Scam letter(s) from Anna Tarasova to Pete (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Pete!
Big to you thanks for your fine image, you have very much liked me.
I write to you the first letter and I want to tell to you all about myself and to get acquainted with you closer.
As you already know my name is Anna, were born and I live in Russia, namely in the north in the far city of Murmansk. But I at all do not remember this city, as being the child, it should be left. I was born in family of militarians, my father the militarian and consequently we had to move to other city where have transferred it is more true to serve. It is the city of Dimitrovgrad. I by the right can name his native land.
All life is connected to this city at me. And about Murmansk I remember only that also the huge quantity of a snow there was very cold. But it and is clear, in fact I was absolutely small. I remember only crossing and things which transferred from a place on a place, and mum all time cried. Probably, it would not like to leave its house and to leave in absolutely unfamiliar and another's to it city. In Dimitrovgrad I have lead all life and almost anywhere was not. In the childhood of us with the sister carried in the big cities of our country that was very much postponed in my memory. We were and in Moscow and Nizhni Novgorod, and in Petersburg and in many other cities.
I want to tell about our city a little.
Piously - Nikolskyi a temple.
Our city is based in first half of 18 centuries, as village Melekessky a factory.
Since 1919 it began to be considered as city and referred to Melekess till 1972.
In 1972 the city is renamed into Dimitrovgrad, in memory of outstanding fighter - anti-fascist Georgii Dimitrove.
The city is considered city of regional submission.
More than hundred years of a history of our city are connected to construction and action of distilling industrial production, which long time was one of large not only in the Volga region, but also in Russia.
Industrial distillation, that is manufacture in plenties of grain spirit Is known, that spirit not only derivative for a different sort of *****, liquors, but also necessary raw material for medical preparations, washing-up liquids, dyes, etc. Profit on sale of spirit - important clause of the state treasury.
The main figures of the arms are three pines symbolizing natural riches, indissoluble communication of city with the surrounding nature and a role of the distilling manufacture given development to the modern city of Dimitrovgrad.
In city there are modern high schools, the Moscow branches. There is a drama theatre and a study of local lore museum. Huge quantity of monuments of architecture, architecture, different temples, churches. Many different factories and factories. But, despite of such plenty of the enterprises, city very pure and beautiful. And the population for today makes approximately 122 thousand.
Now 35 years and sometimes it seems to me, that a part of my life already behind, but on the other hand all only begins. I cannot tell that I the optimist or the pessimist, most likely I look at a life is realistic. And as always I estimate all vital situations. As I have already mentioned the sister, she is more senior than me six years. She is married and has two children. I cannot tell, that its life has developed in the best way, but I can tell only one, that everyone receives wants. I long time lived with parents, have not changed a job yet. After I have stopped Moscow I and now I the quite good expert in the field of economy. A speciality on which I have ended university - management of the finance. I always knew, that the economy is my elements. After the termination of university, I was arranged in one of private concerns with the chief accountant. Having worked there some years, I have decided, that it not for me. In my small city not too simply to find worthy you work. The biggest lack that formation costs at the main step and quantity of experts exceeds places on employment. And as frequently it happens, people with two higher educations work as yard keepers. Now I work as the main manager in firm on delivery of doors which refers to « Doors + ». Work is pleasant to me, I was easy with it I consult also the most important, that due to work I can separately live. My firm gives me an one-room apartment. Certainly convenience not the best, but it is better than to live in thirty three years with parents. At me very much good relations with parents. We frequently see, is especial on the days off, we like to gather all family. Tell to me about the family and about that, as well as where do you live?
My father the militarian, now it the militarian in resignation, on pensions and the free time carries out on a summer residence and with the grandsons.
My mum still works, in spite of the fact that she too on pension. Mum works in the cafe, a managing industrial part and the technologist on processing products.
Tell to me about the work. I very much would want to learn all this. Still I would like to ask, how you understand my English? The matter is that I during long time studied this language, all over again 10 years at school, then at university five years. Now I was possible to tell I practise. I hope, that you understand everything, that I want to inform up to you. I think, that at me good enough English. I can freely communicate in this language and, to tell the truth, it seems to me very simple. It I want to tell, that to me does not deliver work to write and understand your letters.
I would want to learn much about you. I do not ask you to write to me the big letters, but I want to learn to understand you. It is very important for dialogue. As well as to be able to listen to the person. It does not mean, that with you it does not threaten us. Most important it to understand that the person wants to inform. And correctly to emphasize on it. I very much hope, that at us with you it will turn out to become good friends.
I absolutely natural and I love a life. Also I try to live her so that anybody and for what to not reproach.
