Letter(s) from Natalia Klyus to Jude (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Jude!

Thank you for your letter !:)) So let's start our conversation.:))
As you knew, my name's Natasha. Exactly it sounds like Natalia, but my mom call me Natasha, my dad - Nata, and you can call me as you like.:)
I'm 27 years old, and I finished Medical University two years ago.

I'm living with my parents in small town Belovodsk. And, as far my sister (she's older, than me, and she have own family) is living apart from us - I'm staying with parents, because they need my attention now.
Now, I'm working like a pharmacist-consultant in small pharmaceutical firm, and my work is connected with a distribution of medicines. It's good work for me, and I like it, but I have not in my life the most important, for my opinion, thing.. It's love. Yes, I'm missing this feeling - love and be loved.
I knew, I'm not ugly, so I could find a guy here, in my country. But I'm living in very small town, and the guys, who was interested in something bigger, than stay in bar every evening - they're went to the big towns, and guys, who're staying here - are not really match for creation of the good family with them.
I hope, you understand, what I mean - they're drink too much and they are interested in anything, except themselves. I can't even talk with someone about books what I read, or movies, what I watch.. I wished be with a man, who have the common interests with me. And who would be interesting for me. Sure, I have a friends, but all from them are female, and some of them are married already. Some of them even divorced, but this is another question, agree? It's my main dream now - find my beloved man, my ONLY man, who will be with me, who will understand me, and with whom I could talk about everything.. I knew, he have a kind heart and the nice smile, and it's something special in his eyes..:)) He would care about our family, as and I would love to do for him everything, I'll make him happy, I knew it!:)) I wished share with him all my life, and just be happy together, is this impossible? Hope, it's not so.:)
Well, I'm just trying explain why I'm here and what for I'm searching. I knew, than I'm able to love with all my heart.. I just have to find him.:)) I heard about happy cases with foreign marriages, so I think, this is not bad chance for me, and for someone, who's feeling lonely as I do.

What I can tell more about myself in this letter? I like flowers and animals. And I have two cats - Bast and Gerda. They are completely satisfied by this life. At last, they're looks like!:)) I like read books, listen good music (classical as usually - but my mom said it's too boring for her:), I like watch movies, the romantic comedies as a rule, but this is could say almost every girl..:) I have a small collection of a Teddy Bear toys..:)) And I like summer, sun light, and bright colors!:) I like also cook for my family, and I like to do something by my own hands. I like children (I'm always with pleasure looking after sister's little son, when she need my help) and we're a good friends with Denis already! He likes come to us, and I like look at happy smile, and shining eyes of this small boy, when we do something together.:))
I'm not very sporty girl:)), but I like keep my body in good shape.:)

And I like dreaming, and share of my dreams with peoples, whom I love.
And I wished knew more abut you, certainly! Tell me more about your family, and about your work.. What's your life looks like?:)

Hope to hear from you soon. With best regards,


Letter 2

What Olga?!

I'm not Olga, and if you're here for play the games... What for you waste our time? I'm very serious about you, and I hoped you're sincere to me too..
Please, explain me, who's Olga?


Letter 3

Hello, my dear Jude!

Thank you for your explanations, and I accept them!:) I enjoy your letters, as and always it's make me feeling much better and happier!
I'm so glad I have a such friend as you!
Today I caught myself on the fact, I'm thinking of you.:) And I'm waiting for your letter, this feeling was with me during all this day.:) It seems, you changed my life already, though we're knew each other for not so long time!
I'd never dare tell to you all this things, but your kind and warm words gave me the hope, you could feel to me something similar!:))

Can I tell you, how I imagine our meeting in first time?:) Well..
I think, when we'll meet each other I'll smile to you and will hold your hand in my hands... We would walk on the streets, and talk about everything.. We could come to the cafe or to some another place, the main condition - we should feeling good in those place!:))) And we should have a lot of fun!:)
And we could make by the way, some momentary photos of us - I think, it would be grate!:) What do you think about it?

Well, I have to go, but I will think about you tonight! Wouldn't you be offend to me for this?:) I wish you have a grate day and sweet dreams, if you'll read this letter before you'll going to sleep..:))) Thank you for being in my life! You brought a bright colors to my world..:)

with warm embraces and kiss,
your Natasha

Letter 4

My dear Jude!

Thank you for your beautiful words! They warmed my heart and made me the happiest woman in this world! I'm feeling like I got a great gift from the Heavens, and I wished it was with me forever.. I will remember about them always!

I wished, dreams would come true.. My dear Jude, I don't knew what to do now.. The reason is - my mom should stay in hospital for the time. She need the medical checkup, and this is will cost for us a lot of money. I have to renounce from our conversation, because I can't pay for the translations of our letters in this case. I'm very sad, and I wished cry, because I feel you're became very special for me. I almost can see myself near you... This picture is always in front of my eyes. And I thought about it during last two nights, I can't even sleep. But, my dear, you understand me, I can't choose between my feelings and the health of my mom..
I don't knew, what to do. If only it could be combine with our correspondence.. But I really have no this possibility. I have to say it with a heavy heart..

I wished not lost you, but I have no choice.. Maybe you could give me advice, what to do in this situation?

I will wait for your letter, my dear Jude,
sincerely your Natasha

Letter 5

Dear Jude!

