Letter(s) from Marina Artemieva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

My prince,it is Tatyana here.
i am very glad to get hear from you, i am sorry for not writing to you sorry, but i want you to understand me also, i have not felt good and it is not all the time when i have got menstrual cycle, only sometimes,no i am ok and i am very happy to come here and to write a letter for you.
How are you doing ? you know,this days i thought about you and have seen you in my dream last night.I wish my dream to come true soon,would you like that ? i know you do :)
well,i do not know what you have done to me, but i like this feeling.What have you done to me ?
i am not sure if you know the answer for this question, nobody know.I was so qurious if i could ever feel something to man i have never seen,and now i feel.Why not ? very pleasure feeling when you are thinking about someone who become close, i want you to know that i need man to share my thoughts with, someone i can share my private world with.Are you ready to be that man ? tell me now coz i need to know.
I know that you are ready,but i need to hear it one more time.
I never play games,as you know.
I know you do not also,i am serious woman and i want to have relation with right man,i like you very much because you seems to be very honest and kind man.
I am very glad to you and i am so proud of you.
I feel that you are good for me and i am sure that it is right feeling.
You know,i am open woman and i have nothing to hide. Let me know what are yours thoughts about it ?
I am going home now

write to me soon