I try to take from a life all. I very open person and was easy to approach with people. In me there is one very quite good quality - I can feel people. I do not know, how it to explain, for example how mother can feel the child. Here almost too most. I can always make out merits and demerits of the person. I very sociable.
At me it is not a lot of friends, but I very much appreciate them. Because I am happy, that I can tell at me there are friends. In fact it not so simply to remain the friend. I hope, that in this case to me too has carried. Tell to me about your friends?
In this letter I have a little described the life and the character and would like to learn too about you. In general, I love a life, it is a lot of to dream and invent, the effective woman, and the good employee.
I hope shortly to receive your letter. Your new friend Anna.
Letter 2
Hello Pete.
I am really glad, that I can see your letter.
I shall write to you a little about myself. My growth 5 ' 6, and weight about 56 kg. I was born on May, 23, 1971. Favourite my color pink and on this I very much like flowers of a rose.
I want to tell to you why I have decided to search for the man in the Internet.
I since the childhood dreamed, that at me was usual lives, as at all normal people: family, children, the favourite husband, the cosy house and the everything else.
To be and live the normal person without. To live, work, love and enjoy all that we can earn and reach.
To tell the truth, I do not know, how it is possible to explain all this. I cannot unequivocally tell, why I cannot meet somebody here. Certainly, I had some novels, but I do not like to speak about it. Last has caused me a lot of pain, and I have decided to recollect and to not think of it never more. I very much loved that the man and thought, that it for ever, and it tests too most. I made serious plans for our joint life with it and the everything else, and it has turned out, that I was only a toy in his hands.
And that, for short time. *** from me was necessary for it only. Forgive, that I speak so frankly, but I like to speak always only the truth. Perhaps, it is completely not interesting to you, but to me it becomes simple much more easy, probably, when I shall tell to you it. Very few people from my familiar knows, that I have gone through at that time. But from you I want to have what secrets.
My former the man, has very easily got off me during the moment when I was not become necessary for it.
It has thrown me.
It has simply left on my eyes with two girls and the friend for cinema.
First I kept, but then have not sustained and was broke, litres of tears.
I have ceased to eat, sleep, did not want to live. I simply existed, not knowing, what for and for what.
In a life it does not happen so that all turned out how it would be desirable it. It is difficult to explain so important thing briefly.
But as speak at us in Russia - time treats. And now much has changed, and I do not long any more as earlier and I continue to live. And I think, that now it will be difficult for me so to like the person.
Now I already will need time for certain to not admit the last mistakes. Any pain passes, but there are scars and it is normal. Thoughtless attitudes are not necessary for me any more, I want to create family, to build serious attitudes. For me it is the now most important.
Certainly, at me is a lot of simply familiar and men whom I am not indifferent. But I have not met that only thing the man with which could lead all life. I have not met the man with whom me interestingly simply to talk. Probably, in it and business. The interlocutor who is able to listen is necessary for me and is able to understand. It is difficult for me to meet such person here. Sometimes it seems to me, that the reason in me. Among men of our society I never can find necessary to me. Now I can tell or describe the person who is necessary for me. For me it is necessary careful and understanding the man with which I shall feel like as behind a stone wall. And during too time freedom, creative or mental is necessary for me.
Attitudes in which first of all there will be a trust and understanding are necessary for me. Such attitudes are not threatened with any life. Though it very strongly changes people.
I never trusted, that it is possible to find friends on correspondence. My girlfriend has advised me to take advantage of the Internet. It was difficult for me to make it, in fact I have no own computer. And I should use the Internet of cafe which is 30 minutes of driving from my apartment. I have access to the Internet on work, but I can not use it in the personal purposes. Therefore I at once want to warn, that not always I can answer your letters. But I shall do it whenever possible. Now it is very interesting to me to learn you and to speak about itself more and more. I like to learn you and your life. I would like to see more than your photos, and I shall send whenever possible own.
As to my preferences in men, I cannot tell, that men in Russia bad and short-sighted. At all is not present, simply I think, that these men simply are not created for home life. Certainly, always there are exceptions, but by my experience I think so. It is not necessary to go far, I can tell about a life of the sister. In twenty years she has married the friend to the childhood. They knew each other from the cradle, studied at one school, shared the same desk. It was the remarkable person, and it is possible to tell ideal the man for my sister. It we with it are similar. For us are necessary silent family harbour, we need to come home and to know, that there we are waited by the husband, children. After his wedding as if have changed, it began to drink, in this connection has lost excellent work. She as the true and loving wife hoped, that all will pass in due course. They have got children not at once, Natalia so call my sister, very much wanted to have children, but the problem was only in it. It came home from work, is silent saws and anything in their life did not vary. After much persuasion it has ceased to drink, and in due course at them the child, and in two years one more has appeared. Children simply remarkable. I am glad only to one, that both are similar to mum.
