Scam letter(s) from Kiki Yeboah to Patrick (USA)

Letter 1
how are you today guess you are doing good
I guess I have to introduce myself once again am 28yrs old. An American born Ghanaian

Am in the university of Ghana undertaking my masters degree in Banking and finnance, which i will gradute in six month time,

Talking about who I am; am that easy going type but tooresponsible, adventurous, romantic, ambitious and havea very good sense of humor. Among my goals are :raising a family, taking good care of the family etc.what I aim at is to become a bank manager and that'swhat I studied when I was in the university. My hobbiesare too many but to mentioned a few; sports, watching movies, going for walks, playing with kids, listeningto music (almost all types of music), love on the beach, dancing in the dark etc. My favorite movies areromantic movies, eating habits: just about anything.

My hair is black which is one of my most attractivefeatures. I don’t have any kids, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. am always smiling and don’t easily getirritated, I dont even remember the last time I frowned. I’m that type of person who always try tomake people laugh. I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and I’m also satisfiedwith whatever I have. Also when it comes to ***/**********, I think both of us should play a filthyfilthy role. My manshould be able to satisfy me during love making and am not afraid to give him all what he want in *** to say am very romantic and quickly .I’m an all rounded person to cut it short. I prefer anyrace, a mean anyone at all and all what am looking for is someone who will get to know me and willing to love me forever and take me to his humble home for life marriage and having children.
for my relocating i will so much if only the man is the love of my life i will do that anywhere in this world

I’m single and seriouslylooking for someone to share my whole life with, notjust someone but one who knows what love is. am ofthat type and want someone with the same to spend with. I really know what love is and also the type whogive his whole heart in a relationship. Relationshipsare built one day at a time; they take time, patience, honesty, passion and ability to compromise and grow!so with true love, is by sharing bad and good timestogether. True love is a covenant that we build on a strong foundation. It is with true love as it is with ghosts; everyone talks about it, but few have seen it.I promise to make my one and only the most happiestman on earth if only he's willing to accept me as part of him. I will be there whenever he needs me andpromise never to do anything to hurt his feeling. I will love him just the way he is, being blind, disable, deaf or dumb or whatever category that he falls in. I reallymean my words and I’m serious too. I’m ever ready to sail to the end of the sea with him and ever preparedto do anything to have him forever. I promised to be the man of his dreams cus I’m not going to let himdown, I assure him my whole heart. I can't tell if that special person is you but why don't you write meand let's find out what happens. I think this is all I can say about me but if you feels there's more youwant to know about me, please you're more than welcome ask any question. if you think you that right catchfor me ..I guess this will be the genesis of a sweet friendship

please write back soon, tell me about yourself.
Letter 2
hi baby
how are you doing i guess you doing very great dear, thanks alots for letting me know how to call you ok baby i will defferently do that ok baby , what sup with you today what have you done so far my dear , i just woke up went to a lecture cam back see your wonderful mail am glad you came into in my life you have changes me totally dear , Yes why not go ahead and show ur mom my pics ok dear, am i cant wait to meet her dear. the time difference is just 5hrs differece so it will be later in the afternoon here when you send the money in the morning ok dear.

Let me start by saying that I thank God every night since I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. I've never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I never thought that someone could love me like you do, but guess what? I love you that much too. I feel as if I'm walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete. , I meant every word I said. I love you and for you and . I would do anything, I love you soo much dear so much. Today I promise you that I would do anything in my power to make you a great person, outstanding father and loving husband. I LOVE YOU!!

take care dear and write back soon dear..
Letter 3
hi sweetheart

really had a sleepless day and i would have sleepnes knight when i go to sleep, moving here and there on my bed and thinking about what happen to me in the mail i sent you. I least expected it, I experienced the worst headache ever, all I could hear was my heart beating much faster than it ever has. I cursed my stars that last night, as my expectation for the night was so much greater, but it ended in a far different way that made my heart choke with tears of losing something I've always fought for. We all made mistakes not trying to understand each other, some words did hurt in some way and I guess you- got carried away after you read the mail of whether truly I have some intimate relationship with someone else. I guess this issue wants to become the stand block of our relationship getting worked out. I know it's been hard for you trying to understand the real truth. Perhaps I need to giveyou a chance to find out for yourself whether what I'm trying to make you understand is the real truth or not. Trust is very important, especially in a new and an up-coming relationship, and so I have no objection about you finding out the fact about whether I have a relationship with this name i mentioned I.*Perhaps this is the chance for us to experience the passion in each other. The most important thing is that this is not our first love experience and one thing we must understand is that, in every relationship, whether old or new, we're sure to experience some problems but it's up to us to solve them. These are some of the things that might break our warm friendship and everything we are planning ahead of us. We need to understand each other and try to have the trust that will make this relationship work. I know you want this to work as much as I do and I still have my hopes up, never giving up on you. Let me tell you this thing that I believe in a real relationship: "Itdoesn't take beauty to make a relationship but the heart and the mind." I know what I've seen in you and have a special reason of choosing you. For now, I know sorry is just a word, but for what it's worth I am very sorry for hurting you last night in the mail i sent you, Peter is my Fathere name. . I love you so much and never will I think that I can forget you. Hope to hear from you... I remain yours .... Love always
Letter 4

