Letter(s) from Elena Marina to Phil (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Phil!

I am pleased so to receive your answer again! The my dear friend, certainly, whether can be you, wants, studying about ours The correspondence, about essence of the correspondence also, really? As I want to inform, that I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet, due of my girlfriend Kristina which one one year ago to get acquainted with the man from Germany and his name is Huns, I have told to you about it earlier. Phil, probably, it is possible, we shall be together during future time, we can be, I would like to look a marriage also if you will want it, me do not want to hide it so the important fact, but we should to study a The party of things about the friend the friend more and more, it will be Reasonable and it is correct, valid, Phil? I hope, that you agree I with this fact also. Please, inform me about it, well? But in mine Opinion, again and again, we should study about the friend to the friend More and more, I repeat it! Please, agree with me, Phil! Mine The dear friend Phil, I would like to inform you about my family. I Want to speak you, that I have not the big family. It - my mum Elena, On a speciality my mum - the seller in shop, we have good Understanding between us. As, I think, that ours Parents have trained us good formation. I think, that it is so good, and I are so proud, that I have my mum. Also I want to speak you, that I live with my family in various apartments, because I during long time already to leave from age to live with with mine parents and now I to move on a demountable apartment. Also I want to inform, that I consulted to my mum about the account my familiar to you through the Internet, her Has estimated it as positively because she cares of my future life Certainly. My mum would like it, I have a happy life, and would like It, I should find my person. As I have told to you earlier, I never was Married. I the only child in family and to not have brothers and sisters! I to not see my father since the childhood! My parents to get divorced when I was small, my father is a lot of to drink and mum to not sustain it! I to not want to speak about it! So already I spoke with you earlier, I work as cosmetician in a beauty salon In city Volzsk . It - accomplished and Convenient interior. My work is very pleasant for me, people in ours City kind, and visitors - not roughness to us, Certainly - there were cases when visitors - are not correct with us and spoil The mood, but it happens very seldom. I very much am interested to study About your work, Phil, also that you to carry out free from work Time? During ours free days, in my free time, we - with mine Girlfriends, leave walk to city, we like to sit in cafe also for a Cup of tea. I love my girlfriends very much, I is especial to the best Girlfriend Kristina. She - as the native sister for me!
Also I want to Speak you, that Kristina and Huns live in Germany now. Kristina has visited Huns to Germany last time, Huns have asked Kristina to visit in his Germany The ambassador, that when they have understood, that they like each other. I remember, Kristina was so happy at this time. They lived together all The winter and within a summer to decide to arrive to Russia. Simply, Kristina Has told on Huns, that she was absent about her parents, and that she Wants to visit on some time of her parents, and they arrived in Volzhsk From Germany. They are very happy together, they like each other very much Very much, I envy Kristina and Huns a little:) and also, certainly, we meet With each other sometimes and we carry out a lot of time together. We - So good friends! Also I want to speak you with which I never was outside From Russia, I never was in other countries, but I would like to travel At once, it - so romantical, I think:) it is Good, Phil, I should To finish my e-mail to you, I hope, that we shall continue to meet With each other, and you inform me much more on you directly, and me Will try to inform about me directly as more in the greatest possible degree in Future e-mails. I want to ask you about a plenty of things, Phil, and I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer me for Them. I want to study more about your country, please, inform me about Your family, about your friends. Congratulations to you From mine mum, mine Friends Kristina and Huns also. I hope to see your message soon. While... you friend Elena

on photo my mother and my friends

I did not think yet of visiting you country. I to think, that to us still early to speak about it, you see we still absolutely to not know almost each other.

In Russia many people have no any phone in the house, I shall find out, as I can to call to you from station of a call by long-distance phone in our city if I can do it, we can speak. I ask, that you gave me telephone number, that I could cause (to name) you. If we cannot speak by phone now when I suggest to continue our correspondence to e-mail of the help now.