To what I tell all this, I madly love the sister and the nephews. But I can not understand as she can continue to live with this person. All family keeps only on it. It does not bring money in the house and plainly does nothing. Having lost the next work, it is not started up in searches, and silently heats the grief in fault.
She suffers all this and hopes, that sometime all will change.
I could not live with such person, I think, that the man should be always stronger in all than this word.
The story I did not want to tell, that all men become an inveterate drunkard or still that it is worse.
Thus I wanted to show, that I search in the person and what the man is necessary for me. It is possible to list indefinitely words as kind lovely and tender, but to not understand the most important.
I would like to know, you believe what somewhere there is a person close to you as desirable and on reason, so-called your second half? I think, what yes, probably, because I believe in destiny more. By the way as you to this concern? I really believe, that all is outlined in advance. And I really believe, that something directs us.
Specifies a true way more truly. People frequently meaningly do not notice it. Can, and with me was also.
These are people which are afraid of a life, are afraid to make something incorrectly though it is inevitable.
I always was the purposeful person and always achieved, that wanted. And now I believe, that there is a person who can make me happy and to whom I can present the feelings. I am sure, that for attitudes there are no barrier and if they meet the strong union of them it is easily possible to cross. I search rather strong, serious attitudes. I want to create family, a cosiness in the house. For the sake of it I am ready on all. In fact the family is rather significant part of our life, it to what I aspire. It would be interesting to me to know your ideas in this occasion. Tell to me, what you search in the woman? What attitudes are necessary for you?
To what you are ready for achievement of the purposes? Tell to me, that you it think of all.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter. It is rather important for me to learn your opinion.
Sincerely yours Anna.
Letter 3
Hello Pete. Is very glad to see your letter.
Big to you thanks for your fine image, you have very much liked me.
It is pleasant for me, that you do not pay no attention to my questions.
I like to learn about you and about your life. With each new letter I want to learn you more and more and I tell about myself. How you? I hope, that at you all is good. In my life too all develops not bad. But she as a vicious circle: work, the house and again work.
But now at me you have appeared and I with pleasure run to the Internet of cafe to see your letter. It is very interesting to me to open each time the letter and to see in it words which you have written to me.
I like to write to you, I like to speak about myself, and that to me occurs. I would not like, that our dialogue has ended. I am very glad, that at me such person as you has appeared. I can speak you everything, everything, everything, that will come in a head. I can share with you the interests and speak about all news.
Today very long day was. I do not love such days when you wake up, and all falls from hands, late on transport owing to what you are late for work, in general, all the day long is spoiled. In such dynes I reflect, can it is necessary to be afraid of days when since the morning all goes swimmingly more. But today this day was not.
I want to tell about the work more. Firm in which I work very much not big, I work in one of shops as the main manager. My work consists in tracing all trading - monetary attitudes. Under my management a little bit person, but on me lays very big responsibility. Our shop is in city centre and problems with sale of goods do not arise. Our firm makes and establishes doors from various materials. By and large business very profitable, but my direct duties consists in work with people. That is I conclude contracts with various firms or private persons and I translate all this in the documentation. My working day lasts seven hours, including a break for a dinner and two days off in a week. I like my work, it is more than themes, that I do not need to sit on one place and to assort papers. I constantly communicate with different and interesting people in what my trade consists. Tell to me more about the work in what she consists?
What it is more interesting to you? How you are a lot of time will spend on work? Tell to me, than you are fond, what you interests? To that do you give preference in music, cinema and other interesting things?
The free time if not I spend with friends I remain an at home one. And I like to write verses to such evenings.
Verses on my life, on feelings, on experiences. It is not enough of them, but all of them are very dear to me, each poem is as birth something new, my personal and secret, created only me, as a birth of the child. All of them are written down in a writing-book, which to me as road and she always with me.
I as adore to read different products. Historical and modern.
At me much favourite authors, whose products are stored in my personal library. Not so long ago I have read the book which was brought by one my colleague for work, and simply could not come off it. Has fallen in love with it and has now got her and I re-read second time. It is Dena Brown's book « the Code Yes Vinci ».
And now to my happiness also have shot a film under this book which I too have looked. It is simply remarkable history in which there are present historic facts which took place in our history. In a history of all world. This product, speak, it has been transferred to 30 languages and has tremendous success at readers of all world. I even can tell, that after its perusal at me outlooks on life have to some extent exchanged, and began to think more of all event on our ground. That all not so is simple in our life!!!
And the question of belief in the God which rises the main theme in this book, has forced me to think over much. I want to tell to you, that I and my family, all of us trust in the God, we are Christians.
