Scam letter(s) from Susan Fowler to Kirk (USA)

Letter 1
Kirk, I'm online now do you have a yahoo messenger so that we can chat better?Let me know if you would be able to help me get my boxes from the security company. Susan
Letter 2
Kirk, Thanks for the message but i want to tell you all you need to do for me to help me get my boxes.I dont have any money with me here i spent all i have on bills.All i hope on now is my boxes and thats why i seek someone who is honest and sincere to help me get my boxes.I need your house address,full name,cell number so that i can give that to the company for shipment of the boxes.You also need to help me pay for the shipment and clearance fee of the boxes which cost $640 and as soon as my boxes gets to you i will tell you the code to open the boxes so that you can send me some money to get my flight ticket.I'm not on here for games or trying to take advantage of people i have been hurt in the past and i wont judge everybody to be the same but honesty and trust is what i seek in a partner.Do you live alone?Can i stay with you till i get my own apartment?Would you be able to help me get my boxes now?Let me know if you would be able to help me get my boxes so that i can send you the security compamy information and you will wire the money to them Via Western Union and if you want to send the money to me so that i can go to the company and get the boxes ship to your information.Can i trust you?Are you honest?Get back to me and send me some of your pics,Let me know if you would be able to help me. Susan Fowler.
Letter 3
Kirk, I also need your information where the boxes will be delivered to you.I want you to send me some of your pics also and when are you sending the money so that i can still get to the company.Here is my information to send the money so that i can get to the company. NAME: SUSAN FOWLER
ZIPCODE: 23401
TEST ANSWER: KIRK. For me to be sure you have to send me your house address,full name and your cell number and send me the western union information as soon as you get the money sent i will await your urgent response.I need to get some food now i will be back online in a couple of minutes. Susan Fowler
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