hi baby
how are you doing i guess you are doing very fine sweetheart, i just saw your miss calls baby, am really sorry but i came back from the Clinic and came to sleep after i took my drug and food dear i miss you sooooooooo much dear please call back this morning if you are free ok dear, am fine now ok baby baby i called the airlines and booked for the Flight on 3rd baby my mom is going to send me some money fom my ticket so i will need you to help me a bit with the ticket ok baby.ok dear this are the bookings below ok baby , please call me ok baby i love you more sweetheart baby dont boarder yourself too much about what i want and all that ok baby let take is slow if we get together you will know everything i cant put them in words for you ok baby but i know when am with you, you will know everything about me ok sweeteheart.
know that my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hope of my heart because whenever they wander they always take me to you. I love you beyond what words can say, you are such an important part of me, such a precious part of my life and yet it's hard to convey the depth of my love. It's difficult to express the changes you have made in my life and the meaning you have added to my life. Words do not do justice to my emotions when I want you, need you and love you with every breathe of my being. I love you beyond words and action, beyond meaning. My mind, my body even my senses are full of you. You are as important to my life as the very beat of my heart, I hope you can look into my eyes, deep within my soul and I know that you are the part of me I treasure most. take care for me and write back soon dear. Love always,


From Accra (Kotoka Airport) to Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Flight number KL 0590
Departure time 2200 Tue 3 Jan 2006
Arrival time 0600 Wed 4 Jan 2006
Class Economy Class

From Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Detroit (Wayne County Airport)
Flight number KL 6039
Departure time 0800 Wed 4 Jan 2006
Arrival time 1055 Wed 4 Jan 2006
Class Economy

Remarks Operated by Northwest Airlines

From Detroit (Wayne County Airport) to St Louis (Saint Louis)
Flight number KL 4691
Departure time 1537 Wed 4 Jan 2006
Arrival time 1623 Wed 4 Jan 2006
Class Economy

Remarks Operated by Northwest Airlines


From St Louis (Saint Louis) to Detroit (Wayne County Airport)
Flight number KL 4680
Departure time 0955 Mon 20 Feb 2006
Arrival time 1238 Mon 20 Feb 2006
Class Economy

Remarks Operated by Northwest Airlines

From Detroit (Wayne County Airport) to Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Flight number KL 6040
Departure time 1600 Mon 20 Feb 2006
Arrival time 0555 Tue 21 Feb 2006
Class Economy

Remarks Operated by Northwest Airlines

From Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Accra (Kotoka Airport)
Flight number KL 0589
Departure time 1420 Tue 21 Feb 2006
Arrival time 2015 Tue 21 Feb 2006
Class Economy Class


Passengers 1 adult.
Price USD 1,827.26
Price Breakdown
Show price breakdown
Price Breakdown Passenger Type Ticket price* Tax* No. Total*
Adult(s) 1,500.00 327.26 1 1,827.26

* Prices are listed in USD. USD 1,827.26
Letter 5
hi dear, i have read all your mail and i understand you dear am not leaving you ok baby i love you soo much dear very much sweetehart and am going to be here with you till end of times ok baby just be there for me as well u come online lets talk about this money issue ok baby

luv u more
Letter 6
hi sweetness

Good morning dear i hope you are fine this morning i kiss you soo much this morning dear please try and see if you can call me ok dear i just cant get enough of you ok baby i love you with all my heart dear i just wont leave you for anything ok baby luv you more my sweetehart, it was nice reading from you dear.

Since when is it that I started to love you? I wouldn't be able to say. Since I've known you, probably, but does it even matter? I would like to tell you how much I love you and cherish you ... but you already know that. What I would like for you to know, is since the day you came into my life I've seen no one else but you. Even through my darkest times there wasn't a second in which I didn't want to go on, just for the pure experience of being close to you. I know no matter how much apart our roads can appear to be sometimes, what we have is even greater than love; it's destiny, it's fate, it's... it's you and me, and that's all I need to be happy. I wouldn't be who I am if you weren't in my life, and I know that since I've known you, you've done nothing but make me want to be better - better for you. I know whatever I do or say, I'll never be able to say what I feel for you, because it's too great to be real. I will always be there for you
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