Scam Letter(s) from Alena Sokolova to Ken (USA)

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Letter 1


Have a good day.
I do hope you remember me because I wrote you recently and you replied to me.
I have met you on a Cupid dating site .
You see I live in Russia and I was busy arranging all travel preparations . I was in Moscow to book my interiew for the trip to the USA, it took almost two weeks to travel to Moscow and back. You know that it is my first time I try correspondence with a man in a virtual space.
I am not a very good user of the Intenet and I do hope that I will be lucky to meet a good man. I guess I need to explain why I do it.The thing is that I will work abroad for three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man to be my guide or just to be a good friend to spend time with while I am there. I suppose it is hard enough to live in some foreign town without friends and besides I have never been abroad. You know I've been liviving in a small town here in Russia all my life and I am just afraid to be lost.
Besides I would like to see a real life (not some TV shows) and it is impossible to see a real life without a person who knows all sides of the life. And you should also know that I don't want to live in Russia because I don't have any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain in a few words but I want you to know all my plans. While being in the USA I will be working in any shop or be babysitter in some family. I will know the details later.
Besides I love English language and being in the USA, it will give me a chance to improve my English. The agency helps me to get the visa, work permission and all travel documents and they will help me to get a job.It is their business and I will pay for their service.One of my friend worked in USA for three months last year,and she was so pleased and she is going to repeat this trip again.
She has meet right man in Chicago and they are good friends now and he is going to marry her if everything is all right between them. I am coming to the USA due to the special programm for young people who want to work abroad and I think it is the right way for me. I am lost here, and hopefully I will be able to change my life.
I am full of plans and different dreams. You should know that I have brown hair and brown eyes.I am sure that you will be not disappoined to meet me in the real life if we meet. At least I hope so.
Well,I am finishing this letter and I do hope to get your reply pretty soon.
Maybe after reading my letter yu will find me a little crazy but I am not sure I know the right way to meet a good man without real meeting and you know it is my first try though the Internet.
I will leave my town in a few days or so to fly to Moscow again to complete all the things. It is said at the agency that I will work all day and I think we might share evenings together to get to know each other better. If you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy!!!
I just don't want to be alone in the evenings, and I would like to be sure in advance that somebody waits for me! It is just a woman wish!
I will tell you all the details about me and my life. If you're also single, you may be with me for a few months or so .... Who knows???!

With best regards from Russia

And also Happy Valentines Day!!!

Anna ( this is my name )

Letter 2

Hi there, Ken

Thank you for your reply. I was very glad to see your reply in my inbox mail. And thank you for your picture , i like it very much.
That would be right if I tell you more about me and my life because we have a chance to meet in real life and thus we need to get to know each other better and you please also tell me more.

I am just a simple and ordinary girl with my own interests, hobbies and tastes.
I guess I will start from telling you about things which also want to know from you, so you'll see my questions.
As you know my name is Anna and my last name is Smirnova.
I am 27 years old and on 3rd of March I will be 28. I am about 170 cm tall and my weight is about 53kg.

My body sizes are 96-62-91cm. I have brown hair and grey eyes which you can see from my photos.

I know that many women abroad have possibility to improve their bodies and faces and they look so beautiful. Unfortunately it is impossible here in Russia because even though we live in Russia, this country is still far from civilization.
But I still think that natural beauty is far better.

I have a sister and my parents, but unfortunately i dont have pics to send you via email now. But i will try to find one.
Unfortunately we live in a two-room small appartment and it is not very comfortable and not convenient. Honestly there is nothing good in the fact that I was born and live in a small town of Russia.
There is no chance for a good living and it is very hard to fnd a job here.
All young people leave towns and go to big cities searching for work but unfortunately there is also no luck for them in big cities since nobody is waiting for them there.
Living in Russia is living all by myself. It is a good and cruel school of life.

I hope that in the future I will work as a fitness trainer because I have a cetrificate and I am good at this.
I 've been working for two years as a fitness trainer and it was the best time in my life.

I don't smoke and drink socially, my preference in alcohol is red wine, but only a glass or maybe two. I tried to smoke when I was younger. Silly me!
But I think almost everybody try to smoke when you are a kid, right?
I try to take care of my body and face as much as it is possible. I wasn't born yesterday and I know that almost all "men love women by their eyes", I mean this or that way woman's appearence is very important for a man.

