Scam letter(s) from Nana Kwame to Kirk (USA)

Letter 1
am nana k . I came to know of you in my search for a reliable and reputable foreign partner to handle a transaction which involves a huge amount in United Stated Dollar. My father was the paramount chief of mines and Natural Resources of the Republic of Sierr Leone and the owner of Gray International Diamond Market whom the then President Tijan Kabbah force in their struggle to reinstate him back to power was killed.During his tenure, he accumulated ($120usdm) USD.This he kept in a trunk Box and moved it to an Insurance Security Deposit in Accra - Ghana . Being the next have carefully searched and found the Security to kin, the document regarding these consignments were handed over to me by my father before his death.Company, where I confirmed that the consignment was deposited for safe keeping in their Security vault.Presently my mother and I are refugees in Accra -Ghana, and it will be unwise to take such enormous amount myself to the bank due to my present condition.It therefore becomes apparent to move this fund outside Africa to your country for investment purpose.Hence my contacting you.TheInsurance Security Deposit Company are not aware of the content of the trunk box as it was declared by my father as family valuable. It is only you and I, that are aware that the content is money.I am soliciting for your assistance as the sole beneficiary of this fund and for you to deposit it in any bank of your choice in your country. Please this is an inheritance I intend to use properly. I'm willing to offer you 15% of this total cash for logistics supports we shall also agree to use 5% for any expenses that may incurred during this transaction and 10% of this funds for charity programs, as you might deed fit I want to place this fund under your advice and instruction and how to utilize this money judiciously. If my request is granted I will be sending you the necessary documents covering the deposit.your prompt response will be appreciated.
Your new friend
nana k
Letter 2
Hello Kirk,
Thanks so much for your reply and also accepting to help me anyway.
by the way i hope everything is well with you over there in your country, what i would like you you to know now is that, i have spoken to the lawyer who will help us do the neccessary documents toward the trafering the boxes to you.
And according to him we have to do the changing of the neccesary documents to your name and also get intouch with him so that he can show you the documents covering the boxes.
i would like you to contact him and keep me informed tell him you are my foreign beneficiary who is recieving the boxes see his contact below.
name: Barrister Dakiani Larry
tel: +233 28 726 3340
email: doeb nice and contact him as soon as that he can send you the documents..
bye for now..
Letter 3
thanks of been a good help to me and want to send the money to me than the company and i can fellowup with the rest of the procedures this is the information to send the money
Gyimah Maxwell
22 airport road accra
hope to hear from you soon bye
Letter 4

*Hello kirk Hall*
*How are you doing ? Thank God iam doing great and i am also doing great and ever since you came on to help me after searching a lot of contact from bussiness book of the world i now know you are the one God has brought to me to help me clear this fund from the security company to your account ok. My Mum is the only one who is left now and taking care of me in the refugees camp and she is very glad that you want to help us to get this fund send to your account later after we finish with all the tax payment and transation to your bank . This is me in the pic and i dont know what you are talking about singlesnet ok.Me and my Mum are in bad condition to show up and pay all the taxes of this transfer to your account and you can later help us with some of the money after you recieve it in your bank to come and join you and invest in your country and i want you to tell us what we can invest with this 120M usd in the security company and we dont want to loos and get back to life again after this bank transfer is done. send me a picture of you ok takecare bye*
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