Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Kurt (Belguim)

Letter 1

Dearest Kurt,
Thanks for reply. I'm thinking about our meeting a lot!
Kurt, i'm grateful to you that you wish to help me to transfer funds from my uncle. Everything will be oke but i have some troubles right now. I Can't to contact uncle last time, his phone is not accessible some days and he didn't repley to mail. I don't know what happenend there in India, but this is not so good that i haven't contact with uncle right now. I have a few days before to pay to travel agency for services. My travel papers are ready in present time but i still didn't pay to angency. They are contact with me and remind of payment. I tomd them that everything was ok and i will pay in time. But now i'm worry about this, cause i can't contact my uncle. What me to do? I haven't other choice to ask if you can support me with funds right now. I will gratefull to you and return all back when my uncle contact to me. It will be but i can't wait any more. I need in tree hundreds eur. Dear Kurt, i hope you can understand. Please let me know.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.
You friend Katya