Letter(s) from Olga Kosolapova to RaCl (Colombia)

Letter 1

My love my darling how are you?
Sweet i really missed you these days, i couldn't come to the internet cafe yesterday as i had to go with my students to the theatre but i was thinking of you only and how much i wanted to see a letter from you and now i see it! Yes sweet, i want to see you in real as soon as possible, i can't wait for it already, i want to come see you so we can finally have our first love date, your pictures, your letters, i wish i could hear your voice but i imagine that it's very pleasant and very caring, now it's all one for me, the man i want to be with, the man who loves me, understands me, supports me, you my prince! We have already waited for so long, we were alone and suffering because we didn't have each other and now it's different, i feel that we are for each other and now i know that we will be together soon!
Sweet my love yes please inform me as soon as possible where i will be coming to see you because i have to know for myself and also tell the travelling office. I wish i could call you even now sweet but i'm not sure that collect call will work here in RUssia and i wanted to save up enough money for the talk because it might be expesncive. But sweet i promise you that i will call you as soon as i have enough money for the calling center and we will hear eachothers voices!!!:) i'm so excited about it!
Today i was at school my love, I'm just finishing couple of things at school,handing in all the papers and that's why I'm just running like crazy now here. I had a parents meeting, we were discussing the results of the students and i had to make a report also. Oh i forgot to say, my cousin says hi to you Raul, i told her so many good things about you! She said that i definitely changed for the past time and of course i did i'm totally in love and i'm ready to smile all day long just because i know that you think of me you care about me, I love you Raul!
You know very soon, this week already i hope i will finish all things here, you will tell me the date and the place i will be flying to you and i will just start making myself ready to come to you my love, ! We will have a lot to take care about but i know that we will manage it, sweetie! Thank you so much that you are so so kind to help me, I so much feel you that you are my man and you will never leave me in trouble, i trust you! Please don't worry honey, i love making presents and now i will have some time before my trip, i would make you a present with my own hands, I like to do it when i have free time but dont' worry my love i we have all our life ahead of us and everything we will share together! Honey i just wanted to tell you thank you again, you can make me feel so special even you are so far away, i feel so protected now, i know that I can trust you and it's a great feeling and i want you to trust me also, i have made a decision and i'm ready to do what it needs. Sweetheart thank you so much that you want to help me. I still cant believe that it's possible for us to see eachother very soon.
Sweetie i just wanted to say thanks to you again, for what you do for us, for your kindness to me and for your understanding...i would really be not be able to come with such sum of money so soon, but honey only today after i read all your letters i realized that we are one now, we are that unit of love, trust and happiness. And that just we are inseparable now, i know that only couple weeks more and i'm yours and you are mine and nobody will ever prevent us from being happy!
HOney my love i will go now. My love i will come here tomorrow , please write me!
Kiss you my sweetie, and please wait till i come ok?
I love you kiss you
Your Olgunya