But I cannot tell about myself, that I observe all precepts and posts, I go constantly to a temple and I know absolutely all prays by heart. I very much believe, that the god is actually!
And first of all in heart of each believing person. I think, that to pray not necessarily all time to go to church and to observe all laws, and the main thing to carry in myself and in the heart that secret particle of that sacred, and at any moment to pray at home. Or in any other place alone with itself.
I think, that the god will hear all this and will understand!!!
And you believe in the God? I very much would like to learn the answer.
And so this book, we shall tell so, has slightly opened to me a door in knowledge of the and my belief in the god. And film has turned out simply matchless, moreover with participation of one of Toma Hanks's my most favourite actors.
I very much like to look comedies, in fact tears and so suffices in our life. And my favourite
films it: "Forrest Gamp", "Terminal", « Green mile », « To steal for 60 seconds », different our Russian comedies and many other things, what even the whole letter will not suffice to list all films.
Write to me, you prefer what films? What your favourite film and the favourite book?
You like to listen to what music, if like to listen in general?
I about myself can tell, that without music I cannot present the life at all. Waking up, I include something cheerful to cheer myself up. Before dream I like to listen to the silent, pacified music. I cannot name the certain style or a direction in music to which would prefer. I love music of all styles and directions.
All depends on mood and from conditions. But one I can tell precisely, music is my satellite on a life.
As speak in Russia: « music to us and to live and like helps ».
Tell to me about the preferences in meal. What do you like? You prefer what kitchen? You are able and whether you like to prepare? I simply adore to prepare, but only when it brings to me pleasure. If I do not have mood or desire to prepare, it is better than it to not do at all. I think, that preparation peep is a certain ritual which should be accompanied by certain conditions. I most of all prefer the European or Russian kitchen. Certainly, all this is very close and familiar to me, and I hardly can try something new. Though, learning something new in meal, we open for ourselves a particle new and in ourselves.
Unfortunately, at me now not so it is a lot of time to prepare. Work takes away the most part of my life but when at me free minute is given out, I devote to its preparation of any sweets. In it at me simply talent.
I hope, that you can sometime try my creations. I do not have favourite dishes, as well as loved fault. I with identical interest concern to all. And I only for a healthy feed, certainly now simply do not remain to time correctly to eat. Besides the cafe of a fast feed trap continually, enticing economy of time. Not looking on all this, I try to conduct a healthy way of life. I have no harmful habits and simply I adore sports. How your affairs are with it? Tell to me about all in detail. I with impatience shall wait for your new letter.
I would like to learn about you something new and interesting somewhat quicker.
Sincerely Anna.
Letter 4

I so am happy, that I see your letter my dear Pete.
How at you an affair? How is the weather? How mood?
I'm fine. I start to understand, that I do not have not enough your letters, I start to miss on you.
I should think of you. On work it is difficult for me to concentrate, because you borrow all my ideas.
Every day I want more and more and to learn you more. Your life, your relatives and friends, that surrounds you.
Tell to me more about your nature. Whether there is at you a favourite season? Tell to me, than you are fond, and that most of all like to do in this or that season.
I very much like the nature of Russia. At us, as well as in many cities of Russia it is a lot of trees. In territory of city two rivers proceed. There is one small, but very beautiful quay. In the evening there it is very beautiful, very beautiful illumination and there all time is so-called visitors, or is simple fans of romanticism. I not frequently there am, but if there is such opportunity I try to be there in the afternoon when fountains work. I am given with huge pleasure to look at them. I can hours, not coming off to observe of falling water.
Behind city many pure and beautiful lakes, on some from them, are possible to tell, the leg of the person did not go yet. I do not have favourite season. In each of them there are the of charm. For example, the winter envelops all the snow-white veil. All city as if has dressed dream. But during too time in very mysterious and fantastically beautiful. This season in Russia lasts about six months, three of which are filled with a snow. There are winters when the level of snow deposits reaches two meters. You, probably, even cannot imagine, that at us such quantity of deposits drops out. During such time there are many problems, transport especially suffers.
In solar and warm winter days we with friends like to go for city. We have one favourite base, she is in fifteen kilometers from city. There we are every winter, and it already became our tradition. There we go for a drive on a ski or on skates. Whether you are strong in these kinds of sports? I most of all love skates, and my favourite kind of sports - figure skating. In our city it is very popular. Sometimes in the days off I like to go to an ice palace to go skating. I think, that if it has appeared in our city when I was the child, I would devote the life to figure skating. Than you like to be engaged in long winter evenings or in the solar winter days off?
I not so love spring, strange, in fact all nature comes to life, wakes up of long dream, and me at this time year always melancholy. The spring for me passes quickly because this time is always borrowed with work.
