Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sleptsova to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear friend Keith! I am new to foreign culture and am not sure what your name is, that’s why I do not call you by name not to abuse by misspelling. But I would be very glad if you could tell me your full name. My name is Nataliya, but my friends call me Natalie, you can call me the same.
I am 25, going to be 26 on May,31. When is your birthday?
I was born in Ukraine, in Alchevsk city. Now I am studying in Lygansk, in State University, my specialization is design.... So, when I finish it I will be able to work a designer. I am looking for a man abroad, who can be caring, thoughtful and loving. I am looking for a man who is already stable in life, ready for a serious relationship, not just casual, but supposed for soon marriage. I was not able to find such man in Ukraine, may be because I am studying and often go from Alchevsk to Lygansk, so this is not that each to be with one person. But may be the second reason is that my cousin married an foreign man and in January she went to Korea for permanent living. They were corresponding for about a year and I really know now that such relationships can work. I am the only one in my family, no brothers or sisters, but my mother’s sister has a daughter, so we were brought up together and are close to each other like sisters. But now I am a little bit sad as she is now far, in Australia. My mother and father still live together in Alchevsk. I go to visit them each weekend. Well, I really do not know what I should say in my first letter. May be that if something works between us I would agree to relocate. I think my parents already saw the example of such marriage, so I think would not be against. The real problem is that I do not write in English, I can talk it a little bit, so if we talk over the phone, I can understand you, but I can’t write it.
I use the translator.................. I would be very glad to hear your answer and get photos from you.
Letter 2
Hi,my dear Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad to receive so warm letter. really i like it very much..I agree with you and your words....I want to find the same!!!!!!!!
Besides i like you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
may be we have just found.......A little about myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like to write the poems. The biggest relaxation for me is to go with my friends to the barbecue .I love my parents very much...They wish me the best...It doesn't matter who is my man...The most important for them is my heart and my smiles......They want i will be in caring hands.....
I like romantic and fantastic movies....My favorite film is " 10 Yards "with Bruce Willis .....As for English i am not too strong...For writing you i use the translator....
I am a girl who like to visit interest places.............Even if in my dream............... My dream is to go with a love man to Paris.......
I like the least details. If i look at the sea i will cry from happiness, if i feel the sun i will smile......If i feel the rain i will member all happy and pleasant things for me...No! i am not crazy. I like and i love this world very much. I am optimistic and have a sense of humor...
I like singing in the shower in the morning......For me it is very good stabilizer for the whole day.......
I dream to find the real Prince who will care about me and for whom i will be able to say:"HE IS MY FATE........HE IS MY GOD.......FOR ALL LIFE".May be it is you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just don't play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to know about you in some details......I want to know what is your color,favorite dish,singer? cause may be you are that man ,from my wishes and thoughts........My number is +380953114587
Please write me.....I will wait for you........
Your sweet Natalie
Letter 3
Hello,my dear Keith!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you?????????????///
Yes i want to meet with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell me the exactly time of our meeting??????
Honey! I don't understand you don't want to use the translator and that i write you....Am i right???????
Call me...Unfortunately i understand you very bad....You need to speak not too fast..........
Honey! I think that we need to pay for the translation as it is the way to get to know each other better till our meeting......
You even can't imagine how i want to see you......
besides where will we meet???????????At the airport??????????
I need to know everything........I want to meet you at the airport...........Or do you have another plan?????????????
Honey! Can you help me with payment for the ticket by airplane??????????
Today i will call and get to know the price........
Honey! Do you want to arrange the flat???????I think it will be more convenient to stay in the flat...........
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please write soon......
Honey! What kind of trip will you have?????????????
I think about you!!!!!!!!
Your kitten Natalie
Letter 4

Hello,my dear hear Keith!!!!!!!!!
I want to thank you for letter. It is so pleasant for me....
I want to say that i am thinking about you.
Assure you that i am ..................
open-minded woman and I BELIEVE IN LOVE SERIOUSLY...I believe that there are two parts of one heart. And we must find them and join forever...It is the task of our life.
Love is the only that helps us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to be healthy,to have money and to have wings behind the bag. It is the sense of our life. Do you agree with me?
Without love you are nothing....You live,work,have a lot of week-end but you understand that your life is empty....You wish to do something unusual but you can't. You wish to prove everybody that you are the best but it is not true..........
Because you haven't the LOVE.....
I can give all this world but if you wish. I can present you the feelings,which will be crazy you. We live once....
How can you wake up ...........................................???
every day and not to have the warm of the woman's body,the smell of her perfume,her smile and the beating of her heart?
Love is the feeling that allows you move,fight for the victory in this life.........................
Love is everything:air,sun,breath,sky,wishes,food of your soul...........
Do you agree with me?Do you really want to build with me this strong and exciting feeling? And a vision of a man who has swept
Me off of my feet, made my heart skip a beat
And that's when I realized you was mine to keep
But I don't eat, can't much time for sleep
Because depression has sunken very deep
I love you, baby, more than you'll ever know
What is fame and fortune when I cannot show
A share of care, run my fingers through your hair
Deep down inside I know you wonder where
I am right now, but there's this word called 'pride'
That's keeping you from being by my side
I can't hide, so I let the tears fall free
But you're the only one, beauty with the magical touch
I'm not ashamed to tell the world that I love you so much
You're more than a lover, you're my best friend .
with Love to every today at home Do you like this poem? Today i had the exam and my mark is 5....I am happy ...
Besides we will meet soon........
Honey! I asked my translator.....
The fastest and the best way to help with the ticket is trough Western Union.........
My full information is Natalie Sleptsova............
You need to write the following(as my translator says):
Ukraine,Lygansk,Aval bank, Western Union to Natalie Sleptsova...........
The ticket by plane costs 546 grivna or about $110............
You know honey holidays is coming and i need to buy the ticket now ...........
Because then it will be difficult to do it...
And please write me the time when you will arrive,what is the number of the flight etc.....
All information...............
Honey! I was so happy to hear your voice.....
If you can call when you want!!!!!!!!!!!
Your kitten Natalie I will do all you ask.......
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