Letter 2

Hi my sweet my love!
how have you been? Sweet i was so happy to hear your voice, i was so happy that you have recognized me at once!!! i love you my darling!!! I'm sorry but it turned out to be that calling you i very expensive sweetie and the connection was not very good, i was about ready to cry in the calling center really...sweet my love, the calling card that i got with not enough to talk to you longer...
How have you been?i didn't write me a long letter as usual and i miss you so so much! you probably were a bit busy...you have such a tight schedule...well i was doing ok, just was thinking a lot what we have to do! the weather is not very good, the pierecing wind is blowing, and I am afraid to catch a cold, but when as soon as i remeber about you the wind is getting warmer and it seems that it is wispering me the tender words... those i would like to hear from you some day... oh, I feel as if I have wings to fly to the sky and to shout that I AM HAPPY, I AM ABSOLUTELY HAPPY!
my sweet man, what have you dome with me? how did you manage surrender my heart? oh... what is going on with me??? is it the same with you or am I just a sentimental thing? no, I am defenetly not, because when I am reading your letters I see that you are feeling very much similar and you give me the hope that everything will go on, my sweety! Sweetheart i will be waiting for the package from you, but right now my love please tell me what shall we do with my trip?? i'm already worried i have never been abroad before, i have no idea how everything is done, what i have to do and what papers i will have to have besides visa and tickets, that why i wanted i think i already have to apply for at least the visa and the passport my love, i have been to the travelling office todayd and they that it's right i have to apply fot the visa and passport now, and French visa and international passpot are going to be 890 Euros, sweet how will be you be sending me money? I know it's may be a bit ahead of time but this way they can guarantee me as a tourist that i can travel safe and all my papers will be in order..you know sweet i wish i could do i already apply for the visa and book the tickets, but for right now i'm waiting for what you tell me....i feel not comfortable talking to you about money, but what can i do if this is the only problem preventing me from starting getting ready to come to you...
Sweet please write me tell me how you are doing ok? just please don't be silent i am open to you and i so much want you to be open with me also, please write me! And i can't wait to talk to you on the phone again!!!!
love you kiss you Olga

Letter 3

Hi, my love!
darling, wanted to tell you about the dream that i saw even though i feel shy about it... I can't keep myself from telling it to you at once! darling, I saw as if we had met with you!!! the dream was so real. I was standing at some place that was very like an airport, waiting for someone, I was very nervous. i didn't know who i was waiting for! there were crowds of people everywhere, they were all talking the other language, I was trying to find the familiar face but everybody was in a hurry, nobody talked to me, nobody wanted to help me. I was about to cry, but then I saw I saw YOU... you approached me, your face was all smiles, and you had a bunch of flowers in your hand!!! a bunch of red red roses! it was so beautiful and you were so happy! a warm feeling overcame me, when I looked into you eyes. You came up to me and asked: "My love, we have overcome everything, we are together. Since now I will take care of you and you will never feel pity about our meeting." I didn't manage to answer you anything, because the alarm-clocked ringed and I awoke... I was so much disappointed that it was only a dream that I was even ready to go asleep again, not to lose the connection with you, but today i didn't see any dream already...so, all the day I went under the impression of my dream... I read somewhere that in a dream the person usually see what he is thinking about or what he is looking forward to... it means that I am dreaming of meeting with you... my love, do you think I am too quick? I think that, my desire is absolutely natural, because I feel that letters are good enough only at a certain period of time... then you start feeling as if you lack something, as if you want something more... do you agree? what are your feelings and ideas? do you see me in your dreams?
I asked you so many questions, you will probably think that I am noisy... please, darling, don't think so, because I see from your letters that your feelings to me are also not only friendship, and i think that it is quite reasonable to ask all those questions. Am I right?
i would so much want to see how you live to be your guest as soon as possible and then, if after meeting in real, i'm sure we wouldn't want to part never!!
honey, I am waiting your letter and I want to tell you again that my love is incredible, I feel to be ready for anything for you. I never felt like that before! so sweet lets start doing everything already! I went to the travelling office in the morning and tried to explain them what you need from them. They told me that its crazy what you ask them and they cant make an official document out if it, they are just travelling office and the prices change every day, all the information comes from central office in Moscow, and it order to be able to make this documents for you and sign officially i would have to travel to Moscow and only then send it to you! Also sweet i went to the Western Union and asked them why you can't send me money without some documents from the travelling agency. They said that throught Western Union anyone in any country can send money as a gift and he doesnt' have to show any proof on what this money will go to. Sweet is that right? I don't think that woman would lie to me she works in the bank!!
Sweet my love i have a head ache already of all this running around and i want something certain already, i need help from you with the money so i can start doing my documents and i can buy a phone card to call you and finally talk to you on the phone for a longer time!!! Please Please sweet write me something that is certain, i'm waiting for something to happen in my life and nothing happens...i love you i want to be with you!
please, answer me as soon as soon you can, much will depend on your answer, it is very important for me...
ok, and now i have to tell you bye bye and to kiss you softly, probably this night I will see the second part of my dream and if i do, you will be the first who will know about it tomorrow!
bye bye, my love,
Yours Olga.

