Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Dmitrieva to Al (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Al!!!!
I am very glad, that I can write to you the letter. I write to you from the Internet of agency which has given to me your questionnaire. They have told that you search for the woman who searches for the man for serious relations. If I have told all correctly, and you want to get acquainted with me I shall be glad to wait for your answer!!!
Now it is a little about me:
My name is Evgeniya. To me 31 year. I live in the city of Kronstadt, Leningrad region. Now I am engaged in search of happiness in private life through the Internet. As in a real life I had some bad experiences of construction relations. Men surrounding me not approach for me. They wanted only not serious relations. I very much want to create a warm married couple, to give birth to the child to the loved to the man. There are and still reasons on which I do not want to marry for Russian the man. Much Russian men drink alcohol in plenties, do not respect women, do not concern to women seriously, afraid of the responsibility. It does not arrange me. I want to find the man which will love me children, to respect and concerns with understanding. I shall be very glad, if you will find yourself such the man.
Now I work at « a house for aged of people ». I help people which require my help. My work is not too rich. But I do not complain of it. I can financial provide myself, and help the parents. My father and my mum do not work. They are on maintenance of the state (on pension). The state pays to my parents the certain sum of money of month on which they should live. I live with parents in a three-room apartment. Relations with parents very good. We understand each other very well. I always listen to opinion of my parents, as they very wise people. I very much love them!!!
To the decision will get acquainted to the man from other country, I have approached very seriously. I understand, that there are distinctions in culture, language … It does not frighten me. I well enough know the English language. I can read, understand, talk in English. The difference in the age of me as does not frighten. I think, that in the person the main thing - soul, a private world. The rest is not so important!!! I am ready to change cardinally the life, and to begin a new life. Changes do not frighten me. I as understand, that there is a problem that we live far apart. I realize all difficulties. I long time postponed the small sum of money. I think, that it will help me to make a meeting with the man with which will develop relations. But about it to speak still very much early. I think, that you have understood what I the person and my purposes in a life. If I have interested you I shall look forward to hearing from you with the great pleasure.
P.S. I would like to see your photo!!!
Yours faithfully your new friend Evgeniya!!!
Letter 2
Hello my loved Al.
Lovely I is very glad to receive your letter. With me everything is all right, mood at me not so good. Weather today good. IN THE STREET the snow at night was, but in the street yard keepers already cleaned a snow from roads and now people can go easy. My sweet, but understand you, that me will not let out from the country without my insurance. This insurance too is very important for me. It is possible to tell so, that me would not let out from the country if I had no the visa. My insurance is exact as depends. If insurance would be voluntary, I not make it!!!
I already have tickets to you, and I want to be with you. You do not think, that I deceive you and I want from you only money. It not so!!!! I really real also want to arrive to you. Earlier in your letters you spoke, that you want to be with me. Understand, that you have already won my heart and now it belongs only to you to one. But it still should be checked up time. If I shall arrive to you we should try to live together, whether and to look we approach each other whether or not.
You understand all this. Al but you think, what you make on my place???? I understand, that it is very big money, but it is necessary for us to search what be exit. I did not ask you when there is nothing. Now it is simple at me there is no such opportunity to find money, I, and have addressed to you for the help. I for the sake of you was ready to do anything, I have left the family, girlfriends, parents. And it only for the sake of you!!!!! You think to me it was very easy. You could leave the work, family, friends and to go to other country for the sake of any woman??? And if you on half of way had a problem, and you cannot get to where. What you make???? When I have gone to Moscow I looked how I am seen off by parents and my girlfriends. It was very hard for me. I sat in the bus and from my eyes tears flew, but I recollected for the sake of what I leave all native. I have left all for the sake of you. But as soon as I had a problem I see, that you do not want to help me. If I could find itself money I would not ask you. Before I have asked you the help I have considered all variants where I can find this sum of money. It not the small sum of money for Russia. But feel, as it is now hard for me to be one on half of way to you. I have made all documents. When I have arrived to Moscow to me have told, that my visa will be made two weeks. I have thought, that it is a lot of and I have paid additional money for urgent manufacturing of the visa. I have made it because I wanted to arrive to you as soon as possible and to be happy with you.
We with you have a lot of dream and desires. It is necessary for us to search what be exit and to be together. If we have the big feelings each other we should trust each other. How it is possible to love the person and to not trust at all him???? I completely trust you and I want to be only with you. I thought much that when I have decided to go to you.
