Letter(s) from Marina Artemieva to Harry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Harry,
it is me,Yuliya :) how are you doing ? i am very well,to be dentist is not easy,you know, so i need to have rest.Today we were going for shopping,but i felt so tired and prefer to stay at home and just to watch television. My favorite channel is discovery.I like programs about animals. i know you like animals,what is your favorite animal ? i have no pets because i am not sure if i can spend a lot of time with them and to give enough care.May be someday i would have cat or dog, i do not know.I have some more pictures from my apartment, i own two rooms apartment and i think that to see the part of it would be interesting for you,i have also find the picture with my brother ship man,his name is Igor,he is going to be in Russia in Summer and now he is somewhere close to Turkey, Igor is 31 years old and may be someday he would marry :) i am not sure about it because he loves to travel too much. What do you think about alcohol ? do you loose control being drunk and what kind of mood do you have after drinking alcohol ? some of people become very agreesive. i know that you do not drink too much alcohol often, this subject is important because my ex was drunk every weekend. Sometimes i had to help him with medicaments to make him feel better, You know,two years ago when we celebrated new year he was so drunk that could not opened the door and slept out of apartment.In the morning recepsion find him and begun to bell to the door,when i opened,he asked me if that drunk man is my husband. I told him that yes,he is.Then recepsion told me that have seen him with few young women the day before,when he got them into car... It really put tear on my face,i cryed all the evening and little in the morning.Well,i know that you have no problems with alcohol,anyway it will not scare me away if you had, I am sure that there are many ways to help man in hard situations. There are millions of men who have alcohol problems here in Russia, i think that there are too much of alcoholics in the World. I do not drink alcohol often,sometimes i can have a glass of wine for good supper or dinner.I do not like beer and vodka at all.When i was young,parents allways told to me that it is not good to drink too much of alcohol.Well,this is my position.I have been very drunk at ones when it was my 24 years birthday celebration and i did not like those condition at all. Also i do not smoke,my ex smoked many times per day and i know what does it mean to live with smoker.Sometimes he left burn sigaret being too drunk and THANKS TO GOD,i have always find it in time. When you have mutual feelings with someone and your love is true and very strong,the bad habits of this man just are not so important. That as i always called to find compromiss.Well,i need to run, have a good time this weekend,the next weekend is my birthday and i will give you my address if you want to send something, I will be here here soon

Yours Yuliya

Letter 2

My dear,it is me,Yuliya here, white woman because of snow, do not you mind to speak to white woman ? :) snow lady :) How are you doing ? i am well, everything goes fine and my mood is so good. What about you ? i thought of you few times today.Why ? may be because we become closer. You know,i think that you are honest with me,that is important if i can trust to man.How can i trust to someone i have never seen in person ? but why not ? if sometimes you trust to someone you see everyday and then he just let you down ? It is possible that you are good man and by this way i can belive you.May be i am not right,but who know what is right ? if everybody could know what is right,why there are so less people who is really happy ? i think that there are many answers to this question,but my answer is to live and feel with heart and soul,but not with what other people say only.Well,this is my opinion and i do not ask you to agree with me, just to be what you are,just to tell what you think and what is your own way.Well,you know,sometimes you got in situation when you just ask yourself : Oh my god,how could i open my heart,i was just toy in his hands,he played with me and just take off,i was never going to open my heart to someone else...but time is recover everything in this world... it make as feel better..just look around ? what do you see ? the world is beautiful and various,as our life...today you are sad, your heart is broken,but what is about those time full of love and happpines ? may be it is just payment for everything ? Well,tell me what do you think about trust in whole ? i wrote to you about my position and i am not sure if that position right,may be you could complete it with your own and it would be very interesting to read,what do you think about trust,what does it mean for you and if you ever going to open your heart to someone else in this world ? as you know i am open woman and i like you because i see the same in you, i have nothing to hide and i feel the same from your end, these things create very good opinion about you, i have find you as the man i can share my thoughts with, Well,i need to go,i have alot of work tomorrow and we are going on fitness also


My address :

