Scam letter(s) from Elena Kozlova to Gunter (Austria)

Letter 1
I to receive the visa on usual that it is more exact for usual term to me will cost about 35 euro-consular gathering! +75 euro the insurance! In total it already costs 100 euro! Gk.c for the help in official registration of papers 20 Euro. And if to do urgently the visa that even for these services 43 euro! B that the visa will cost for me in 163 Euro! My lovely and this visa is given for the period of 90 days! As you asked how many there is a ticket up to Austria! As I have found the ticket up to Innsbruck! But I think that it not that city about which you wanted. But I simply think that cost of the ticket close to each other! For example if I to fly to you on January, 16! That the ticket will cost 734 euro!
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