For me it was a difficult choice, but I nevertheless have overcome myself and have gone to you. I understand, that we and did not speak by with you when did not see each other to phone. I even have given you the address where I live. As I have given you the full name. Loved, you think I am not afraid, that if I to you shall arrive, and you deceived me, and you of me will force to be engaged in prostitution. There were many cases, that when women fell in love with men in other country and they allowed it money that they arrived. When these women vanished, Police searched for them. When have found some women appeared, that when they arrived to loved to the man it was at all the beloved, and the whoremaster. And he forced to be engaged women in prostitution. But I am sure in you, that you not such the man. I feel, that you that the man which I searched for all life. Probably, we with you were reduced with destiny!!! It who does not know. We can understand it when will pass a lot of time. Al, I ask you to not think bad ideas about me. I speak you from all clean hearts, that I real, and I want to be only with you. I speak you on all of 100 %. I promise you, that I when I shall not injure you. If you do not trust me, tell as I I can prove to you, that real??? The main thing tell, as well as I on all am ready for the sake of you. Loved, understand, that my insurance is necessary for me necessarily!!!!
I found out in embassy, that still was necessary for me for my start.
In embassy have checked up all my documents and have told, that as soon as I shall have insurance I can take off. At me everything is all right with my documents. I now shall finish on it the letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. All my words are real. I really love you. I think of you 24 hours per day. I want to be only with you!!!!!!
Forever yours Evgeniya!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my loved Al.
Lovely I is very strongly glad to receive your letter. With me not everything is all right. I am very strongly upset that you do not trust me. It is very bad act of you. We with you like each other, and we should trust each other. I, certainly, understand you, that we with you when did not meet face to face. But believe me, that I with you was always fair. When I began to write to you, I never spoke you the truth. I always opened to you the ***** truth. It is true. I am grateful to you for your help. You helped to arrive to me to you, but the help is still necessary for me. I simply do not know where to me to take still money for arrival to you. My sweet, I do not want to lose you. I have already done very big way to arrive to you. I do not know, that with me will be, if we with you shall not be together. For me the world does not exist without you. I really love you and I wish carry out the rest of the life with you. I am ready to give you all love and heat of my heart. I wish to be with you happy. I every day dream of us with you. I have a lot of dream. I as every night cannot sleep. I all time think of you. I usually stand at a window and at me tears flow. To you to not understand my heavy position. You do not see, how many I have spilled tears already. As you cannot understand me. It is hard to be one in another's city and to be in hope, that already very soon I shall happy with the beloved. I every day ask the god for that he has helped us to find road that we were shortly together. I think, the god will hear my prays and all my tears. I hope, the god will help to be to us together. But as you can solve this problem!!!! Our meeting depends only on you one. Only you can make so that I have arrived to you to your embraces. We could be happy together. Lovely I do not know as you still to prove, that I real. I ask you to help me with my arrival to you. I always shall be, is true to you. I hope, you can understand now me. I shall finish on it the letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you. I kiss you on all body my future husband.
P.S. To this letter I put a copy of my passport for travel abroad. I think, that it will help you to start to trust me more!!! More to me have not allowed to make any copies. I and this copy made under sensitive supervision at the manager of embassy. They watched that I have made only one copy and has sent you. I do not want even to think of that as well as why my documents will be blocked. I want only one to arrive to you very soon!!! And for this purpose 960 dollars are necessary for me. Now I am and I live in a room which to me was given by agency. But it so has warned me if I shall not leave from Russia within 3 days they will move me from a room. I should either go home or to remove a room at city dwellers Moscow. But here very expensive - to remove a room. And I do not want it make. I want to arrive as soon as possible to you. My tickets will be anew reserved and bought, when I shall show them the insurance! It will take place literally in some hours, and next day I can already take off to you!!! I cannot wait this moment! I love you, and I shall always love you, my future husband Al!!! I shall look forward to hearing soon!!! Your loved Evgeniya...
Letter 4

Hello my loved Al.
Thanks for that you do not trust me. I spoke you earlier, that the embassy will not allow to you my information. But all of you equally check me. Again I speak you, that I am detained only with my insurance. If you have helped me I for a long time would be already in your embraces. I do not know, why my information do not deduce for common a review. I think it therefore as my visa completely did not activate as not all my documents are ready to departure! As soon as my insurance will be ready, all will be good, and I can arrive to you. But on it I do not have money. You as refuse to help me! I think, that the most correct exit is that I shall go home, we shall stop correspondence. I really do not want to be with the person which does not trust me!!! Excuse that I speak you it. But it is valid so. It is necessary to be able to trust people. If you have trusted and have helped me our happiness already would be in a full heat. But you refuse to be happy with me. You prefer to be one. I do not understand you. Tomorrow in the morning I shall go home, and we relations with you will be stopped on it. Both you and me will be so more easy. We shall not suffer from one-way love!!!
Success to you in your future relations!!!
Yours faithfully and love, yours Evgeniya …
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