Country : Russia
Region : Siberia
City : Irkutsk
Postal code : 664009
Street : Lyzina,44-4
Full name : Yuliya Chirak

if you want to send me flowers for birthday which is February 25, use this site : www.aiflowers.com

i will be 31 and i like roses :)
if you are not able to send flowers throw this servise,do not use the other. The other services will not be able to bring them,it has been checked by my brother Igor,he always send flowers for my birthday and they could not deliver them twice and we were sad. Also let me know if you can not send flowers because i am going to wait them at home

i like you very much

may be all this is going to grow into alot like love


Letter 3

Hello my dear Harry,Yuliya is here :) i am glad to get your letter and picture. how are you doing ? is there anything nice happened in your life this days ? work is work and you are not able to run away, but the other things bring me only positive emotions and joy. Amnesia told me fun story...do you like fun stories ? Well,i would write it now."Blind man come to shop with his dog,he moved to center of shop and up his dog above his head... manager run to this man and asked the question : sir,can i help your ? the man answered : No,thank you,just looking around " I hope this story put smile on your face,may be this piece of fun is what you need right now :) you know,sometimes it is lonely to laugh alone, when you laugh with someone else,it is much more longer,first of all because of joke,then because of someone you are laugh with :) May be we could laugh together some day soon ! After reading your previous letter i could not get sleep about few hours...Why ? i just felt that you are very honest man and your letters are so kind.I want to belive to you,i am sure that you are good man,i enjoy our correspond and i feel the way of your thoughts. Sometimes you need someone to talk...do you feel lonely at night ? what do you do to over come loneless ? may be watch tv or read books ? Is unsomnia often comes to your bedroom ? when i can get no sleep i like to think about something pleasure...about far countries, other worlds,flowers,animals and certainly about the brightest moments of my life.What was the brightest moments of your life ? i am interested to know more about your life and and certainly about the past.Well,i am going home right now,coming here the day after tomorrow, i think that i will have birthday party in my apartment, may be we will go out with girlfriends,but i do not know yet

write to me soon


Yours Yuliya

Letter 4

My dearest man, your congratulations are so important for me, today i become 31 years old and i come here to tell you that i have find out relations as very special.I belive that we could be soulmates and it make me feel so good. I am very glad to you because you try to make my life full of meaning,yes,i have got work,girlfriends,but i had no man to be open with,and i could never realize that it would be possible to find throw internet. I like you because you are honest man first of all,i feel that i can be supported by you in difficuld situation and it is very important for me as for woman.Today we are going to have little party in my apartment with girlfriends, i am not going out because everybody i wish to have on my birthday party will be here, besides two men,my brother who is in the sea now and very special new friend,i am talking about you,i want us to be more than friends and i think that time will show us what to do.I am not looking for any man here and i delited my profile from dating site because i feel that you are the man i was looking for and finally find, i ask you to do if also if you feel the same way. You are the best gift for my birthday and i wish us to celebrate our birthdays together, i think that this Spring i will be getting long vacation and i wish we could get in person.

I will write to you more soon, also send some birthday pictures if we make something

thank you for being in my life

i am really touched

With kisses
yours Yuliya

Letter 5

My prince,it is your Yuliya. thank you for being in my life, how are you doing there ? i have some birthday pictures to send to you there,the first is where i am with my girlfriends,the woman in brown suit is my co-worker,she is doctor also, and the woman with blue suit is Amnesia you heard about in the past :) the second picture is meal i cooked for,we eat very less and everything is in refregerator now :) on the 3rd picture you can see me dancing :) on the 4rd i wish you were there ! but there is only Siberian tiger and flowers on the window as you see :) and the last picture is i am with co-worker. We had very nice party,but i thought of you all the time,girlfriends asked me when are we going to be together and i told them that this Spring :) am i right my dearest ? i hope yes,i would come to you there in April,so we could check how coupleable we are ! do you agree with me, that we should find out it soon ? :) i have traveled abroad in the past as you know, so when it is time we will find out what does it take, well,i am going home,my day at work was so hard, warm bathroom is waiting for me at home, would you share it with me ?

write to me soon

with kisses
yours Yuliya