Speaking about my trip. I will come to the USA this month but I don't know when exactly, I know that I will have alldocuments to travel very soon and I will travel to Moscow again to complete all travel preparations.
I will get a visa and buy a ticket and then fly to the USA. I even don't know where exactly
I am flying because I haven't decided yet. I can choose almost any state to stay that is why I need to know the name of the nearest international airport to you.
I just want to have somebody waiting for me at the airport and not to be alone there.
I will fly to the USA rght from Moscow and I hope you will want to meet me at the airport and be my guide and besides it would be great to meet with you face to face and spend time together.
I know that it is not an easy thing as it might seem but there is nothing impossible, right?

I will be more then glad to know wthat you understand me and my thoughts and you are with me in this question, but if not, then please tell me that you're not interested in me and don't want to meet me, ok?

I think I shoud close this letter. It is no good that I don't have a computer at home and have to send my letters to you from the Internet cafe which is far from my home.
I wish I could talk to you on the phone, but unfortunately we don;t have possibility for international calls ( I can't call you and you can't call me because we have here four-digital phone numbers).
It is possible to make international phone calls only from big cities.

Ok, that is enough for today. If I didn't tell you something which is important for you or maybe missed something, don't be angry. Just ask me and I will answer for sure.

I will be here in the Internet cafe , because I have a lot of preparations before going to Moscow. Pleae write me and don't forget me!!!

Anna Smirnova

my home address:


Salehard, Vatutina 4-5

PS Please send me as many photos of you as possible so that I will know you at the airport.
And one more thing. I have a very important question for you:
- do you like strong drinks?
- if so how many and how often?

Letter 3

Hello my Dear, its your Anna!!!

I hope you miss me? Your picture are great and i like it very very much, i hope yuo like my pics too.

I feel so lucky because I have met such a man from the first time and I will do all my best to meet you in real life soon.
Ok, this letter is going to be long too, so be ready to read it since I want you to know everything about me. I just don't want any misunderstanding between us.

I guess you have a right to know that I am not an angel like any other woman, I am just an ordinary girl with all ordinary human problems. Sometimes I can show my character and of course I don't expect you to be an angel too, I just want to meet a kind man. I am an easy-going person and can forgive almost everything, but there is one thing. I hate drunkers and rude men.

I love water and my favourite thing is swimming. I wish I could live near some sea or a ocean. You know, I have a dream. I want to see an ocean. I was always dreaming about it, sometimes I even think that I was a fish in my previous life (hopefully some dolphin but not a shark).

I have graduated the Siberia State Univercity and I have a high degree or a license in trainers faculty and I can work as a fitness trainer or dance trainer. I like my profession and I wish I could work on this subject in some fitness club. I think it is very important to have a job which can give you not only a good salary but also good mood and get a pleasure from your job. What do you think? Unfortunately it is very hard to find such kind of job here becquse we have only a couple of such clubs and there is no vacancy.

Ok, some things wich I also like and don't like to do:
I love cooking and like make BBQ. I so much want to have a house of my own and make BBQs for my close people. I also dream to have a house with a fire place. I love cooking something new and something special. My friends were telling me that I need to work at a reastaurant.
I also love warm weather and I hate winters. Here in Russia winters are long and very cold.

I have never been married but I hope someday, I also don't have kids though I already have an experience of a baby sitter.

Soemtime ago I had to stay at home because I couldn't find a job and I was helping my mother with my little sister. I hope one day to find that special one and it is impossible here in Russia because men are real drunkers and very rude.
In my previous e-mail I made a misprint. I asked you if you like string drinks. I wanted to say strong drinks.
I hate evil people and I hate politics. Last few years I associate politics with wars and as you can see from my letter I hate violance and wars.

What I like in a man? Faithfulness and honesty. He has to be open-minded and kind-hearted, also easy-going. And I believe that there cannot be any games in relationship between a man and a woman. It is very important for a man to be a kind man.

maybe you think I am naive but i do belive that love and kindness makes our world still alive. Are you a kind man??? I do believe you are because soon I am flying to the USA and meet you there.

When I am in the USA I will rent some room near my future work and hopefully we shall spend free time together.
I have a questions. Is it ok for you if we live together. I mean if we like each other or maybe if there will be something more then just be friends. I think I will improve my English with your help and it will give us a chance to get to now each other better, who knows... We'll see. Do you have a big bed? (I am just joking).

I have a driving license but i am not sure if I am able to drive there in the USA, maybe you will give me a few good lessons.
My head is full of plans and ideas...

I am sorry for a long letter but I just wanted you to know me better. I am going to Moscow in a few hours. My trip will take about five hours!!!
As soon as I arrive in Moscow I will have to find a hotel or rent a room to live in before my flight to the USA. I have already been in Moscow and I know all these things, so it will not be a great problem for me.

