Letter(s) from Elena Revtova to Kirby (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my unique love Kirby. I hope that you are doing okey, I'm asking to God that we will together as soon, as possible! Today when I went on my job I thought... I'm happy woman, because I love so such remarkable man as you, Kirby, besides I am happy doubly because you love me too. But since other side I'm sad so much because we are divided by so large distance :( and we can't talk in reality alone and hold each other for hands. I ask God that he will help us to meet as soon as possible, that our dream will come true...And I believe that it will soon, really my Kirby? I miss you badly my honey Kirby, I want to be with you in this moment, but we are divided by so large distance, I want that you have embraced me and has pressed to the breast. I'm dreaming how we will live together, when I will come to you, as we will go for a walk keeping for our hands, how we will spend our romantic evenings! I dream how we will sit at you at home I will sit on your knees, you will iron my face, my legs. I want to be engaged with you love I know that you can deliver to me pleasure, I love you my sweet Kirby. I hope that the god will hear our requests!!! I hope that you are asking God to be together too, and I sure that we will together as soon, as possible!!!!!!!!!! Love you so much...Miss you badly...Your love Marina.

Letter 2

Hi my love Kirby!!!
I am very glad, that I write you this letter. I to know, that you me to not forget. To you I probably is very interesting to learn why to not write to you very long time. I very much want that you to not cease to write to me the letters. I to not write to you it is long, because I had a breakage of the computer with which I to write to you the letters. I could not write to you the letter from other computer, because your address on which I to write to you of the letter was on this computer, and I could not look it, and at memory I to not remember it. Today computer have repaired also information is restored. Please to trust me, I to not deceive you, I am very happy, that now I can write to you. I want to ask you, you yet have not overlooked me, you have not found to yourselves other girl? Please trust me, I very much to want to correspond with you further. How your relatives live? To transfer them from me hi! If you have not overlooked me, please write to me the answer, I shall wait very much from you the letter.
Yours Marina.

Letter 3

Hi my most favourite man on ground Kirby !!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I to ask you, that you to not become angry with me from - that I to not write to you very long. I was very much engaged at work and could not write to you, at me it was valid not of free time for the letter to you. I want to tell you, what at me all is good, and how at you of business? I want to ask you, you want that I have arrived to you??? I have talked to my parents very seriously. I have told them, that I am very seriously adjusted on flying to you, and my parents not against it. But money is necessary for this purpose, I want you will ask you to help me with my arrival to you??? Please write to me the answer to this question. I already have a lot of years, and still I live one. I very much want to be with you, if we shall not be interesting each other, I shall leave back home. I very much want to make in my life important for me a step, and I am ready to risk and to arrive to you. I hope that at us with you all will turn out. Please consider my letter seriously and inform me what you think of it?
I shall wait from you the letter with the answer to mine very serious for me a question, your love Marina. I love you!!!
P.S I very much to miss without you. All my love to you!

Letter 4

Hi mine lovely Kirby. It is very a pity that I did not write to you long time. The business in that that to me was urgently necessary to leave from my city. I could not warn you about it because very much hurried up. I went in Ekaterinburg on a conference of the doctors of our region. I acted with the report. Really it is very a pity that so it has turned out. I hope that you do not take offence at me. For performance at a conference to me have paid money. I hope to use them to arrive to you. I very much want it, whether but I do not know you are ready to accept me at yourselves. Write to me please what you think of it? If you agree to accept me that I can tomorrow go in Moscow and begin registration of the visa. I very much want to be with you and I hope that it mutually. Please do not tighten with the answer. To me very important your opinion. I shall check each day the mail and to wait from you the letter. I love you and I dream of our meeting. Yours Marina.