As the spring passes on a summer residence at my parents. They vanish there yes the autumn. On a summer residence we have small years small house and a bath. Parents have made all the hands and simply idolize this small slice of the ground. On work I always try to take holiday in the summer, the summer - most is wonderful also a warm season. In Russia the summer lasts about three months. And this most wonderful season which I try to carry out as is possible more interestingly. It is impossible to tell, that I like to travel.
All the matter is that I almost anywhere was not, at least, abroad. In the childhood parents carried us with the sister in city Sochi. I a little, that remember, but most of all in my memory the garden - the biggest park in Russia open-air in which grows more than thousand kinds of plants which grow in territory of Russia was postponed. The brightest impression on me has made the sea. For me it was so extraordinary. Because all and always speak about the sea but when I was the child, for me it was a unknown and incomprehensible riddle. When I have for the first time seen waves and have heard splash of a wave for me the biggest and mysterious thing in my life has opened. About a summer and about the sea to speak it is possible indefinitely.
Autumn for me the melancholiest and sad season. For me it lasts longly, in cold autumn evenings frequently it would be desirable to think of candles. Or to lead all the night long, reading the next book, fascinating to the incomprehensible worlds. In the autumn I try to find all time for work. That me pleases the only thing are flowers. I simply adore flowers, my most favourite flowers are pink tulips. To tell the truth, by the autumn they already fade, but she is rich other so fine colors, as dahlias, asters, roses, peonies and many others. Whether there are at you favourite flowers? You prefer what color? My preferences are in colour interesting enough blue, yellow, a lavender, a plum and khaki.
I have told to you about beauty of the nature and a climate of my country, but its economy leaves much to be desired. Certainly, our country is huge also its resources are inexhaustible, but to live in it very difficultly. Huge quantity of the unemployed and beggars. Well and certainly the part of people which could scrape up the whole fortune, leaving from the law, or different ways lives well. And these people never will leave this country which enriches them more and more. But the poor population grows every year and the demographic level of the country falls every year. It is very difficult for simple people to survive during this complex time. It is very difficult to find good work which will bring good money.
The living wage in our country makes 2642 roubles, translating this sum of dollars, it will turn out about 100 $ in a month on one person. On this money it is simply impossible to survive, let alone purchase of habitation. In the West the way of life on credit is very much distributed. In our country of a condition of the credit and the program of the mortgage simply are not real for the simple person.
My salary if to you it interestingly makes approximately 200 $. It is the salary, including premiums and percent from sales and the made contracts. It simply copecks which are required for residing at conditions of our modern life.
On this a little to the sad note I should finish the letter. Tonight to me parents will come and I need to prepare for a supper for something tasty.
I wait for your following letter Pete, with the best regards, Anna.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Pete!
Big to you thanks for your fine image, you have very much liked me.
I so have become bored on you and your letters though has passed not enough time, but I want to tell, that very much you do not suffice me. I every day think of you.
On work constantly it happens many people what to miss simply to not have, but at home I shall simply go from mind!
It is very a pity, that the house at me is not present the computer, it for me is very expensive. And that I simply would not depart from him and would write to you every minute the a free time.
I also very much would like to hear your voice and simply to talk to you not important about what, the main thing only with you!!!
But it too while, unfortunately is impossible. I in an apartment do not have phone and at my parents too is not present. I have cellular telephone which to us have given out on work, but on it is strictly forbidden to call in the personal purposes, and especially abroad. All is traced and very strictly checked.
And I madly would like you to hear.
I heard, that is possible to call from a public telephone booth in other countries and at me the hope has appeared to communicate to you sometime. I think, that it, probably, costs dearly, but my desire to talk with you simply very big. And I want to descend in the near future on telegraph, in a public telephone booth and all to learn as it, probably, to make and in how many all this will cost.
Therefore I ask you to write in the following letter to me phone on which I can communicate with you.
Also write to me the home address both your full name and a surname!
I too write to you the address where I now live
Index 433513
The city of Dimitrovgrad
The Ulyanovsk area
Street Korolenko
The house 12,
Apartment 8
My full name and surname Anna Tarasova.
And if something interests you, you can ask about all. I with pleasure shall answer.
I like to answer your questions. It is pleasant to me, that you are interested.
I like that you excited with my life. And how I live and than I am engaged.
And I very much like to write to you about all it.
Please, if to you is that to me to tell, write to me. I shall be very glad to this.
Because I very much like to learn each detail of your life.
Tell to me about the travel. About in what countries you were?
What did you see, and whether something was pleasant to you? To me all this very much
It is interesting, because I never anywhere was not.
I shall read with the great pleasure your histories.
It is very interesting to me to know your opinion on any question.