Letter 2

Hello, Phil! How are you? Im fine! Thanks for your answer on my last e-mail. In my opinion, it - so is wonderful, what we write each other because from our messages we investigate about the friend to the friend more and more, really, Phil? I am interested in our correspondence very much, it is very interesting to study about you, about your life in your country, to trust me, as a whole, I read your letters with the great pleasure! Well, Phil, I hope, that it will be interesting to study to you about my enthusiasm, my favourite things as a whole: From music??? I like to listen Russian and foreign musical Executors. From the Russian musical executors I like to listen to songs of following groups ' Akula ', ' Nikolay Bascov ', 'Tatu', and so on. You heared about these musical groups? Well, from foreign executors I like to listen ' Avril Lavin ', 'Scorpions', Elton John ', Madonna, Brithney Spears and so on... In general, I like to listen Good and modern music, Phil also it is similar to what music does you?
It would be interesting to study to me about it. Please, inform me, well?
From cinema? I like to look comedies, fantastic films, romantic serials and so on. I observe the TV. I have the TV, but at us display only three channels TV. I do not love cinema of horror. Comedies and serials - my favorites. I do not go to cinema very much frequently, it! My favourite film of this year is HEAT, the WOLFHOUND, the APOCALYPSE! Also I want to inform you, that I like to read books, especially the literature of internal authors: Thick, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on. The newspaper, comics, the classical literature or poems.
In the evenings the truth I read art novels. About foodstuff? Well, from favourite dishes of foodstuff, I want to place a various kind of soups, also I love meat also, I do not want to hide it from you:) I love a fish and a chicken very much, you are similar to a chicken? It is so tasty, really? Also I love a pizza very much. It is very tasty also, I love a pizza with cheese. I would like to speak you, that I love a fruit and vegetables, especially, a lemon of an apple, an orange, a banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of vitamins. Phil, you like to prepare? I to prepare not awfully as for my family, and friends have told to me at once:) Also about my favourite kind of sports meets: Sports are very important for me.
Without any realization exercise I shall become Languid. I hope to die when I - 100 years of age. Since the morning, before the worker In the afternoon time for a breakfast, physical exercises and water procedures suffices me. I very active., I like on sports meets very much, you are similar to this? In the winter I like to ski, be cooled to be on fresh air. Also I like to play on a volley also. But most of all I like to aerobic, we - with my girlfriend Irina borrowed aerobic at leisure, on my opinion, this kind of sports meets helps to support my body in the good form. Also I would like to speak you, that I like to dance dances:) you ever danced dance with any girl I is confident, what you would like to dance slow dance or a waltz with me?:) It will be wonderful! Probably, in the future, we shall dance With you, it would be wonderful! Really?:) About mine hobbie? I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, about style, about a female life for example and so on. During the small period of time, I have the big assembly of various magazines. Simply, I like to read the best magazines. I would like to inform you about my dreams also. By the way, my mum, and friends ask about you all time:) it is especial my mum, I have told to my mum, that you are decent and good The person, my mum it is very pleased to ours qorrespondence on the Internet And our relations, Phil. My parents wish to us good relations in the future, and it is possible, in the future if we shall be together in your country, they would like it, we shall be magnificent pair also:), but remember, Phil! We should study each other ever more and more! Really...? It is very important for me, Phil! The fact in it if you know, what on statistics, the majority of pairs is separated because, they knew each other insufficiently, and I do not want to make a mistake at once, I hope, what you will be can to understand me, Phil, really? As I spoke you earlier, we should to study about the friend to the friend more and more from our e-mails. Phil, I cannot trust, I have written to you such big e-mail. I hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really? Phil, I would be grateful to you if you will write to me in your ambassador of e-mail about your enthusiasm, about your hobbies what Music you prefers? What cinema and another also? By the way, my mum and my friends ask, that I again spoke you the big congratulations from them! It - as is usual. Phil, I shall wait yours after e-mails! Phil, please, writes to me as soon as possible! Well? Good-bye, sm.. You it are fast. My best regards to you, Your friend, Elena.

Did you understand me when I say I want a partner to work beside me in my new Hotel I buy in end of May. YES

What is your last name?

You should know, that it will be better, if you willn't send me postmessages or other any usual parcels, for example our city usual pochtamt. Phil, I want to speak you, that it - so a shame, that we in Russia have peoples or some organizations of mail who love theft of a postparcel of any peoples. I know many so a shame, so bad cases about it from my girlfriends. It - a shame for these peoples and the organizations, realy? I hope that in your country all well with the postorganization. Please, do not send to me that - be pochtamt our city, I do not want it, your postparcel will be stealed any thieves!
But I shall give you my home address and my full name on any case. It - here:

My full name - Elena Marina,
And my home address:
Street Lenina 14 apartment 12
The Russian Federation

Is that your mum in the photo and sister? No me and my mum and my friend

In Russia many people have no any phone in the house, I shall find out, as I can to call to you from station of a call by long-distance phone in our city if I can do it, we can speak. I ask, that you gave me telephone number, that I could cause (to name) you. If we cannot speak by phone now when I suggest to continue our correspondence to e-mail of the help now.

Do you work at the moment? Yes

What do your mum think about you moving?

My mum is very glad, that I have found the man, which I love also which loves me. She is pleased, that I am happy.