Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yambarsova to J?rgen (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello my darling Jorgen !
No, I wanted to say you Good Morning my Darling!!!
I would like to tell you that I very much miss you, it is very interesting to me as you there how you will spend your time at this moment?!!!
It very much intrigues my consciousness, Who knows, you can miss, or you sleep, either eat, or work, I do not know, but I sincerely hope that you think of me?!
Is not present certainly, I do not insist, but I sincerely hope for it!!!
Forgive me mine dearest!!! I simply a little in good mood today, I do not know why but I want to jump up highly - highly!!!
To look at all this strange world, to shout something from there!!!
That all heard me!!! I do not know, I have such mood now, That it seems to me that I can change the world right now!!!
I would like to present all people on the ground a holiday and fun!!!
That everyone were happy, and nobody would know burning and griefs...
I would like to help all!!! I do not know why, at all I do not know that with me?!
May be I am little crazy?
All right my, I don't want to say something with it, I just, I don't know what is it?
I simply very glad, that I live on this Earth, and I have my mum, and we all together...
I think only lover, only this man, who can to give all his love and feelings!!!
Oh, excuse me, I really do not know that with me!!!
I have simply risen is as - is usual early in the morning in very good mood!!!
Your Natalia.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Jorgen !
last week there was one of the best week-end for the last some months.
I for a long time should have a rest from heavy week work.
It is a pity to me, that that today I can not be closer to you so that I could in common to use all our wishes to come true and do you happy by the man.
I would have romantic, and passionate time with you.
I love your perception of life and love and when you write
To me such things you fill in me energy and prompting.
I am very happy that have met you in my life.
The happiness is not made by riches, it helps be capable to live conveniently.
It a pity to me that we today can not be together.
I love you my lovely and always I like to read your letters in which you open your heart to me
I shall not constrain my heart to you.I want to feel your heat to caress you gently.
I feel special communication between you and me.
I write all this that you have understood as our attitudes for me are important.
I am very glad that you understand me. You very kind and sincere the man.
I want to be with you as soon as possible. I burn from love to you my precious.
You diamond of my soul.
You brilliant my heart. You a part of my soul.
To like me that that you have very much deep thoughts about love and life.
After reading your letters I dream of arrival to you to kiss and embrace you violently.
You can make me the happiest woman on a planet.
I have many dreams and the purposes.
One of my dreams to find the man which can fill in my life and do me happy
It you my dear.
I want that our life was similar to a fairy tale about kind prince and a beauty princess.
That we have lived all our life in love and the consent.
I would like that all was so.
I should finish the letter to you.
I shall wait your letter my lovely.
Your Natalia.
Letter 3
Hello my love Jorgen !
The moon is shining brightly here, shining and being reflected in pools of a summer rain.
I think as it would be pleasant and good to go with you and to observe stars and the moon is higher.
To look as cheerfully murmurs and to splash water in the river and kissing each other on top of the frozen snow, with the stars and the moon above.
Then going inside and keeping each other warm.
Kissing each other's lips, feeling your soft lips on mine. Removing our clothes and feeling your body against mine. My hands roaming your body, feeling every curve. Kissing each other, rolling around for hours and then falling asleep in each other's arms.
I long for the day when we can be together, to do things together, take walks together, talk for hours face to face.
I very much missed without you and all time thought only of you
As it is sad, to love and to be far apart!
I saw you in dream and we with you were kissed
It was very much nice. Now I want to be kissed with you on the present!!!
I very much love you!
This dream has doubled my love to you and I already never can without you!
Promise that you always will love me and never me will throw!?
I to give rise to you BABY similar to you!
We shall go for a walk together, to enjoy life and to admire our kid!
And on night, when you will tell to him a fairy tale and we to lay him to sleep,
we shall be engaged infinite love!!!
I at first shall kiss your eyes, then cheeks, your gentle lips are farther,
I shall get over then to your *******!
I shall kiss yours further stomach and very slowly I shall be......
In me so much love now has collected, that I can burn out all world!
Also it is all only yours! Only for you! For my sole husband!
I with impatience wait for that day when at last we shall be together and I can give you it!
I am indefinite you I love!
I wait with impatience of the answer
I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love! I love!
Looking forward to your letters, Natalia.
Letter 4

Hello my loved!
Excuse, that for a long time did not write. I constantly think of you. I cannot without you. Every night I dream of our meeting. And every night, I pay, that we cannot meet. It so is awful, as two loving hearts cannot meet. I do not know, that to me to do. I do not find to myself a place. My life not in pleasure to me without you. I have meaning of the life is a meeting with you, but there is no pleasure. You have news??? I wait, I wait, I wait our meeting and I shall always wait. Another is not necessary for me the man. All problem in money. At me they are not present. I could sell an apartment, but the unique house of my mother. And I cannot make it. I do not know as me to be. I found out as to make it without Western Uninon. Also has found the company under the name "MoneyGram" MoneyGram- this company has site it is the company is in many banks of the world, it is very reliable system. To me have told, that it is more reliable Western Union. Try send money by it company. I love you more lives. I send you billion kisses.
With love Elena.
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