I was told it will take about few more days to complete all my travel arrangements and I do hope to see you in a few days already!!! Even don't think to look at other girls since I am the best one for you! ( joke)

Yours Anna

Letter 4

Well, hello my dear!!!

It is me again.Yours Anna.
I cannot belive I am in Moscow already. It was a wonderful flight for me and everything went well. You know on the board of the plane I was given a galss of red wine and you know what? I have never had such tasty wine before.
Moscow us incredibly big city and it takes for abut few hours to get from one end of the city to another and the traffcit is horribly heavy here. You know even though Moscow is a capital of our big country, it is just like some country. Different people, life and the prices are very very high. People are very rude and angry, they always rush in a hurry and always trying to be cautious.

When I got off the plane and was waiting for baggage a policeman came up to me and asked me to show my passport. They are all crazy here because of the terrorism. I understand that they are cautious but still I think it is humiliating. I took a taxi from the airport. You know it is not like usual taxi, it is like a small bus. It takes about ten people and costs much less then a usual car taxi and besides this "bus-taxi" is very comfortable and the driver was very polite which happens seldom in Moscow.He even was telling us about Moscow and monuments while taking us down to the destionation.

Life is very expensive here. I was shopping today buying some food and all every-day food costs a few times expensive then in my place. All the rest general things costs a lot of money too.
I rent a room in the appartment and an old woman asked me to be cautious when I fly ot the USA but I made up my mind and I will fly ot you and meet you because you are a kind and good man and won't do me any harm, I feel it.
I am sorry if my letter sounds starnge to you but everything is mixed up in my head and I am so excited about my trip. My feelings are overwhelming me.

I was also at the agency today and my trip information is not ready yet, but they promised I will have this info tomorrow. So, once again I need you to give me the name of the state and the exact full name of the airport because there are similar names of the airports in different states. I don't want to arrive in some other airport. I also need to know your full name and your full ltelephone number ( includng country code) in case we get lost or something.

Tomorrow I will write you with all the information. Excited??? Me too!!!
Well, I will cose this letter. Please write me as soon as possible.
See you soon!!!

Anna with a great kiss from Moscow!!!

Letter 5

Hi, its me again Anna

You know that I am in Moscow and I think I have already done almost the half of my trip preparations.
Everything is going so fast and I cannot believe I will be on the plane to come to you in a few days.
Frankly speaking I am very tired. Everything is not so easy as I thought it would be.
It is rather hard business because of many barriers in this item.
You even can't imagine how glad I am to meet you and I feel so great thinking about it.
And now I feel better to know that I will not be alone at here in the USA.
I have some news about my trip.
This is the schedule of my flight. It is a round trip ticket because for getting visa in the Embassy I must have a two-way ticket. That is the law.


Information for Anna Smirnova.

"Exclusive Travel Agency"

Russia, Moscow, Lomonosova 43
Phone: +7 922-150-1526


Web site:

Please use our service.

Best regards. Manager Popov Pavel

Flight: 3rd of March, 2007.
Moscow, Russia - USA

SU 445 OP
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russia
Terminal 2 07:20
Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
Terminal 2C 09:15
Non-stop / 320 13h50min
Air France
AF 374
Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
Terminal 2E 10:20
Detroit Metro (DTW), Detroit, Michigan, USA
Terminal EM 13:10
Non-stop / 332

Return flight: 3rd of June, 2007
USA - Moscow, Russia

United Airlines
UA 8777 OP
Detroit Metro (DTW), Detroit, Michigan, USA
Terminal EM 21:50
Frankfurt International (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany
Terminal 1 11:55 + 1 day(s)
Non-stop / 333 12h15min
LH 3186
Frankfurt International (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany
Terminal 1 13:05 + 1 day(s)
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russia
Terminal 2 18:05 + 1 day(s)
Non-stop / 319

Price: USD 1190.00 Round trip tickets. Eco.class.


I am very glad to know that we are almost near our goal and our meeting is waiting for us in a few days.
I think I will call you from the airport and wait for you there in case you cannot be there in time to meet me. I shall wait as much as necessary.
It will not be a problem for me to wait for you because this will be the end of my long trip to you and besides I will have some time to go to the ladies' room and make myself look better after a long flight. So you will see me in a good shape.

