Letter(s) from Lidia Gatlan to Ron (USA)

Letter 1

My dear Love.
Like I promised to you, I write at my earmy morning in order to ,ake you read this letter at the morning of your country and to start the new day with my love words for you and to make the whole day to be successful and in phone connection also, because i miss you and everytime you call me, I want to talk more and more, just all night long and very soon it will be possible, especially for me, cause of huge difference of time, I will sleep when you work and than woke up and will not make you sleep at all with my talking and hugging you all the time, after few days you will be exhausted completely:)

Why does distance have to be so hard? I'd give anything to be in your arms tonight instead of spending another sleepless night alone thinking of you. All I want is to see your face smiling back at me. To hear your voice saying the words I so long to hear. To be safe in your arms. Most of all to feel your passionate kisses. But as I spend another sleepless night alone, my spirits are not dampened because I have the moon, lovable memories of you and your love, the thought of another day gone bye, and a day closer to seeing you. I miss you, my dearest dream. I can no longer tell when I am dreaming or living in my so called reality. When I bring myself to shut my eyes, all I run into is an encounter with you. An encounter I never want to let go of.

When I awake, reality rushes over me. You are not lying beside me as you were in my dream. I can no longer hear your voice as you whisper to me in the dark. I pray that we will be together as we are in my dream, so I can close my eyes, and when I awake you will still be there. I will continue to live in my dreams until the day we are together. I love you...always and forever!

I am sorry about your problems with your ex wife, why doesnt she work and earn money by herself, why she wants you simply to pay for everything, it is really impossible for me to understand, frankly speaking, for me, if i was in divorce, it would be ashame to ask for my ex husband money, in contrary, I would do everything in order to earn enough and to show him that without him it is better, but maybe with time, when we arer together face to face you will tell me all the story, because sincerely want to understand this with time. I love you and i want to be your friend, your supporter and together to overcome everything.

I write my letter for you after I went in order to buy tickets and I didnt buy it cause I didnt expect them to increase in price at all and in november like when I asked they cost 690$, right now they cost 983$. I need to think about the travel to kiev once again, I need 118$ for airplane ticket, 76$ for hotel,and I want to have at least 150$ in my pocket, in order to eat something, cause I will have two changes of planes. In total I will need your help with 637$, what we gonna do with this?

I will leave ukraine at 6am and will be in your country at 4:46pm, so we will have the whole evening together, can you imagine this. Please, dear, dont worry about mess in your house, I understand what it means to make repairs in a home and I know how it can be, just love me, hold me very tight and whether it is dirty in your home, it is not matter, I dont come to judge your living condition or something like this, I come to you and want to feel you, your tenderness and care and to give you all myself, just because I need you a lot and want at last to be in your arms and together to build our future.
I need to run to my work, remember I love and need your calls, need your kisses through phone and need the warmness of your body.
Yours only, Lida.

Letter 2

Hello, Ron.
Just a letter to let you know where I spent all the money you sent to me and frankly speaking, I have never thought you will reproach me with money that you first send me like a help, I mean 200$.

ok. I will explain. 1750$ for the trip to you.
1. 60$ for medical insurance.
2. 100$ embassy fee.
3. 1000$ bank account this money should be spent only in America.
4. 695$ for ticket, I didnt buy it, i only made reservation of it with open dates and when the time came in order to buy the ticket, they increased in price.
in total it is 1855$

right 200$ the first that you sent to me, frankly speaking, I spent them for the food and for some apartment bills, if you want i will try to remember what exactly from food I bought and will tell you prices in details.

300$, the help to make the first trip to Kiev in order to give documents, I paid embassy from this money and bought tickets for kiev by plane, cause by train I would be late.

the second trip to kiev I made on my own, and you remember I soent there two days and paid for hotel, all by myself.
I hoped I made everything in detail, if it is necessary, I will tell what I bought for food from your money, I am so sorry, I didnt know it is forbidden.

the baby cries, if i had a baby, I would tell you about this and I would not leave her for the whole month and go somewhere. I told you million times, I have cat and right now, my cat wants to have another cat in order to have little kittens, I dont let her to have a cat and because of this she cries. It is not a baby but a cat. You can ask your friend who has lots of cats and compare screams.

as for my photos from different sites, I explained this to you already and you can return to the letter written on 7th of november, and explained everything.

frankly speaking, if you think I am scamming you, just dont write and call me, I will understand that you dont believe me, and I will send bank account money and for tickets and with time will return the rest to you. I dont want to have something right now and later you will reproach this to me.

Have good weekends, Lida.

Letter 3

My dear.
I will write little letter, because only today returned from my family house, and I spend three days with my parents and believe me, it was hard, my mother cried all the time, she asked me to be careful and return very soon. I explained to her, that it is only for one month and than maybe for a lifetime and I will never forget them. But then she made million examples, how people go abroad and never heard of them anymore, it was hard to communicate with her, but I explained everything and I hope she will understand.

My thing are almost packed and ready to come and change your life, my life and simply be together, because you are my tender loving man and I need to be with you forever and for always.

I need to return to my work, today is my last day and I need to write the report, give all my work to another person and that is why simply crazy days and I hope you will undestand and call me around 10 and tell me about your love and listen to my love words.
I am already nervous, and you?
Kiss every inch of you and remember I love you tenderly and with all my heart.
Your woman, Lida.

Letter 4

My dear.
I am in Kiev, my flight was postponed, cause of some problems with snow in your country and because of this, my flight will be only on Monday and here all this information. I am still in Kiev and today will go home.
here is all information
4:46pm come to McGhee Tyson Arpt 19 feb. 2007 KLM KL5954
My Valentine, please make something possible in order to make snow stop in your country, cause I am tired of being so far away from you.
Love and need you so much.
Need to run to my train.
Kisses, Lida.

Letter 5

No, you dont need to send me money. i am with my family and try to make my mum calm, because she is really in trouble and doesnt want to make me go away, she is afraid I will never return. I dont know what I need to do.