Scam letter(s) from Natalia Ryabkina to Bo (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello, I am so pleased to have a letter from you,thank you for paying attention to my profile. You know, this is my first experience in communication through Internet and I hope it will be successful. So, let's communicate more closer! My name is Natasha, I'm 26 years old young woman with blond hair. I live in small town called Krasnodon in Lugansk region of Ukraine. Here I was born and grew up, here is my home. You know, we have very nice nature here and I love my native land. I am of middle height, 166cm and my weight is 50kg. I have a dream: I want to find my happiness, a right man for me, that's why I'm here! To live without true love is so hard, especially for young woman like me. When you are young, life seems endless and I desire to fill it with bright, true and everlasting feelings. I am looking to meet somebody who will match me completely, whom I may call "my second half". To share everything. It is not important, from which country, of which age, religion, nationality he is. For me true relations are based on love, trust, sincerity and care. I want to be happy with my beloved surrounded by his love and care and to give him the same in response. I want to become a mother for our beautiful children, I think it is right time for me to do this step. I want our children to have happy family and daddy of whom they can be proud. What else I want to achieve in life: I want to learn English to know it well 'cause I learned it only at school. I want to drive my own car. I want to see different countries and places in the world. What do you think about it all? I was sincere with you, so please be the same! Tell me everything you want me to know, ask me any questions. I hope we will continue our acquaintance.
Please contact me at: Hope to hear from you really soon! Natasha
Letter 2
Hello Bosse! I am glad to hear from you again. You know, a dream becomes reality often. Your letter brought me in a good mood. Today is nice day at all: sun shines on the blue sky without a cloud, the birds are singing and the nature seems to be as glad as me. You like my letter and photo? It's nice! I'm pleased that you've noticed my sexuality. Yes, I'm really a hot girl and I have nice body. You know, I like to take ***** pictures. If you want, I'll send some of them to you next time. Can you please send me yours photo too? I'll be happy as well. Thanks for your letter with more information about yourself, well I think it is too early to talk about children :) But let us know each other. I see you are good person and interested in our communication. I've never been to Sweden but heard a lot about this country. Can you please tell me more? So, let me tell you something more about me. I was born on April, 28th 1980. I have sporty past. From childhood I was engaged in gymnastics and made big successes taking part in competitions of different levels. They said I must be in the national team but suddenly I got a little injury. This does not influence on me in casual life, I am in excellent shape but my sport future was doomed. I found it out with the tears in my eyes, but life is going on. So I stopped my sport career and after finishing school entered pedagogical university from which graduated as a fitness teacher. For now I work at secondary school. What about your job? I'm family-oriented girl and looking for a serious man to marry, creating family and having children. In spite I haven't much time, am trying to learn English. To say more, I enjoy being outdoors and at nature. I have some good friends and we like to spend free time together visiting gym, shops, concerts and sometimes making picnics. I have tempered character, it is hard to make me angry but if one is succeeded to do this it's hard to calm me, so keep this in mind :) What about your character? What do you seek in people? I believe that people whom we are meeting in our life are reflections of our soul's some parts. What do you think about it? I will wait impatiently for the new letter from you. It is really interesting for me to communicate with you! Sincerely, Natasha
Letter 3
Hello dear Bosse! You know it is a really pleasure to get an answer from you. Thanks for the picture. Today from the moment I woke up I was thinking about you and hoping to receive your e-mail. I should say that I've received some of letters from men but I stopped to answer to anyone except you and it seems to me that it is right decision. Have you something like inner voice? Mine says to me that you are the right person with whom I can go on. Well, I hope it does not mistake. About my written English: I use translation agency's service. For now I'm trying to learn English but it's still poor. Thanks for some words about your country. I believe, it's nice. I think we have here a climate very similar to yours. Right now we have snow a little but it is melting very fast - it is spring already! Do you think man and woman can be friends? If so, I would like to call myself your friend. But I believe that man and woman can't be friends for a long time, their friendship must grow up to something more intimate. You know I told to my mom and dad about our communication and said them that I acquainted with nice man. They listened to me with attention and then said they are very glad for me because they want their daughter to be happy. I'm so happy to have such loving and understanding parents. Have you always had good relations with your parents? I often think about you, imagine you in casual life and it is a little pity that we live so far from each other and can't meet just at street. Writing letters may be so nice (I've learned it already at my own experience) but unfortunately it can't give you full imagination about the person you are talk to. We are trying to put our souls into these typed lines. Are we succeeded? I hope so. I often think how wonderful would it be if we could meet one day to look into each other's eyes, and to see each other in reality not in electronic mail. What do you think about it? Wait for your answer soon and hug you. Yours sincerely Natasha.