Letter(s) from Ulyana Byharena to John (USA)

Letter 1

JR! Hello again! Today I'm ready to give you more information about my trip! I hope you are excited about our meeting as I am!I booked a flight for Friday, March 2. Please read this information and write this down. Flights: Moscow, Russian Federation - Panama City, Panama
Friday, March 2, 2007Flights All airports (MOW), Moscow, Russian Federation to Tocumen Int'l (PTY), Panama City,PanamaLEGEND: 1st=First, Biz=Business, Eco=Economy, N/A=Class does not exist, No=All seats full,OP=Flight operated by another carrier, R=On Request TR=Traffic Restrictions apply to this flightFlight Departing Arriving Stops / Aircraft Duration Seats available1st Biz EcoDelta Air LinesDL 047Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian FederationTerminal 2 12:25William B Hartsfield (ATL), Atlanta, Georgia, USATerminal S 15:50Non-stop / 763 17h40min N/A No YesDelta Air LinesDL 663William B Hartsfield (ATL), Atlanta, Georgia, USATerminal S 18:08Tocumen Int'l (PTY), Panama City, Panama 21:05
Elsi-TRAVELMoscow, Naberezhnaya 14-11. tel. (495)995-49-18
I have few arrangements to work in shops as an adviser or to work in arestaurant as a waitress or maybe as a nurse. I want to come over there and meet you. Now Ithink this is my main goal - to meet you! I can't wait for the momentwhen I look into your eyes!And later when I will have more experience in working in your countryI may work as a dentist.As I wrote you I will have a work type of visa with a permission towork everywhere I want and at any city. This visa is for 6 months andlater I want to find a way to stay over there forever.If you can meet me at the Airport that would be great! If you are busyI will understand. I really want to meet you so much!!!!When I come to you I hope you will give me few advices and tell me howpeople live over there, I've never been to your country. I'm ready todo whatever you tell me because I really trust you and I have goodfeelings about you.I know that it's almost impossible to have such feelings when you'venever met a person and it's only internet communication. But you areso special to me....I'm staying in the cheapest hotel I've found but prices in Moscow areso high, not like in my small city. I thought I will have a flight soonerthen they arranged. And now I'm staying here for some days and Ishould spend the money to pay for hotel.Also I thought I can buy a one way ticket to save some money and Ineed to buy roundtrip tickets to make my visa approved. They have suchrules in your country and I can do nothing with it, I have to buyroundtrip tickets.I gathered all documents for my visa and now I only need a paper thatI payed for my tickets. When I have this paper I will go to theembassy, they will talk to me, ask me different questions and approvemy visa.And also I have to pay two small amounts for documents..I will be very thankful to you if you can help me with 980 $ and Iwill be able to complete my trip this week. If you will not help me mysituation will be not easy and I will probably stay to work in Moscowfor few more months.As I told you I'm spending much money for hotel. I thought I will finda room for rent, it would be not so expensive but I couldn't find anyfree rooms. I don't have any friends or relatives in Moscow so no onecan help me.The whole price for my trip is 1300 $ but it includes now only ticketsbut payments for documents and service too.Please try to send 980 US dollars by Western Union so I will complete my trip.I've been told by the travel agency it's the safest way to send the money.Please send it toRUSSIA, MOSCOW on my name -Yulija DemanovaI checked it with Western Union and they said it's enough information.After you send it please write me the details for your transfer:The full name of senderMTCN (money transfer control number)I will go to the nearest Western Union, tell them details, show themmy ID and they will give me the money.Also let me know please if you want me to call you today, so I canexplain you everything by phone. And please confirm your phone number,anyway I think I will need it when I come to you. Maybe I will need tocall you if you will not meet me.I know my request is now so small but if you help me I will doeverything I can to thank you! I promise!I hope you really like our communication and want to meet me as muchas I want to meet you!Western Union is the easiest way to help, I thought you can pay fortickets with your credit card but this is not possible for one reason.If you do this they will learn about your help.. and if the embassywill learn about you and that you are my darling and I want to meetyou they will possible not approve my visa because work visa is onlyfor work purposes and by their rules I have to pay by myself foreverything. So please try to send it by Western Union.Please understand the rules of getting visas are strict because manypeople think that your country is the best country in the world (andI agree with this!) and want to come over there, find a work and liveover there.Soon is my birthday as I wrote you (March 4) and I want tocelebrate it with you! And of course I'm not asking to send methis money as a present! As soon as I come over there and start mywork I will give you back all the money.Nobody can't help me here, my parents are not rich, as I wrote you myfather is retired and they should pay expenses for my sister'seducation.I don't want to stay here alone, I want to meet you and be with you!You are so good man and I hope you will not prove me wrong! Thinking about you,Yulija P.S. This is a flower for you!