Letter 4

Hi my sweet!
thank you so much for your sweetest letter,Raul you are my prince and i don't want this fairy tale to end! Sweet let us meet soon, please i already can't wait!
Yesterday i was rereading Pushkin and decided to write my own poem to you, please tell me if you like it ok? I just started writing it but soon i will finish and write the second part to you!

Raul, my dearest
how are tonight?
i hope you are well
and are feeling alright

so far away
from each other we are
how i wish i were driving
with you in the car

to the beach we will go
to walk in the sand
to look in your eyes
to hold your big hand

to swim with you slowly
to touch your strong body
sometimes my thoughts
can be a bit naughty!!

well sweet today i went to the travelling office and they had the paper ready for me, they scanned it in the internet cafe and i'm sending it to you now ok?
Sweetest i don't know about this calling cards,to call you i use different ones and i know that they are cheapest but you see i'm not rich and thats why for me it's very expensive!
We can chat in yahoo they said here in the internet cafe if you wish?
they have made an id for me there: malika2love@yahoo.com so if you want to chat like that we can!
my friend, she didn't get the package yet but she will tell me for sure when she does, please write me soon , i love you so so much!

Yours Olga

Letter 5

Hello my sunshine!
how are you today? I was hurrying to the internet cafe today and i found no letter from you, i got so sad, you said that you would write me a long letter before you go on the farm...sweet i love you, do you love me? how are you spending your weekend? as for me,i'm constantly thinking about you and imagining that i came to you to you already and when i wake up in the morning i always ask myself when will i be with my darling??? I hope i really hope not long yet to wait for our meeting, i feel so lonely without you, i don't need anybody else and i hope that you too, that i will wait till i come and we will be only for eachother!
Sweet you know last 2 days I am in great trouble looking for the wedding present for my best friend!just imagine, she is getting maried... i can't believe, we are already completely grown-ups... we were best friends at school, then at the University and at work... well, after marriage she will take her husband's last name and will move out of town... and I will be completely alone here. Well i hope not for a long time as i will be travelling to you soon. I even envy her a bit (not with bad thoughts, of cause) but on the whole I am extremely happy about her. she deserves happiness, she is so kind and smart and suffered so much (she is brought up by her aunt, her parents died when she was 6). the groom seems to be a good man, they are a nice couple :) do you thnk we are a nice couple too? ;)
darling, the wedding will be two days, tomorrow and Monday, but i will try to escape for a while from there tomorrow to write you a letter, i just hope you will be able to answer..
I am all in preparations to my future trip. My cousin asks if you want her to send you the apple jam. she says that her apple jam is the best in their village!!!! and in Russia as well :))))) she is so funny. I am very very happy my love, I have never felt like that before. I bought an old bag for one of my collegues( i didn't have the money to buy new one, they are so expensive) and it is bright-red, so you will easily recognize me in the crowds of other travellers! what will you be dressed in when you come to meet me to you the airport, honey? please, describe me yourself very carefully, because even though I know how you look like I will probably get lost and will forget my own name!!!! my friend told me a story that when she came to Moscow for the first time she was so frightened that she forgot her bag together with all the documents at the railway station! fortunately nobody took it! but I hope this is not going to happened with me, because I am rather seriouse and I rarely lose my head. but for any case describe me your clothes, ok?
Sweet please write me as soon as possible with good news ok? i feel responsible for making my trip to you come true, i have to make sure that i can travel to you safely and that's why it's good to begin all the paper work ahead of time!
Sweet i will go to Olga's house today again, yesterday she told me that' there was no package yet, please explain me, you said that you can track the package all the way and will it be delivered straight to her house? or she will get some notification??
Please write me as soon as you can.... I will be waiting so much i love you!!!
Yours Olga