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Bosse! Today I'm in very good mood. I've got this mood every time I get a letter from you. I like a lot your **** picture and pleased you like mine! I also hope we will be friends for a very short time and have not to talk all the time :) Well, if we will meet, we will check everything, OK? You know when I think about my future family I imagine it happy and strong by some reasons. First reason is shared love which helps to overcome everything, to love and to be loved is the greatest happiness in the world! Second reason is respect and equality. Husband and wife should respect each other of course. At war victory can be achieved by efforts of both front and rear. I want to be a reliable rear for my husband. Third reason is children because we are continuing in our children, we give them life then happy childhood then everything we can. I can't imagine having a family without little beautiful creatures, and you? Can I know your thoughts about it? What should have the family to be happy? I have a very good example: my parents. They live together over 30 years, love each other and never quarried. I want my family will be very similar I know it is possible. I learned many things about life from them. Dear, as you already know my English is still poor in spite I had excellent mark at school, so I use the services of a translation agency. I know many girls use their service. Right today I saw here one happy girl who met her man in the same way I am trying to - Internet. I had a talk with her and she told me that he already came here to see her three times, they love each other, and now, just imagine, she is mounting her documents to leave together with him! They love each other so much and she said they will marry soon! Manager of the agency showed me the album with photos of happy girls and their matches who found their happiness! They sometimes send their greetings and pictures to the agency. I think it's a good tradition. I want my picture to be there too :)) How I understand her happiness! And envy a little... I hope some day I will be as happy as she! Dear, I do not like to say this but the service of this agency is chargeable of course. I paid from my money but having the salary like mine it is very hard. For me writing to you means so much that I can't stop it, but I really haven't got possibility to do it. What a pity my English is still not good! I am trying to become proficient in it as soon as possible, so I would be able to write to you without anyone's assistance. Writing to you is the one of the largest joys in my life and I just can't imagine how can I live without it... Hope you understand me and need our correspondence as well as me. Write me soon, what will you say! Hug you firmly, Yours Natasha.
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Bosse! It's a honor for our company to collaborate with You. Your correspondent Miss Natasha Ryabkina is our client. She uses our service by translation of correspondence and fully satisfied with it. But some time ago she informed us about her financial position and let us know that soon she will not be able to pay for our service. From the other side, she is very much interested to continue contact with You. If You are interested in further communication with her, You may help her by paying for translation. We are ready to help You in any questions connected Your correspondence! UAPT (Ukrainian Association of Professional Translators) offers a wide range of translation services. We are collaborating with corporative and private persons in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Our staff consist of near 50 skilled translators and managers which guarantee the quality of our services. You are welcome to contact us anytime and we will be glad to give You all needed information about conditions of our further cooperation. With best regards, Victor Losev
Letter 6
Dear Mr. Bertilsson! We have to dispel Your doubts about our company. Really, we've wrote to You from Miss Natalya's e-mail address but that was making in her presence and with her agreement. The matter is that this mailbox which belongs to our company was created by us for Miss Natalya's correspondence. She hasn't got personal computer at home, so we grant an access to Internet to her. Besides, her English is far from perfect, so Miss Natalya uses her own mailbox with the help of our operator-translator. Any operations with her correspondence can't be executed without her consent. We want to remind You that Miss Natalya is very interested in You and wants to continue the correspondence. She visited us yesterday and today and asked if we have any news from You. Please keep in touch and inform us when You will make Your decision. You can pay for our service, so Miss Natalya will be able to communicate with You again. We'll be happy to inform You about the conditions of our collaboration. We are ready to hear any questions from You. With best regards,
Victor Losev
Letter 7
Dear Mister Bertilsson! Let us clarify a matter. First, Your correspondent, Natalya Ryabkina, uses the mailbox which we did create for her. But, as we have said, any operations with her correspondence may be produced only in her presence and with her agreement because the password is known ONLY TO HER. Second, in Russian, names Natalya and Natasha ARE THE SAME. You can easily find it out, if You wish. Well, if You are disappointed in us with some reason, it's a pity. But we are sincerely trying to do our best to eliminate this misunderstanding. With best regards,
Victor Losev
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