You have pet? When I was small I had cat. I very much loved her, but when she began
Absolutely old she was gone. Mum to me has told, that she left to die, and I for a long time cried and experienced. And for itself has decided, that more never there will be at home an animal, too big responsibility, and I cannot go through more loss of a close and favourite animal. Now I live absolutely alone.
And it happens me very sadly from it.
I would get to myself somebody but who will feed it?
In fact I in the whole days am on work. Today when we had dinner on work, my employees discussed the private life. Basically all my employees of the woman.
They discussed the vital problems. At one problem with the husband, at another with children. And when it was time to us to go, they have told to me: « what you happy!!! You do not have any cares except for work! " I have smiled, but to me became very sad, that people count me happy because I do not have any cares. But actually I am not happy, because I do not have anybody of whom I should care.
I hope, that in my life all will be adjusted. And it is valid so.
It is very pleasant for me to write to you letters. Let I not always can do it because I have no a computer of a house. I write to you from the Internet of cafe. And sometimes I use the Internet on work.
I like to receive letters from you. For me always such disturbing moment when I go to the Internet of cafe and I think, whether you have written to me whether or not.
I began to notice, that we become closer. And it is pleasant to me.
You very interesting person. And I am very glad, that you became my friend. I like to speak with you.
It seems to me, that our characters are very similar. But not in all. It seems to me, it is very good for us.
How you think, what the most important in attitudes?
I think, that this trust. The main thing that people trusted each other. And then all will turn out.
The respect as is important. Many pairs live not only because of love because it can pass in due course. But there is a respect. And consequently people can live many years. How you think? I think, that in our attitudes there are these things. And I am very glad to this. I would like to know your attitude to ***? Whether it is for you the basic? I think, that *** has very much great value in a life. Also that people should approach each other. I think, that people should supplement each other. One person can have different qualities and different attitudes to things and feelings.
And all turns out, when there is a union between people. I want, that you were frank with me in these questions. Because I am frank with you. I would like to know, you think of it?
You love holidays? Whether you like to receive gifts and to do them?
I very much like to receive gifts, but the greater pleasure to me delivers them to do. I like to see behaviour of people. It is very amusing. How you think? It seems to me, what I not quickly can fall in love with the person, and you? In your life there were many women? Whether you loved many? And in general as you understand a word love? Love.
Who in general knows, that this such. Whether this feeling gives in to an explanation? And in general, can her and does not exist? The love it only attempt to explain aspiration and the desires of the person caused by his instincts can? And this original embodiment of friendship can? Probably, the love is the maximum form of expression of the feelings arising in soul of the person. For me Love - feeling many-sided. It is impossible to love all equally. Everyone likes in own way, everyone in own way perceives love. Love: it is any special form of attitudes which differ from universal attitudes. It is blood communication. It is the strongest attachment. This love, in my opinion, is quite natural, she is clear, she looks as something self-evident. How to explain all that occurs between them, that occurs to each of them. Skill to love. What in general we mean under this concept?
Skill to please the person whom you love? Yes is not present, hardly. Though the some people, probably, so understand concept « to be able to love ».
I adhere to that point of view what to learn to love it is impossible. It not the equation which, in spite of on anything, will have the certain decision. The love is a feeling. And to feel it is impossible, to learn. It is simply silly. Feelings is that the person practically does not supervise, all occurs somewhere at a subconscious level. I think, that we are not able to love. But it at all accident.
To like it is necessary, not looking back on common sense, not appealing to reason. Skill to feel, give in to emotions - the main thing during lives, and love will come itself and it is not so necessary to be able to love - if it will be the present feeling heart will prompt.
To you that does not prompt your heart???? Answer for itself this question.
I say good bye to you yours Anna.
Letter 6
Hello the my dear friend Pete!
I am very glad, that we again together with you and, that I again read your letter.
Today I again thought all the day long of you. I should think of you.
You always with me. I so would like to be with you. I would like to nestle
To you all body. I want to feel, that you with me beside. That you
You will not leave anywhere. But I do not know, when this moment will come. I think, I
It is simply sure, that this moment will come.
I do not know, but can you, disturb my letters. Can you, excites that,
That I so quickly write to you such gentle words. You know, me very much
Pleasantly with you to communicate. You the interesting person. I want to continue with
You of the attitude. I do not want to hide the feelings. Yes, I have to you feelings.
But I cannot be sure for all hundred percent. But I can tell to you precisely, that I never
before did not meet such pleasant interlocutor. No, you do not think, that you simply the
interlocutor. You that person with whom I want to create serious attitudes. I do not want to lose you. I do not think, that at me is too fast to you there are feelings.
