Scam letter(s) from Lovia Tweneboah to Ron (USA)

Letter 1
How have you been doing and how is everything Going for you there,hope everything is real Good for you there..oh well i would like to tell you all about me and what I am Looking in a man i would start by my name.. I am lina ,36 of age..Oh well i Was Born In Ghana But I Lived in the States for a Couple of Years...My Mum was from Ghana, and my dad was from Us in the city of Broklyn...I Would like to tell you how my mum and dad meet togther,My Dad Came to Ghana for some bussiness and he meet my mum and they went to a seriouse relationships and Trust Each Other alot and then he took my mum together with Him to The States.. And They Got Married in The States and my dada Got my Mum Pregnant and Had An Accident and Die...
So My Mum Left her Sister There to Come Back to Ghana and have my Birth..So when i was 8 years old my mum decided to let me Go and Stay with her sister in broklyn so that i Can Attend High School There.. And I Comepleted my Educations in the states and still Living with my Step Mother before she got married and went to Uk Together with her Husband..So I Decided to Come Back cos i dont have anyone Again in the States...And Now I am Looking my Soulmate , and A Friend of mine is Ghana Use the Computer to Get a Husband and they Got Married together IN Canada..So i decided to Use online to see if i may get a Serioues Relationship..The Man That I Can Love me and Be Honest to me..And as at Now I am In Ghana Now and I Have Both my Passport and Visa and my ticket too.. So I am On The net Looking for a Serioues Relationship and I Would Fly to Share the Rest Of my Life too the Man...and Thats all about my self , and i would Like to know all about you too robert..Looking forward of hearing from you Soon..
Letter 2
Oh yes I am Now Living in Accra and I Have Some Pics for you again..So Please Tell me what do you want in a woman..
Letter 3
Hello Robert
A Very Nice to Hear from you Again, OH Well I am Looking for a man, who is Caring, Honesty, Truthworlthy and Do Belive In God and Can make me happy till the Rest of my tell me what do you plan for your future to be.. and I Would be Thinking of sending you my pic but i have some but not Scan of the Computer..and i would send you the one i had dont worry Robert..Hoping to hear from you Soon Robert..
Letter 4

Hello Robert..
Hello robert how are you doing doing Today, Hope you are doing Good..oh well you are Right by Saying God has alredy makes is arrangement alredy rob..oh well you said the kind of lives that make me Happy? I want him to be always Honest to me and Be There for me when i need Him most,show me true love as well and be vigellant to me as well...Oh yes you are true by saying the man that wins your Heart..Would be your soulmate and i agree with you..oh well Ghana is a Peacfully Country but very toughfull to survive..and do you know my mum is too old for now and my uncle dont work rob..Thats why I am Here for a Serioues Relationship to get to meet my soulmate and Come Over there to meet Him and Have a Good Life together with Him...So Robert i think to me you are a Nice and Wonderfully Guy i have Ever Meet in my Life..I Wish I Can Start a Serioues Relationship with you so That we Can be Honest to Each other and We Can Plan on How We Can meet Robert...Oh well Take Care for now and Hope you have a Good day today...Looking forward of Hearing from you Soon...
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