Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Sokolova to Fekri (USA)

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Letter 1

How you today my lovely Victor?. To me is sad, when I see other pairs, which are happy together. I know, what I shall have happiness too, but when this time will come for me? To me is sick to look, how the in love pairs go for a walk in park or talk in cafe and keep for hands. I want it for myself too. My grandmother speaks, that there will come day, when also I shall have love and pleasure too. But I am tired to wait it already. Yesterday before dream I spoke with the grandmother concerning my life. We have the very close relations with her and I trust much to her. She understands me and often gives good advice. I think, that is necessary to listen to advice of the adult people, as they have the greater experience in life. Many people do not listen advice others, as they speak, that do not want to repeat mistakes of other people. But my grandmother has lived happy life and I can trust her. As the native man for me, can not wish to me poorly. The happiness of my grandmother consists in that, I think, that their the grand daughter was happy too. I hope, that it is pleasant to you to read my letters and to receive my pictures. Dear, Victor I very much want to see in your eyes and tell you: "I love you very much, my dear Victor!" I think, that in these words the large sincere force is latent. And these words did not speak me the men for a long time too. Victor, I feel, that I begin to become attached to you. May be, I should not ask you it, but I want to learn that you feel concerning me now. I understand, that we are familiar small quantity of time, but I think, that the destiny has connected us with you. I hope, that as a result of our dialogue, the relation between us will be stronger with each day. Dear I want to say you that tomorrow my grandmother will be visit internet-cafe and write to you. I hope that you understand her. Thanks for your interest to me, yours Ludmila.

Letter 2

Very kindly from your party,Victor, that you answer on my letters. I am sincerely grateful to you that you make my life by more light and joyful. I am glad, that you find time to write to me. Thanks that you to write to my grandmother. She has read your letter with great pleasure. She considers you as the honour and decent man. She speaks me that you - which that man I search. I hope, that you have good day. And I hope, that I do not deliver many efforts to you. I am good today. At job very well too. Today in dinner I met my friends and informed them, what I have met the man in the Internet and his name is Victor. My friends were intresting you. They asked, that I showed them your picture. They are glad, that I have something new in my life. And they spoke, that see some changes in me, they think, that I became happier, in my eyes any spark of happiness has appeared, as at the people, which are in love. Dear,Victor, I told by him about you and my friends think, that I can not find the bad man for myself. Then, I informed them, that we want to meet you once. And they were glad to this, as they wait for that time, I shall have my family too, as almost all my friends are already married also some have children even. I have good mood today, as they advised me agency of travels, which is engaged in registration of the visa, foreign passport and reservation of the tickets. One of friends of my friends, made out the documents in this agency. She also has got acquainted with the man through the Internet and he has invited her to himself. She has departed to him somewhere to Europe. The friends gave me the address it and I want to visit it tomorrow. I shall receive some information and I shall inform you it. Now I should finish my letter. I hope, that my news was pleasant to you too. I wait your fast reply. Only yours Ludmila.



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