Letter(s) from Vita Bacman to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, dear!

Thank you for writing to me! Like me you look for true love , don't you? Some say it is a bit naive but I still belive in true love, I think that without this faith it is very hard to live. I am sensual , romantic and playful, I am looking for a man who will be my only one! I will give him my all, all my love and tenderness. I belive that it is possible to live all your live through with one person in love and happiness. I am the only one man woman and my heart and soul can belong only to one man. I want to share my life with man who is intelligent, romantic, caring and loving, to travel together with him all over the world, see many places and countries. I find it to be very romantic to travel with someone you love, explore the world and share unforgettable moments together. Will you join me in my trips?:) I will be glad if you will write me back to this address vikulya_81@inbox.ru
Give us a chance to build happy relations. I am waiting for your answer,

With Love,


Letter 2

Hello , dear Wayne !

I am so flattered with your answer! This new acquaintance can be a beginning of something wonderful in our lives. I do hope for this. We barely know each other but I am interested in everything that is connected with you and your life. I want to dedicate time to our letters and get to know you much better then I know you now. I like to communicate with people , get to know someone new and it is only a pity from all the people I have met I still haven't found the right one for me .. I agree with you that it is very important for two people to be compatible in bed , sex is an important part of relations. I like to be naughty, to tease my man, play with him... you know what I am talking about:) I need a man who is tender and passionate with me, who is not afraid to show ,me his passion - are you such a type ? Tell me more about yourself, it will be my pleasure to read your life story. I will tell you a peace of my life story, too:) I find myself to be a usual Ukrainian girl. In my childhood I used to play with boy and never wore skirts:) I was very naughty little girl. With time I get older and grew up in a mature lady , people around me say I turned from an ugly little duck into a swan:) But I never really consider myself to be a pretty lady. My full name is Vita Bacman, I am 25 now , I am 169 cm high and my weight is 51kg, I try to keep in shape:0 I was born and raised in Belovodsk, it is a small town in the east of Ukraine in Lugansk region . I love my native place with all my heart , I keep the warmest memories from this place . Now I live in our regional center because I study here. I learn History and Law, some people find them to be boring but I do not think so! When I finish my studies I would like to work as a teacher , I think it is great to have a chance to ass your knowledge to other people. I am always full of energy and new ideas, I like to be in a move. I adore different kinds of sports , I enjoy swimming, aerobics, jogging in the mornings - I keep in shape :) I am a sociable person and I easily get on well with other people. I often go out with my friends to our local pubs to listen to live music, especially saxophone , you like it? I like to sit and talk about this and that sharing a cup of coffee or a fine meal . I love spicy food, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese meals. I am down-to-earth person and I do not need luxuries, I enjoy life like it is and everything that it can offer to me.

Dear Wayne , I hope my letter touched your heart as yours did to mine. I will be longing for your answer and the life story that you will share with me. I wish you to have a great day and do not forget that some lady on the other side of the world is waiting to hear from you.