian...I smiled - sometimes kids are so naive and direct in what they say. I am happy that Petya now lives at our orphanage as he left his house because his Mom was drinking and beating him up as he have told us. I don't respect and I even hate such Mothers who can't take care of kids and who are cruel to their children...

I believe that kids are the flowers of our life and we should live for them...

So long,

Letter 5

Good day to you, my dear Gian,

thank you for your kind and warm reply. Your letters are making my day and sometimes when i am going to sleep, tired, I like to reread them and to think about you. Are you thinking of me too?

Here are some of the things that I like to do for fun such as travelling, hitting the gym always stay fit it's important, shooting pool, love to sing, anything outdoors, camping, hiking, somewhat adventurous always willing to try new things...What about you what are your hobbies and interests. My friends would tell you that I have a great sense of humor and I'm down to earth... I like pop, classic & club music.

As for the food - I like different kinds of food and different kinds of dishes - I like baked potatoes or mashed potatoes with mushroom souse and roasted chicken the most, I also like different salads - fresh vegetable salads and meat salads. I like all kinds of tasty sweet things and all sorts of teas - from original green to special green tea and fruit Indian teas.

My goals in life are hard to explain. Why? Because they change every day, because I slap myself telling myself I'm silly and yet I dream up even larger and grander plans the day after. You want my true goals, to leave a lasting mark on the world. To be someone remembered (in a good way!) for what I achieved for the human race, quite a small target to achieve no?

Believe me or not, but i am feeling that you are my soul mate that i have been looking for - you are so generous and loyal, you are the men who can be like a "brick wall" for a tender and unguarded woman - you are probably a kind of a man who is rarely found in our stone with metal world. You have so many traits that my ideal man should have...i have been picturing my ideal man in my imagination for thousands of times, but only now I have realized that it is a man who is corresponding with me - you...

Do you remember the boy i have told you in my previous letter - he is getting better - he started to talk and play with other kids and he is eating better. When I have brought him to the orphanage he was really slim and weak - i think that he has not been eating for a several days. I feel so sad for the kids that are left alone...I really love children and it is really sad and hurts me when their lives and feeling are hurt. I think that we are becoming friends with this small boy Petya - I have told him that he can't be my guardian as I have already found a man who is my guardian - you:-) He asked me if I like you and if we are going to get married - I smiled at him and told him that grown ups don't marry that fats like kids and it takes two people who really are in love with each other and they are sure that the person he/she is marrying is his/hers second half for the whole life...I believe that you could be my second half and hope that you feel the same about me...

I would really want to adopt Petya as my own child someday but unfortunately I can't adopt him as I am lonely woman and not married and don't have enough finances for adoption - do you same laws in your country about adoption?

I have something inside of me that says me that you are really close to me and I don't want to loose you...will you be here for me? I want you to understand and know that I have really special sensitive and tender feelings for you and I don't want to get hurt and that's why I want to ask you if you are feeling the same for me?

I rent the flat & live there together with 2 other girls. You've asked me to tell you about my country, so Ukraine is country that has a very beautiful nature. There live kind & generous people in Ukraine. Ukraine is a country of great ancient history & has plenty of interesting traditions. The climate here is represented by four brightly depicted seasons, each one for 3 months: it's cold & snowy in winter & hot in summer. Hospitality, respect to the past & the variety of rich Ukrainian cuisine are the main traits of Ukrainian culture. However, from the economical & political points of view, Ukraine isn't well - developed county.

Really looking forward to your upright and honest-minded answer...
Looking forward to meet with you someday soon.

P.S. My height is 168 cm.



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