Letter(s) from Irina to Bill (Australia)

Letter 1

hello dear Bill thank you for your letter and photo. I wish again tell you some words about me. As you know I live In Lugansk [Ukraine]. I was marriage but it not work successfully. and now i live together with my mother and my younger sister. as regards my work after the graduating of University i work as engineer of electric system. in free time I enjoy dancing, cooking, sewing and making clothes for myself. and of course i will be glad to meet you in any comfortable time for you in Lugansk.

Bill i want to be honestly with you from the beginning of our correspondence so as i do not know English[it is really very week] i use the service of private translator[i use also her computer] and i pay for the translation of my correspondence. i think that you will understand me because my salary is only 100$ per month and i simply have not physically ability pay as for your and my letters the same time. I do not pay the certain sum for translation of one letter if i decide to correspond with you i must pay 50$ per month and i can write and get your letters every day. so i will be able to continue our correspondence if you at least pay for translation of your letters, it means if you pay $25 per month for the translation of our correspondence, may be this is not so big sum for you but for my salary this is big sum. Irishka.