Letter(s) from Yana Samoilova to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear Gary!

So here is the letter from you and before reading it I feel good and I think that if I have the letter you are ready for communication and we have the chance to discuss everything that you want. Thanks for the photo that you sent me, so I see from that photo that you are a fisher. I'd like to join you and I'd like to be with you there and to catch the biggest fish and to tease you with it! :) I am glad that you understand everything about my English and you should not feel guilty that you sent me two or three letters. You should know that I am definitely pleased with the fact that you are with me and I am ready for everything even for giving the last money for the translations. I think that we are for each other! You say that you would like us to meet there in Kiev, but the same time I think that you understand that we need to have the interpreter. You say that you would like to have my address and I can honestly tell you about it as:

the name Jana Samoilova
the city Zheltoe
the address Kutuzova str, 23
zip code 91000
country Ukraine

As for to your offer to use on-line translator, I can tell you "no". Do you know why? Just because Russian language is not easy and for this time there is no any software translator which could make the translations from English into Russian and from Russian into English. I understand that you want to make the communication cheaper for us, but I think that we should not economize on our relations, the same time you should understand that we should not have any misunderstandings between each other if we really wish to have serious relations!And if you do not belive in what I say you can make an experiment like to write some text in English and than to translate it into Russian and then to translate the same text from Russian into English and you will read what mess I could get when you use on line translator. And please, be sure that I liked the ideas of your last letter to me. I thought about everything that I wrote you in my previous letters. I hope that now you realized that I am a person who can be serious and easy going the same time. I want you to know that I have the real purpose to make my man happy, but the first thing is to find the volunteer. :) I'd like you to sit close to me now and to go on our communication directly, I'd like to talk to you and you to hear my voice and to feel that tembre, I'd like to look into your eyes and to see their beauty and I'd like you to touch my hand and to feel my warmth. You should know that I want you to feel my presence and the same time me to feel yours. I think that it could make the communication easier and more understandable. I know that last time I told you about that problem with the language and at the same time I thought about it with you as well. So I think that if you think that we could be together we should not give up with it. I have the intentions to develop and to start my classes and to start learning English. I am sure that I will be a hard working student there. Do you know why I want to study language? Just it is not only because I use the help of the translations and it could help me not to pay money for it, but I think that I would like to purr you some gentle words to your ear and to make you feel that it is so cozy and comfortable and so exciting to be with such a woman like I am. I am open minded and I always say what I think. I want you to know that I work in massage cabinet and I make massage for people. I'd like you to try it with my own hands if you wish one day. I think that I would make you feel at the "the seventh heaven". Unfortunately this period is not good and there a little people in our salon, but I hope that it would be better soon. Any way I like my profession and I think that you would like to be with the gentle cat- masseuse! Are you an imaginative person? Just try to do it! :) Hope to hear from you soon. Hope that the letter will be full of imaginations.

your seductive Jana

Letter 2


Dear Mr. Gary,

Let's us to present our company! We are the translation firm as "English Russian Translation Project". Our English to Russian Translation service is dedicated to providing a superior quality translation at the most affordable rate. We will, in most cases, endeavor to create a package to suit your budget.

We would like you to know that your lady Miss JANA you communicated with is our client. We helped you to keep your correspondence clear and without any misunderstanding concerning language problems. For this time there is no any chance for Miss JANA to make the payment for the next letters to be translated. From her request we inform you about it. She is interested in your further relations. If you are as interested in your lady as she is interested in yours we will be more than happy to send you the information you can reopen the account for your next communications. Please, contact us and we will provide you with all rates and methods of payments that you can use and of course we will answer all the question that you have.

We appreciate your time...

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We are open for all your suggestions.

Faithfully Yours,
Co-Director of ERTP,
Doctor of Science,
Ludmila Gregoryan.