Letter(s) from Veronica Ivaikova to J. R. (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear and the beloved JR!!!!!!!!! Pleasure my hugeto you gratitude for your letter. Lovely I I just to be in embassy andat once would hasten in Internet of cafe what to write to you theletter. Dear mine today I passed interview. I filled in thequestionnaire, I had to answer more than 100 questions. All questionswere a different kind. Me asked about all my relatives as veryimportant that I would not have among close relatives institutedcriminal proceedings, but to the big happiness in my sort nobody wasinstituted criminal proceedings. Lovely mine I am very happy, I havepassed interview and to me have informed that I shall receive the visaduring 7 working days. Dear mine I was very happy having learned aboutit. I think that as this news very much is pleasant to you that isapproximately in 10 days we shall meet you. Dear I as is someproblems. The matter is that I as will need money for entrance to thecountry (cash money). There is such rule, what to me to drive in yourcountry, I should show that I would have money that for all that timewhile I shall be in your country I would have money what to live. Thissum makes 1800 dollars. At present I have money for the ticket and forhotel accommodation while I do not receive the visa. As I haveadditional money of 600 dollars, but I shall still require in 1200dollars. Dear mine I would ask you that you have helped me and havesent me 1200 dollars. I have all savings at myself and I really haveno place to take additional money more. Lovely mine we with you have 7more days before I receive the visa. As soon as I shall receive thevisa I can go at once to the same day in you. Dear mine I very muchhope for your help and with impatience I shall wait your letter.Lovely mine later I again shall arrive to the Internet of cafe and Ihope by then to receive your answer. Take care. For ever yoursVeronika.