Even if they also appear quickly what for me them to hide. I do not want to hold all this in myself if I really want to be with you. Understand, that for some people enough one sight what to fall in love, and for the some people - long time. The some people only after it is long dialogue understand, that they have found that person with whom want to be. But it is necessary to me so much a lot of time, what it to understand.
I already have understood it, and I do not want you to lose. You understand me?
I am afraid of that you can simply not understand me. I am afraid, that you can my feelings to you not so to understand.
I want, that you correctly would understand me. I do not know, how I to you can it
To explain. I want to tell to you, that at me to you is valid
The present feelings. It is not simple words, it goes from the heart.
I want to tell to you, that I do not like to tell lies. I like all to speak in
The person, directly. Because it is not pleasant to me, when people of me
Deceive. It seems to me, that it is pleasant to nobody. In fact all
Attitudes are under construction only on trust. This most important in attitudes
People. I to behave by a principle: both you concern to people, and they
To you concern. Therefore I speak the truth, I want, what and me spoke the truth.
I and now speak you the truth. I do not lie. Because I know, how it is hurt when you deceive. As it is hurt to learn then, that you not loved by that person who before repeated to you constantly, that it loves you. I know, it is very hurt.
I do not want to cause you a pain. I do not want, that you then would accuse me in something.
I am sure that you that person to whom I want to write such words. You that person who has mentioned my heart. I want, that you there would remain for ever. I do not want, that you have left me and my heart. I can tell to you, that I want to be with you.
I am afraid to speak you about that,
That I can not present, that can take place with me if you will leave
Me one. I ask you, that you would speak me always the truth. You are necessary
To me, understand!!!
As I still can prove to you that I am not mistaken in the feelings. I
I can not describe it to you in the letter. It seems to me, that the feelings
Words to not express. Feelings can be felt only. It is possible
To notice under the attitude of the person to you. As a matter of fact, to write it is possible
Anything you like. But if you actually believe the person, to you
Becomes without a difference, that you do not see it. The most important, that you
It you love, and that it loves you. Dear, I really want to be with
You. But I cannot transfer you the condition oppress. I suffer
Because of that you are very far from me. I want, that you have understood me.
I do not want, that you doubted of me. It is very important for me, that you
You think of me. It is important for me to know your opinion. I do not think, that I
I hurry events. I do not want to be silent, when my heart speaks about that,
That it is hard for it without you, that it is hurt it. That it searches heat, searches
Your heat. You are necessary for me only. Excuse, that I have written to you such
The letter. Probably, you it was boring to read it. Excuse, but these are mine
Feelings to you. I cannot forbid to love to the heart.

Yours Anna!
Letter 7
Hello my sweet Pete.
I today simply could not fall asleep all the night long. I all time thought of you, about us and that in general occurs between us.
I realize, that I the adult modern woman, that my life it only my life. And all decisions concerning me, I and anybody accept only another. I nevertheless yesterday have decided to talk to mum about everything, that to me occurs. I to it before already told, that I has got acquainted and communicate with one remarkable person whom call Pete. and, that at us all to be got on in our attitudes.
And yesterday I have simply admitted, that I can not simply breathe, is, neither drink, nor work.
I have told, that can so it will turn out in a life, that I shall leave from them with the daddy
and it is possible shortly. Because I cannot be more in distances from the favourite person.
She has understood all and has patiently listened to me. I for a long time so did not speak
with mum on souls. Mum realizes, that you for me mean! Perhaps, in soul at it a pain and
bitterness, because, that she can simply lose the daughter. To not lose more truly, and simply to leave me and to know, that I shall somewhere very far from it. But she to me that in thisoccasion has not told. She only all the evening long spoke me as loves me and wishs me only good luck. That it is very glad, that I'm fine, that I wonderfully look, and that she will be glad to help me in everything that I could live happy, with mine we like the person. Even now, when I think, about it and I write to you the letter my loved, at me on eyes tears have appeared. But you do not think, That I have gone mad or about something I regret. And opposite, I am very happy, loved and these are tears of happiness from that, as the God has sent me love and you!
My itself it is expensive and the favourite person.
I want again and to speak you again. That I very strongly love you. I do not have not enough only your letters. I want the greater. I want to be with you. I very much would like to be with you beside.
I cannot transfer you the desire words. Simply I love you. I love you, and I cannot live without you day. My love very strong to you. I love you very strongly. I all time think of you. I all time present ours with you meetings. As though I would like to be near to you. I would like, that you would feel all my love to you. I want, what you as strongly loved me, as well as I love you.
I think of you always. In the morning when I wake up, I think of that, you have written to me the letter whether or not. And I would like to read it more likely. When I sleep, in dream I want to be with you. And in dream I always with you. Because I love you. And all my dreams it is my big love to you. Only I think of you, only with you I want to be. Only with you I want to be a number.
