Scam letter(s) from Alena Lavender to K. B. (USA)

Letter 1
It is strange to me to hear from you it At us now In Moldova Christina Rus, it Anna, at it lives simply Romanian citizenship, but now it with concerts here in Moldova.... And that that at it 2 names it know all.... I was at its concerts, it very well sings... Also it participates on teleconducting Prima TV, it there dances... This project is known by all Romania... But recently I heard that it acts with private concerts on private parties and a photo for known for magazine. I work in sphere of show business, and is perfectly familiar with Anna's work, it Christina Rus, simply it loves that to it addressed on an old name, and seldom who knows the present name. It could not deceive, it has enough money, even very much!
Even if also it has occured, on all there are reasons! It is necessary to understand the person, it is necessary to trust! These are your problems you and understand! I to you have told that is familiar with work Anna/Christina, and that that at it two names, it is normal for a show-bizness!
On the about that I yours of destiny with it it is necessary to argue still:) I not so well know you, that it to approve! Though who knows? In a life all happens! But I shall love that the man which me will indulge:)
Letter 2
Yes it is the same person! I know it as Anna, others know it as Christina, many know it as Christina... But that at you its passport is a fantasy, it is very rare when shows the documents. And that you have not entrusted that to it, these are your problems. It very influential person here and in Romania, at it good communications, it it is strong " stay on legs "! I think that you to it have not created problems, it solves all and can solve! Here in Moldova at it good authority! But from it I did not expect that it will get acquainted with the man from America, at it here it is a lot of admirers and men!
On a photo I have learned its machine, it on it with bodyguard came on concert, personally I with it am not familiar, when we with my company have organized concerts, it has been invited. Here such history.
But I look you is very interested by Anna???? But I think it not for you. It the smart woman, as well as I!
And that that you have made a mistake, I do not know to you to solve that you have made! It seems to me if it learns to it it very much to not like! have learned from the sources that it now not in Kishinev, it has left from city for some time. Phone which you have given me it its phone, but now it at its manager who is responsible for its concerts. Simply you should understand one, at it here own house is not present, it rents the big beautiful house, can therefore and registration address on other name, at it number by the machine too, not Moldavian. I know that it has a house in Romania and Moscow. I read its letters to you, you understand that it sensation for press, newspapers, and TV? If someone learns about these letters, it will have a big scandal, to it much that can attribute and slander.
Many here in its Moldova know Anna or Christina as good the person, seldom who will tell about it bad, with it never arose problems on concert, and it always took part in charitable actions.
I cannot understand why it so have acted, not to me to solve, can is valid it wished to change the life, everyone to aspire to something. But that it recently, did not wish to act, spoke that wants and will change the life, I heard it from other people. All of us still laughed and spoke, that it is born for show, but something is visible not so.
That that you constantly suspicious is your mistake, it could make easy to herself the visa in Romania, not here in Moldova, we constantly do it, because is easier and easier. And it is not surprising that in Embassy of the USA they about it know nothing. For today meanwhile everything if something learned by me to you I shall write! bye bye
Letter 3
Why you are silent??? Really you have found the Anna?
I have learned that it will be in Kishinev in the end of next week, it now in Romania with charitable concerts. On the about who such or such C.Capatina, is its mum received what you send, its mum name Corina Capatina. It now here in Moldova.
Many women are familiar with its mum here in Moldova, it participates in meetings with all wives of very important people in Moldova and in Moscow.
Meanwhile more than any news if there will be something new I to you I shall tell. bye bye
Letter 4

How at you life? Why you do not write? Even simply so... Or except for your Anna you more nobody interests?:)
I asked some friends something to learn about yours Anna, to me today have called and have told that it today has reserve tickets up to Moscow and only one way in the morning!!!! I write to you that you knew! From Moscow at she have reserved tickets up to other country, but I do not know where if I learn I shall tell! Also it last night saw in the international shopping center it bought luggage bags!!!! It it is casual not to you arrive???? Or it is a secret???? bye bye
Letter 5
I heard that on it was made attempt, this version not yet exact, but many so speak...
Since saw her machine splitting in car technical centre completely! I do not know that happened, but in my opinion that- that bad!
I have heard that this happened at monday beside her home at night, but exactly I shall be able you to say when these news appear beside us in the press.
Letter 6
Not cost do the hasty conclusion! This only theory, I exactly do not know! So expected, but heard that with her all well! I think she with you will link, will write you when all will well... Also speak that she in Romania presently, her no in Kishinev, and have said that soon she not to return, but splitting machine here. She with parent has left in Romania. She in Kishinev exactly no, I have right before rung and have said some friends of mine. I think that all well, not outlive!
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