Scam letter(s) from Carey Tola Spencer to Ian (UK)

Letter 1
I must say that i'm glad and delighted to hear from you and i guess that i owe you an introduction.
I was born into a family of four but now three,which implies that my dad is dead,now left with my mom,I and brother ,which made up the family.I've lived all my life in georgia before the death of my dad some five years ago.
I moved to london after the death of my dad cos my mom is from UK.I'm into Art(decorations) and i've been working round the clock to make ends meet.Though i enjoy my work.But i still on the look out for greater challengings that lies ahead of me.
I do swimming,cycling,reading and watching movies for leisure and i'm such an adventureous lady.i do have fun and most especially, i love been the best i could be irrespective of the environment i found myself.
I'm looking for a vibrant relationship,i think i have to be factual about this,and i dont care where it may comes from.Though i have been involve in so many relationships in the past but i guess i have learnt my lessons which will help me.
I think that you have gone through my profile and with all that i have said about myself now,you are in a better frame of mind about the person you are going to be relating with in the next couple of days.
In the plight of this,I'll like us to be mailing ourselves everyday,cos i believe through that, we will always get to know each other better and will know the next point of call.
I guess you have known more about me now, It's now my turn to know yours.Where you are from,your full name and where you live.
I'll have to let you go now and i'll love to hear from you as son as possible.
Bye for now,
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