Scam letter(s) from Helen Carter to Dun (Canada)

Letter 1
Look not unto racism or religion because this has only been problem around world. I decided having you as a pen pal friend,Knowing fully well that is an act of one expressing or sharing view with another, or people around the world, which has to do with honesty, above all faithfulness. Meanwhile I got your Email While browsing the net as part of the computer exploitation for a better future. and if care knowing me, you can have my photo grahp here.
Am Helen by name, a U.S citizen , based in illinois USA .Am 25yrs of age 5,6ft, I enjoy game like going to the beach, swimming above all traveling. It would have to be a nice time for me visiting Africa for the first time in may 2007. I, been one of the organizer of the youth for nation organisation would be very happy to attend a conference that is been schedule to be held 15-20th may 2007 here in U.S and also in Africa 25th-30th it would be very wonderful and exciting if only you would join me or what do you think? Hope to hear from you,you can contact me with this email
Letter 2
I wish to express my sincere gratitude to your comment towards our meeting via this conference program;

hence this conference will bring life to our brother's and sisters out there.this conference will have to bring people from all selected country's and I been one of the organizer to this great event will have to attend both conference Here in florida U.S.A, and in west Africa republic of benin .The topic of this conference is ALL ARE ONE which will comens from 15-20 MAY 2007 and International conference on 'religious crisis will comens from25-30 MAY 2007 .I know you wouldn't like to miss this great opportunity hence is a way of meet each other.
I got your mail when I was browsing the net in search of organizations from this selected country and for this reason, I would like you to help this organization in reaching out to other organizations in your country hence your country has been listed among the selected countries to participate. But if you intend to represent your country, then you won't have to meet the organization protocols before participating. All you need do, is to form a group of five (5) or ten (10) interested persons and reach the secretary with the following in formations,(1)Names of participant(2)Passport numbers,(3) Country of origin,(4)Country of resident,and get in touch with the secretary on email her on
But if it's an organization they will have to reach us with the above information including the following requirements. [1] The org profile. [2] The aims and objectives of the org.[3]Their achievement so far. With these information being put into consideration, by the committee, they will be officially Invited to participate.
Our Independent donor will take care of all their flight tickets and their accommodation through out their stay in the US. The organizing committee will process the US visa for all participant requiring entry visa to the US. Participant will only take care of their accommodation during the other event in REPUBLIC OF BENIN . As one of the organizer, I knew not of anybody in your country. Hence my writing you is to gain assess to any youth org in your country. If you are interested to participate and want to represent your country, you should contact the secretary to the organiser for detail or information on registration procedures and inform the organiser that I recommended you. You will need not to forward the above requirement of your group or org; hence I will give your recommendation to the secretary. You are to contact the organiser as soon as possible as all participant visa requested, will be forward to the US. Bureau for Immigrant Affair for Authorization that same day. Any group visa requested not forward on that same day with others would miss the visa assistance. Remenber, you are to inform a group of five [5] or ten (10) persons. Your group can be of different nationalities, but all leaving in the same country for easy US visa assistant. Hope to hear and see you soon and keep me in touch.
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