Letter(s) from Elena Yametova to Joan (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello, my love Joan!!!
Joan, I have just come in Net-Club, and I have found out two letters from you!! One letter has been written yesterday another today!! I think, that yesterday your letter has come after I already to abandon Net-Club!! Please, forgive me, that I show some anxiety, but I worry about you all time!! You are in constants of trip, and I worry about you!! In our country because of sharp change of weather occurs huge amount of failures on roads!! Therefore now the most safe transport are trains or the plane, but not the automobile!!
My dear, I have understood, what today you will move in Barcelona, correctly?? Well, I shall try to call to you tonight, and I hope, that we capable shall speak with you!! But why you write nothing on my questions??? What concerning ours a meeting??? I very strongly to want to discuss this question!!
Sweetie, if you only could see my happy eyes when I recieve your messages! If you only could see my sad eyes in the evening when I think of you. I imagine that now I could be with you, I imagine your strong hands that embrace me, your affectionate lips that kiss me so passianotely. I lose my head and belong only to you. You are my love, my life, everything for me!!!
Dear, thank you that you made me so happy, I would rather say the happiest woman in the world! Only due to you I feel forces in the most difficult situations in life! why didnt we meet before? Now we would be already together, we could give so much pleasure to each other, that the life would have been the paradise for us! I am sure that we will be a very beautiful couple and when your friends see us may be they will be envy you. You say that I am beautiful, ok. But now when we are far from each other you cant know that I will do everything for a person if I love him. I will be forever with you, whatever will happen to you. Our life will not be easy. As for me the life catt be easy, otherwise it is just grey and empty. i promise that with me you will not have time to miss! You know how I am emotional! I will make our life full of joy and bright colors!!!!
When I began to think about it I am so happy, but than when I understand that my dreams cant become true just now I feel sad.
My love, do you need me as much as I need you???
I embrace you and kiss you passionately in your affectionate lips!

Letter 2

Hi lovely Joan
I hope, what you not afflicted with my last letter?? The reason on which I ask you about it that I to not receive the letter from you today!!! I hope, what you not want to stop our relations?? Because it will be awful impact for me!! My heart will not sustain it!! No, I do not want even to think of it!! One only an idea that we not near to you compels me to cry!! I love you, my Prince!!! And I with impatience to want to arrive to you!!
I very much hope for that, our meeting will take place soon!!
Yours Elena

Letter 3

Hello my love Joan!!!
My love Joan, I was very glad to receive your letter!!!!! My dear, many thanks to you for those warm words, which you write in your letters. I cannot present the life without you any more. You became a part of me. I hope, that I also became a part of your life. My sweet Joan, I know, what we with you can together be very fast, but this expectation kills me more and more every day. But I live dream, that we with you shall together very soon and it installs pleasure in my heart. My love, when I read your letters, I depart in clouds and this finest condition of my soul, which I tested ever. Now I need only in 460 euro for confirmation of my insurance. My sweet, I was very glad to find out, that you will help me with this sum. My dear, I promised you, that I shall go in bank learn how I can receive quickly and safely your help!! And so, I have made it today in the morning because banks in my city were closed on weekend, and I could not make it earlier!! The bank employee informed me, that there is a reliable and fast company which we can use!! It refers to " Western Union "!! That you could make a remittance through " Western Union ", you will need in my full name and a surname and also in my address. I already informed you it, but just in case and I write it once again:

Surname - Yametova
Name - Elena
Country - Russia
City - Penza

My love, you should go in office " Western Union ", inform them my information and to make a remittance. After that they inform you ten numbers of the Western Union (MTCN.) You should inform me this MTCN and your full home address, and also a full name and a surname. If I shall have all this, I can receive your remittance without any problems. My sweet, I very much hope, that you understand me and that you will help me from 460 euro as soon as possible. I very much hope for your help. In fact the our future depends on it. I cannot wait that moment, when I can be near to you. But now it depends only on you. My sweet, on it I finish the letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope, that you inform me good news.
With love, sincerely yours Elena.