Scam Letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Juhani (Finland)

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Letter 1

Greetings my loved, hi my lonely angel Juhani!!!
I am madly glad to your answer, your so necessary for me in such complex for me time to the letter. I am madly glad to your lines to your words. I love you, I love you most of all in life and you for me more than the close person, you for me all that is in this life. I am very happy that we can to meet you. We shall meet our hearts for the sake of which now we live, to what we aspire with you in this lonely life for us. It to be a number with each other and to like each other devoted and mutual feelings. You my sun which warms me in cloudy day, in bad weather. My lovely I very much miss you, to me it is very bad, I every day am seted by a question when I think of our meeting. When we shall be near to you when our meeting with you will take place? And your voice in space where that far answers me that soon my loved, soon we shall meet you. My my unique person loved you and I shall be your unique princess in this world, my life will exchange both I know it and I only shall be glad to this. My lovely I shall tell to the ground Good-bye!!! I shall tell all familiar and close Good-bye and do not overlook about me. I shall get acquainted with your friends and your friends will be also my friends. My we shall love loved each other up to the end of our life and that cannot separate us!!! My loved I think that when I shall arrive to you we shall be happy with you and more when we shall not be separated from you up to the end of our days. I am very glad that you perfectly have understood me, have understood perfectly my situations and can help me with my problem. My loved you can inform me approximate date when you can help me and support me with such problem which has risen before an our meeting. When the our meeting at last will take place? My lovely I cannot without you any more and every day lead without you passes for me for a long time and painfully. I want to go to you as soon as possible. My heart knocks every day all more strongly and more strongly feeling an our meeting, unforgettable minutes of life. My tender prince we shall lead our days together and they I think will be remembered to us on all our life. My tender tiger Juhani I very much, very much, very strongly love you I cannot live without you any more. I want to arrive to you and as soon as possible. I hope that you realize me loved with my problem. Mine dear my full name Oksana Belorusova!!! My loved I shall wait for your letter, your answer. I with hope and with the big impatience wait for your news. With love and with the big understanding to you my beloved Juhani, your unique beloved rose Oksana!!!

Letter 2

Greetings my lovely, unique long-awaited person Juhani!!!
I am very glad to your letter, the lovely frank answer for me. My loved I madly love you, I love you above all, you love of all my life. Only you my unique person who is very expensive for me and who is necessary for me in this life. My tender prince I have read your letter and was very strongly glad, happy, that very soon we can meet you, we can kiss very soon each other and embrace so strong as it we shall wish. My I understand loved, that the small sum on trip is now necessary for me not, is necessary not few money to arrive to you. My loved Juhani as I informed you tickets 320 euros and at what it is the cheapest tickets of economy class cost. I practically do not have opportunity. There is no money well to eat and dare that that to buy from things. I want to meet you, not detaining on for a long time our meeting, I want to arrive to you as soon as possible. I want to see you and to lead the holiday near to you, for me my holiday will pass without you boring and gloomy. I do not want more loneliness, I have already lead the thirty years without the person loved for me, without you mine Juhani!!! And now at me the big love, hope for the light future and an opportunity to meet the prince on a white horse has appeared. I do not want to lose that happiness and that devoted love which you have presented me. I want to meet you and I hope you understand me. With you to me it will be much more pleasant and much better for heart. I could take off to you at any time, for any day. Now my loved all depends only on you. Only you are capable to help the favourite, unique princess with this problem. My tender prince Juhani it is possible at you there is an opportunity to take the small credit in bank or to ask about the help familiar, friends? We could together on my arrival to you restore these expenses, will restore all money which are spent for trip. My loved I think, that what love will not buy for money and always it is possible to find an output from any situation and to do the utmost, that the meeting with loved and the only thing for you the person has taken place as soon as possible. My loved I hope, that you will understand me and can support in the near future very soon me with my trip. I do not have forces more to go on friends and familiar. I yesterday all the day long passed on city in searches of the help from the friends or relatives. But at many now financial difficulties and many have denied assistance to me. My lovely I hope that you will understand me, will feel all feelings and my desire to meet you, will feel the heart that love tests to you your unique on light Oksana!!! My lovely I hope that you have very closely read my letter and also closely and is realized to the opportunities will write to me the answer. I shall be with the big desire, with impatience to wait for it. With love and care of you Juhani, your bird in the pure sky, your dolphin at pure and lonely ocean for me, with melancholy on you your beloved Oksana!!!



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