The tickets are booked already and I will buy them right before the interview in the Embassy to get my visa. People from the Embassy must be sure that I am not going to your country some illegal way and stay there illegally, that is why my tickets should be two-way. That is the rule.
And honey, the problem is that I have some money but my flight from my home to Moscow costed a lot ( about 400$) and I had to give 100$ more to complete all travel papers and 30$ to open my visa.
Besides I have to pay for the room renting about 25$ every day ( I even don't have a telephone there), I told you it is a very expensive city.
The flight from Salehard to Moscow costed so much because the distance is too long.
It is my fault, I know. My parents told me to take the train but I so much wanted to get by plane because I have flied before.

Besides the flight tickets cost much more now because after the New Year the prices for the gasoline got much higher. I need to buy the tickets before my interview because I told you that this is the rule before my visa issuance. Maybe you can borrow some money?
I cannot live here too long because every day I have to spend money for a living.
Even the cup of tea costs almost two dollars.

I think it is not too great amount of money I ask and I am sure I will be able to to the return you the money back in a few weeks after my arriving. I will earn some money and first of all I will return you all the money back.
At the agency they told me that you can send the money by Western Union.
It is pretty easy to use their services. The manager of the agency explained me how this system works.
It is instant worldwide money transfer system.
All you need to know is my first name and my last name and also the address where to send the money.
Once you do this, I will be able to pick up the money in any local Western Union in office in Moscow.
We need to do very fast because we don't have much time till my interview.
If everything will be allright and I but the tickets, I will be on this flight and come to you!
You need to send me transfer info and MTCN ( money transfer control number) I will get the cash.
I kiss you many many times!!!!
I am tired so much today, you know it is very hard to live in such city alone. So many different emotions...
See you soon, my darling!!!

Oh, silly me! I almost forgot to give you my full name and my address here in Moscow ( where I rent a room).
Country : Russia
City: Moscow
Address: Sovetskaya 24 kor.4 - 192
postal code (zip) : 117303
Full name: Anna Smirnova ( this is the right writing in English)

I have yet about 400 $ and I need about 950$ more from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight.

If everything will be great between us I will be able to stay with you linger then three months ( I can stay maximum for six months because it is my first trip to the USA) All we will have to do is to change my return ticket date flight.
I so much hope that you will help me now, I don't know anybody here and that is why I thank you in advance.
See you soon,

Don 't leave me alone here, PLEASE!!!!
I will be moe then greatful when we meet....
I am sorry tht my letter is not so warm but I am realy tired as never.
yours Anna

Letter 6

Hello, my dear

I feel so lost now. I don't know what to do.
I don't have the money and I cannot borrow it. Remember, I told you that it is hard to find a job where I live. I tell you this because my family and friends cannot help me.
You are my only hope in this situation.
I know that it also must be hard for you to get the money but hard doesn't mean impossible, right? I promise, I swear that I will work and return you all the money back.
I just don't have anybody to ask for the help.
I know that maybe I sound naive but somehow you have made somethng with me, you gave me something good and it is hard to explain.
I was thinking about you a lot all day long today. That is really very strange.
We have never seen in person before but I know that you are not that person who gives up at once. Please try to do something because we almost don't have time.
Soon i will have my interview and I still don't have tickets.
Somehow I feel that you will help me.
I know it is not good to ask you for money, I know that.
But if only you could be in my shoes for some time.
I am not after money at all, I just want to change my life. I know what is going on rere with young people. Just a few young people can start better life, the rest of them are becoming drunkers or prostitutes or criminals because they have no way out or a chance for better life.
Small cities are almost dead here ( no job - no life).
No money-no possibility to come to a larger city and find a job and live.
I know that your country is also not perfect and only the strongest people survive, but still I just want to have future. I don't want to live like my parents and save money for a few months just to buy me a new dress for school ( this is my memory from my childhood).
I know that maybe the money which I can earn working in the USA is not big money for the USA but it is big money for Russia.
I want be thankful for my parents. I was dreaming I will be working in the USA for some time and bring earned money and give it to my family. You know my parents raised me and were trying to make me a PERSON. I saw how hard it was for them and I want to be thankful for my parents for everything they did for me.
I was just going to earn some money for my family and make their life better even if it is for a short period of time. Then I thought that I need somebody there in the USA, a friend, somebody who can give me a good advice or show me surroundings, just not to be alone there.
So, I put my profile in the Internet. I met you there and at first I was just interested in you, then I liked you and I don't know what can happen between us, but this or that way if I come to America we can at least be good friends.
My heart and soul are full of tears...
If you can help me, please do and I will be greatfull to you till the rest of my life!!!

I still send you great kisses because even if I don't come to you, you will stay in my heart forever like a man who made my life happier even just for a short period of time and I thank you for this!!!

Yours Anna



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