Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Moshkina to Larry (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet Larry, I am very glad to see your letter... My love, I so is glad that I have received your letter... My sweet Larry, today I went to travel agency, under the name "ElinTUR...." my love, I have gone to this agency, and have approached to the agent.... My sweet while I went up to agency, I all has frozen, and two times has fallen, as in the street slide, and at me boots old, and a sole at them already all erased... My love, I has approached to the agent, and has asked him, will cost how many and that is necessary for me to travel in USA... my love Larry, the agent, has told to me, that that I could travel up to USA, I should have the visa and the passport for travel abroad... It has asked me, whether I have these documents, that is the passport and the visa.... I have answered that I have no these documents, and I have asked for what in general the visa is necessary... Because I do not know that about travel, as I in general neither when and nor where did not travel.. ... My love, to me have explained, that the visa is necessary for entrance to the country, without it it will be not possible to drive in the country... My love, I has asked, that else is necessary for my travel to you in USA, the agent has told, that I should have the medical insurance, and have told, that there are some types of visas, and that for me will be the best variant, it is the tourist visa.... My love, I has asked cost of all travel, the agent has considered, and has told, a total sum, she makes 630 dollars... This sum includes cost of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, and the medical insurance.... My love, is cost without air tickets because they need to be bought only when the visa and the passport because air tickets should be on precisely certain number will be ready.... My sweet Larry, I have asked the agent, whether they can understand the English language, and whether there is at them phone, it has answered that they do not understand English and do not disclose phone to civil persons.. ... My love, I has simply despaired, when I have left agency, because my wages make 2090 roubles a month and to pay all travel to you, I cannot, even if I shall save my salary, I shall save up its years through 5, and can be also more.... My love, I do not know that to me to do, I have decided to descend in bank, and to ask for bank the loan, I have filled all documents, and employees of bank, have told to me, that I should wait for one hour that my questionnaire have considered, and to me gave the answer... My love, after expectation during one hour, I was upset even more, because I have not received the loan from bank... The Bank has given up to me in the loan because my salary is very small, and does not approach by criteria of bank, for delivery of the loan... My love, I do not know that to me to do, I in general am upset, and I do not present, where I shall take such sum for travel.. .. My love, me on would be much easier, if I had relatives or people close to me, I would ask for them in a duty, but they are not present... The closest and native person for me at present, it you... It you my loved Larry... my love, I cannot find more variants, I could make all that was in my forces... My love Larry, I do not present that to me to do, and so I want that we with you had children... My love, I so want that we brought up together our children, I so want that we played and walked together with our children.... My sweet, I so want it, and what now, all this to fail??? Because I have no money to pay my travel to you... My love, today or tomorrow I shall go on a public telephone booth, and I shall try to you to call, I that I shall not speak precisely, but I shall try to call you... I so want to hear your voice, you simply do not imagine... My love, I so want it.. .. My sweet, but for this purpose I should know your phone number, please write to me the phone number in the following letter.... My sweet, well all right it is time to me, time of a session in Internet - cafe comes to an end, and it is time to me to go... My sweet, I very much wait for your letter, and your phone number.... With love yours Svetlana... I love you my sweet Larry... Whole also I embrace you...
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