I guess, it's my fault, I didn't explain clear enough in my previous letter why I can't continue our correspondence. It's not because I wish not! But I can't pay for the translations of our letters, and as you can understand, the translation firm will not work free for me..

Maybe it really would be the best solve problem, if you will help me keep our correspondence? And if it will not burden you.. I would be the happiest woman in this world!:) I'm thinking of you constantly and I'm afraid even imagine, what will be with my life, if I will loose you forever..

You can ask any questions you have to the translation firm directly on this address: trans_service90@mail.ru
Their managers will answer to you, I guess.

Kiss you with tenderness,
your Natasha

Letter 6

My dear Jude!

Thank you for concerning about my family.. It's really not easy talk about it with another peoples, but you - is my closest friend now... So I wished tell you, that you can ask me about everything you wished.. My mom now in hospital and she will stay there during some weeks.. If not this situation I could pay for translation services by myself and don't ask you about help.. But I have no another way now. If you could help me - I would be grateful to you, very much.

You can write to the translation company and ask about information, just tell my name, and they will send to you all you wished to knew. And their prices are fixed for all clients. For example, I paid 5 dollars for every letter, and 1 dollar for each photo. So you can ask and see if prices still the same, or not..

I miss you, my dear Jude, and hope we will continue our conversation..
I really wished it.

sincerely your,

Letter 7

Dear Mr. Murphy!

We're got your request about our services, so we would like place at your disposal the follow information:

Here are our prices:

-translation and printing of one letter - 4 Euro(5$)
-scanning of one photo- 1 Euro
-one minute of phone speaking with the help of the
translator - 1 Euro

If you are interested in UNLIMITED SERVICE the prices are:

one month costs- 200 dollars
two months cost- 350 dollars

It includes:translation and printing letters,scanning and printing photos,phone calls.

We are the translation company "Trans service", and we would be glad help you with any questions, you would have, concerning correspondence between you and your Lady.
You can write to our e-mail: trans_service90@mail.ru or call to our office in Ukraine.
The phone number of our office in Ukraine is: +380 686924106
Our shift managers will answer to all your questions.

You can call every day (including Saturdays) from 900 AM till 1700 PM by Ukrainian time. Our manager will answer to all your questions.

And, if you wish talk with your Lady, you should arrange the time of your call, and we will connect with your Lady and invite her for this talk.

We're waiting for the answer. With respect,
Top Manager of "Trans Service"


If you have any questions and you wish talk with our manager you can call to the main office in New York: +1(315) 849-5677
It's working by the Ukrainian time from 900 AM till 1700 PM. You can call any time and get information, interesting for you from our managers.

Letter 8

Dear Mr. Murphy!

Thank you for your letter, we would like answer to all your questions.
Well, our prices in Pound Sterling are:

-translation and printing of one letter - 2.6 (P.St.)
-scanning of one photo- 0.5 (P.St.)
-one minute of phone speaking with the help of the
translator - 0.5 (P.St.)

If you are interested in UNLIMITED SERVICE the prices are:

one month costs- 105 P.St.
two months cost- 184 P.st.

It includes:translation and printing letters,scanning and printing photos,phone calls.

All prices are fixed, and concluded from the current prices on the Ukraine territory.
Yes, translation of one letter is the same prise, and it's not depend from the content or size.

Our office in New York located the followed address:
305 Broadway Suite #1200 New York, NY 10007

And our company working almost 8 years, since the 1999.
We are not marriage agency. We are a translating firm "Transe service". All we have to do is to translate letters.

We provide all kinds of the translation services:

-We are doing a different translations of different kinds of papers and documents.
-Also we provide oral translations for our clients .
-We provide such service as organising trips, registration of the documents, help with arrangment of the hotel and giving a translator for the all period of staying.

We work legally and we were registered at 15.02.1998.
Our registration number is #2.1016\104 AB

You could call to the office and the shift manager will answer to all your questions. It's have no sense tell you the name of each of them, you could ask any questions to every from them, who will answer to your call.

If you have more questions, we would be glad answer to them.

With respect,
the Top Manager of Translation company

Letter 9

Dear Mr. Murhy!

Thank you for your letter, but we have to say, that our prices are the fixed, and they're conform to prices in another translation firms.
It's not high, concerning similar services in another firms.

If you will make a such decision, to help your Lady, all costs you will transfer to her she could put on her account, and our company will place at your disposal the report about this costs in any moment.
You can help her with any sum you would like.

Unfortunately it's not really clear for us, what exactly example you asked for? If you will explain we would glad give it to you.

Here is the information how you can send the money, if you would to.

Transfer your money via the Western Union system in dollars or according to your currency (for example in US dollars). The address is: Western Union, Ukraine, Belovodsk, Pravex Bank.

You could make transfer to the name of your our manager, and this way your Lady's account will be refreshed the same day, when our manager will got transfer. And it would be easier for your Lady. The name of our manager Nadejda Mischenko.

So, whatever your decision will be, we should render to you full information about methods how can you do it.

The terms of payment
* https://wumt.westernunion.com/info/osMoneyTransfer.asp

Please, after transferring money inform us about:

1. Your full name
2. Your city and country
3. The MTCN number for Western Union;
4. The sum you've transferred.

If you have more questions, please write to us, we would be glad to help you.

Hope for the future cooperation

Waiting for the information.
With respect,
Top manager of the Translating Company "Trans_Servise".