Letter(s) from Alena to Gian (UK)

Letter 1

Gian hello! Thanks you that you have answered my letter:)! It is very pleasant for me to see, that you to show to me reciprocity and to show interest. I am very glad:). Gian I also have decided to write at once to you the reciprocal letter and I think that you now to read my letter and what it is very interesting to you to find out me?:) excuse me if to you a little not clear my letter simply I Russian:). I studied the English language at school and I already began to forget, therefore probably at me it is a lot of mistakes:) please be not angry with me for it:). Lovely Gian I with you was completely agree we should fair and we require in good The relation. Probably we once shall together our honesty will be supported. My dear Gian I to study the English language but to write to me very difficultly but speak I can well. I in Current of 7 years to study the English language and wanted to become the translator once. But at me has failed. I hope that you completely to understand me. I want to ask you your phone number and I want with you To talk. As this best decision to find out each other. That you to think of it that To send me the phone number? I certainly not To hurry if you do not want to wait for you I. I hope That very much to like you England and you to live very well. I want to transfer big Hello to yours To parents and your sisters. I hope that you to transfer as it will be very pleasant for me to hear them Opinion. My dear Gian I hope that your work very much to like you. Certainly if at you is The opportunity to leave work and to be arranged in another works more go better. Gian I very much hope That I shall be your wife. Can once sometime we shall together. But it is not fast. My dear Gian It is very good that you to respect music and sports.
Very much to like me sports and is ready to run Every day. I to support the body that To look very much Well . I hope what to estimate me on My photo. I want that also you to send me the photo. As it will be very pleasant for me to see you and I want to know with whom I to correspond. Gian Also I want to tell to you about myself and about that than I am engaged also what I live a life. Also it will be very pleasant if you to write to me to me about your life. As to me I live in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. Probably you do not know about this city it in Russia in republics Tatarstan.
Gian to me now 25 years also will be fast on April, 29 to me 26:). I was born 1981 in city in which I now I live and I work. I very much like my city in which I live simply here to me sometimes it happens very boringly:). But when I starting to miss to me come my best girlfriend Anastasiya. She for me as the native sister and we always in all to help each other. Probably you also have true friends which always in all can to help you? Gian as to my work. I work as the manager in a bar. I very much like my work but I cannot be for a long time in premises where a lot of smoke and consequently I have forbidden to smoke in a bar in which I work:) And now at us do not smoke:)!
Simply I to not bear a smoke of cigarettes:). At me I was a lot of colleagues with which work and certainly I shall send you a photo with the colleagues if you to ask?:) Gian I so for a long time wrote to you this letter. Simply I am excited a little and not so quickly to print:). I think that you have read my letter very quickly not looking on that that I so for a long time wrote it:)? But I am all the same very glad that I could to write to you this letter and I shall be very glad if this letter will be not the last. Also I to put some photos on the letter. It was pleasant to you? Gian as to that why I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet. I had many men with which I had relations but these relations were not so serious as far as I wanted and when I began conversation about serious relations and with my young men they at once let to me know conversation on a marriage that they do not want to marry and do not want such which to want the relation I.
Therefore I at once wanted to ask you. Whether what relations to interest you and serious you the man? To me it will be very pleasant if you to tell to me about your past. I also shall necessarily tell to you about the past in following my letters. If it will interest you:) . I think on it I shall finish the letter. Certainly if I though could interest you I a little can see your reciprocal letter. I shall wait. It will be very pleasant for me to find out you and to allow to know to you about me. Gian also yet has not overlooked, you can name me "Alenka" so to name me my friends. Up to the following letter! Alena!

Letter 2

Hello my sweet Gian, how do you do? How your mood? Excuse me that I did not write to you. I went to mum on a cemetery. I hope that you to forgive me as I have reason which Has for me value. Lovely Gian that you me to support and speak thanks you that to you It is very a pity. It was very difficult for me in due time. Now I have work and to suffice me money that Only to live every month.
I cannot even go to take a walk with the girlfriend as to me it is necessary To pay for an apartment then to pay for the Internet and the everything else and to leave that it are necessary to eat.
Excuse that I to write to you about the problems. Simply to me to become when to speak much better The problems. I know that you necessarily to listen and me to support always. My dear Gian At you it is necessary to turn out to find other company to work and earn more Money. At us in city it is very difficult to find good work because always all to throw all people. Who the help not to whom. It very much is not correct because everyone owes the help each other as If can certainly. I to make what guilty it is simple to me very much to not like. I want that Everyone were each other polite and not when to not speak bad words. You with me agree? My pleasure Gian At you it is very cold today at us very warmly and these are +10 degrees. I hope as at you Will be warmer. Whether you to ask me very interesting question I want to arrive to England? I want to answer To you. Yes I want to see England and to see you. I hope that sometime it Will come true and we to see Each other. And can be and earlier because the decision on meetings should be accepted to you. I shall be Only to agree with you at any time meetings even if tomorrow. I about it to not think to live in England and to earn there. If at me we shall my husband in England I necessarily I shall be with him and I shall be To work as well as he. My dear Gian I not when shall not live on money the husband because at Me are the hands and I can To earn itself. But it will be very pleasant for me when he will be To earn it is more than I. Also you will be me To oder about . You that so are pleasant. To me it is simple not when did not give flowers and I yet do not know what feelings Will be at me when to present me flowers. I so many to write about myself probably to you it became already boring After my letter?
As many to write about itself. Gian for me the age does not matter how many To you of years and on how many you are more senior than me. For me the main thing that we love each other also cannot live the friend The friend. Because for me the most important is love and sincerity each other. I hope that we Let's be Very sincere each other. Thanks you that you to write to me such pleasant letter and your questions To me have very much liked. I to estimate all your letters and for me you mean very much much. I very much We shall hope that together once. I to finish the letter and I shall wait for your reciprocal letter. I wish you good day and excellent mood on all the day. I want to you To send to you the photo. I hope that to you very much to like and you to estimate me. I adore you Gian! Your sincere Alena!

Letter 3

Hello my pleasure Gian, how your affairs? How your mood? It is very pleasant for me to receive from you The lovely letter. I so am happy that you always to listen to me and to support me in any conversation with Me. I hope that you to feel like very well? Lovely Gian I every day to think of you and My mood rises when I to see your letter. As you are pleasant for me that to feel me My letter. My pleasure Gian I waited for your letter. But basically I to clean houses and is simple To lay in a bed and to think of you. What you to make there without me? I already began to be jealous a little you to Your trip. I do not know why I think that I soon in you to fall in love. Lovely v was earlier Very simply to live now it is very difficult to live and earn money. I do not know why I think that it All deputies to make to themselves in a pocket it is a lot of money and to not allow to earn to people. My dear Gian at Me to you some questions concerning my problem. I certainly do not want to ask to you something That you to me the help. But if you are valid to me can the help I shall is very glad to you. Gian I To receive the salary and to buy a refrigerator. Now at me a small problem concerning money that To pay an apartment. You certainly can to me the help can and refuse.
I shall not take offence at you so As I always had problems and will not find yet to itself the the man. I hope that it will be you As I am very happy with you and at me always a smile on the person.
Lovely Gian I want that you to me To answer sincerely if you you can to me the help with money? I at once want to write to you about the sum it is 350 Dollars. I hope that you to not give up to me lovely. I to finish the letter as it is time to me go on Work. I shall wait for your reciprocal letter. Your sincere Alena!