Only you are necessary for me. I want to see nobody near to you more. Because my heart belongs only to you. Only you can make so, that I would be happy. At the same time and I shall do all. That you would be happy with me. Only you my love. All my ideas only about you. They only for you. All my love is intended to you. I cannot live without you. Because I cannot store such love in myself. I want to share the love with you. I love only you, and only you in my heart. Anybody is more and never can live in my heart. My heart is literally pulled out from a ****** when I read your letters.
I hope that we with you soon shall together. I very strongly would like it. I want, that you would understand me. I want, that you have presented yourself, as far as strongly I love you. My heart always speaks me that I should be only with you. Because my heart will simply be broken without you.
It will simply die without you. Because it completely belongs to you. My love to you present and she does not know limits. If I had wings I necessarily would arrive to you. But I not a bird, I cannot fly. But I above all want to be with you. You - the most expensive, that at me are in this life.
Because I love you. I love you simply up to madness. I cannot tell to you words that occurs now to me. I all burn from desire to be with you. I burn from passion to you. It so. I want to be yours and only yours. I want to appear in your hands. I want, that would press me to myself. I want to feel, how your heart near to me is beaten. I want to fall in your embraces. I want to sink in your eyes. I want to fall asleep in pleasure from ours with you love. I shall love you very gently.
I want, that you would love me as. I shall be with you always. I shall do everything, that to you it would be better. Because I love you. And I want, that you had all best, that it would be good you.
I want, that we with you would feel together the big passion to each other. I want to wake up because, that you tender kiss me. I want to be with you. You understand it? When we with you already shall be together? I want to be yours. I want it. My love, I love you for ever. You for ever in my ideas, my memory. I shall simply go from mind about you. I cannot live so for a long time. Because my love to you does not give me rest. I cannot easy sleep, because you always with me. I cannot sleep, because I think of you. Ideas go one by one, and I cannot stop them. I already present, as I with you shall be gentle. I think of it. I think, that you too think of it. You want with me a meeting? You want to appear in my embraces? You want me to kiss? If you too want it as strongly, as well as I, why we with you yet together? I think, that there is nothing above love. The love decorates the person.
I want to receive from you a kiss. I want to feel, that you with me beside.
I dream of how we together can make love, enjoy the friend the friend, drink on a mug hot fault, be wrapped up in a plaid to lay near to a fireplace. For a long time for a long time, till the dawn to lay having embraced in silence, not hurrying up sipping wine and observing for dances of gluttonous languages of fire.
I know, that it only my dreams but that I can not do with myself!!!
My lovely, I on it should finish the letter. I very much want to receive from you the letter tomorrow.
Because I love you. I miss you. I do not have not enough you. I would give much what to be with you beside.
I love you. I wait for your letter.
Your loved Anna.
Letter 8
Hello my love Pete!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter and each time my heart and soul are pleased.
Today I have learned about the visa to arrive to you. It is tourist visa B-2 and term of its action of 90 days and during two or three days she will be already ready. I was very glad that I shall arrive to you in America and I shall be in your embraces and when you I shall not leave. Then I have asked that is required and the visa will cost how many. To do the visa to me have told that I should have the passport and money. I have asked how many the visa will cost and to me have told that the visa costs 417 dollars. When I have heard this sum has not fallen nearly and have begun to cry, as I have no such sum of money. To me have explained why the visa costs so much, the visa costs 75 dollars, medical insurance of 290 dollars and the tax to gathering of 52 dollars. Then I began to explain that I go to the favourite person and that at us love, they have told that I realize, but unfortunately than cannot help. I have asked them advice and have told to borrow money the favourite person, that is at you my love and have told if it loves you, it will be necessary to help you.
Dear my and loved mine, please help me, make to me translation into the visa today and already I shall arrive to the read out days to you and we with you shall be together.
It is very a shame to me to ask you money, but I with tears on eyes write to you the letter and I think that you will help me. Dear mine, it is necessary for me on the visa of 417 dollars.
Please make to me translation through system Western Union, it is the fastest and reliable remittance and except for me who cannot receive your translation. To you in bank will give control number from ten figures and you should send them to me, it is control number.
My love, the address where you can make translation to me on the visa: Russia, Dimitrovgrad, Venets Bank, street Gagarina 13, for name Anna Tarasova.
My love, I very strongly love you and very much I want to arrive to your embraces as it is possible ne?aa.
I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
Always only yours Anna.
Letter 9
Unfortunately at me the letter box has broken and I could not read your letter.
Please write to me on my new address
And I shall necessarily answer you.
Always only yours Anna.
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