Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Alex (Belgium)
Letter 1
Hi my love Alex!!!
I am very glad that you have written to me such The letter is wonderful. My lovely how are you doing? How your mood? I I hope that at you all well. My lovely I as want to inform you that That with me as everything is all right. My dear today's your letter Me has very much afflicted. My dear you have wanted to meet with Me. You have wanted to get acquainted with me. You have grown fond of me. But tell to me please why you do not trust me. I understand that To you certainly difficultly to believe me. But I ask you believe me and Trust me. My lovely I ask you trust only to the heart. And Tell that that it will prompt you. Tell to me please to us with you It is fated to meet whether or not? My heart prompts that we with you Necessarily we shall meet. My dear I hope That you understand me. My lovely you love me? I want to hear from You this answer. My lovely if you cannot help me, then as On yours I should arrive to you. If at me the big problems with Financial position. My lovely I shall not reproach you any more. Mine Lovely I shall advise you better. Think and listen to the To heart. Know that that even if we you will not be possible manage that You always will be in my heart. I cannot forget you, because I You madly I love. I very much want to be only with you. You have made much For me. You have shown much in the letters. You many words have told To me about love. I have achieved that that wanted. I wanted to get acquainted Only with the remarkable person as you. You my mad love and I not I can forget you when. I shall always remember you. But you not Could make the most important gift for me. It is a meeting with you. Mine Road I hope that you understand me? You understand what my love To you? I madly love you. My lovely as I can prove to you that I Really I love you. My lovely if I had money, I Certainly did not ask your help. I would arrive to you. But you Do not understand my difficult situation. At me very big problems with Financial position. I hope that from this letter you will make The big conclusions also will understand that that the big and mad love means. I I hope that I shall very soon receive your positive answer. I with The big impatience I shall wait for your letter. Your mad love For ever. Your big and unforgettable love Oksana!!!
Letter 2
Good evening my loved, hi mine a bear Alex!!!
I wait for your letters, I wait for your answer. Why you do not want to talk to me? Why you that do not write to me. I miss you and to me is lonely without your daily letters. To me so it is bad on heart that you are not present beside, that I cannot touch now you and I can not feel all that now you test to me my love. I hope that you will write to me and inform that happened, why you have ceased to write to me. I with the big impatience shall wait for your lovely words, your careful letters. With the warmest and sincere wishes to you your sincere lady Oksana!!!
Letter 3
Good evening my lovely, my careful tiger Alex!!!
I so am glad yours to the letter. Which warms me and give me force to life. My I do not understand loved why you do not trust me why you cannot understand that that I do not have photos where I would be in a circle of friends or on work with children. I as soon as shall make such photos at once I shall send from you. That there is at me from my photos this that as we met girlfriends at a meeting of graduates in September of the last year. I think to you it will be pleasant to receive this photo. I hope that you also will send me the photos and will tell to me more about much. I have not understood one why you do not want to help me. You do not want to meet? You consider that our meeting with you should not will take place now? You want to meet later? I shall wait for your letter. Your answer. With love your long-awaited crumb Oksana!!!
Letter 4

Greetings loved, my charming bear Alex!!!
I am very glad to your careful letter, your gentle careful words!!! I am madly happy loved that the our meeting will very soon take place, very soon you can help to arrive to me to you. Than you now are engaged? What weather at you? My lovely to me it is very lonely without you, it is very cold without warm your words and your warming heart. My loved I write you the letter and very strongly I dream of long-awaited our meeting. I cannot live without you any more, very much very much you I love. My lovely it is bad that now you are not present near to me I regret about that that I can not support now you and help you to overcome difficulties, to overcome all that now prevents us to meet!!! Mine dear prince I think that our meeting will very soon take place also to me a difficult minute your care and support is now necessary for me, your love and sincere words only now!!! I am very glad and very grateful to you my lovely that you have understood me with this problem and that very soon I can go to you. I was not present the bank account. I think that you can transfer money other what or safe and reliable way. You could at yourselves in city learn about it. I also tomorrow can descend in agency and probably they can help me with this question. I tomorrow shall more and more in detail inform to you about it. I very strongly grieve without you and me very much, very alone. I every day chide minutes and days of an our meeting and every day all I feel you near to me more strongly and more strongly. As you give to me a bouquet of red roses and as I embrace you, whole in your sweet as juice of a lip and all our dreams are executed. My lovely I shall call you on Friday in the evening and all we shall discuss more in detail concerning our meeting. My lovely I recently was at a cinema with the girlfriend and we looked film PITER-FM, this film about love and lives of two in love people as they for a long time could not meet with each other, but then at last that have found the happiness. My favourite music is classics, also Russian dancing music which gives a youth and adjusts on good mood. I with the big impatience shall wait for that instant when I can hear your gentle careful voice!!! I shall wait for your news concerning trip, concerning an our meeting. With love and a heat to you your beloved Oksana!!!
Letter 5
Greetings my lovely, my long-awaited man Alex!!!
I am very glad and very happy, that very soon we can meet you. I madly love you and very much very strongly I miss my lovely. As I informed you for trip to me it is necessary 830 euros. My lovely as you know all document will make out during 6 - of 7 days. I was in agency with hope that I can learn as you can transfer me money for my trip to you. But to me with agency than could not help on this question. The employee of agency has advised me to address in bank. I have gone to bank and have learned as you can send money. To me have informed that there is such company which carries out remittance in various points of globe and this company is known worldwide. This company refers to the Western union. As have informed me in bank it is one of the best and reliable companies. My lovely realization of remittance through such company will borrow very few time. I can receive money in some hours after you can transfer money. You are necessary for approaching in the nearest bank for you and to ask the bank employee where there is such company the Western union. By transfer of money it will be necessary for you to fill in the form of remittance having specified all your full data and the sum which you want to transfer. Also all my full data my full name Oksana Belorusova. My address: Russia, Moscow. To you will inform a confidential code of access to reception of money. At reception of money it will be necessary for me to specify only all your full data and this confidential code of reception of money. I think that all of you correctly will understand that I wanted to inform you. My lovely I madly love you, I love more lives and to me without you is very lonely, to me it is melancholy without you and your warm heart which for the present not near to me. My beloved prince I hope that tomorrow I shall hear from you good news, pleasant and gentle words. With all love to you my careful, my sincere lion, with kindness and feeling of the big devoted love your beloved lioness Oksana!!!
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