Letter(s) from Sheila Jose to Ray (USA)

Letter 1

....................How was ur nite ..??..did u dreamt about me .....U seems getting me wrong am not telling u to have my money in ur account....i trusted u bcos of the honesty in ur words that is why...i have to allow u into my personal world....hun...all i needed from u is set up and an ACCOUNT with WELLSFARGO BANK ...and return me the info so can ....forward it to the paying Bank ...here for the Transfer to be made.
And when i return back in the state i will have to change it or have my money tranfer to my newly account that i will setup myself when i return cos i don`t have any for now...u can go ahead and setup the ...Account ...provided u guarantee me safety with my money till i return to the state.....so go head and setup the account with ur name cos am here in a hotel room and didn`t down here with all the info that the Bank will demand from u to setup a new account that is one reason i wanted u to setup with u name and mail me the info via mail so can have it forwarded to the paying Bank.....ok
Love u and hope we meet ....soon in person when i return back state....

Am so sorry getting back late at u .....preasure of work keep me too busy this days so hardly get my ass on here ...got ur mail am really happy for ur quick response i mean ur write up is well read and understanding....i do appreciate ur

compliments u almost gotten my heart at the palm of ur hands....plz, i do like u to tell me more or little about u, what ya do for living, age, married where u from.....i mean all about u and do love to see some pic of u too.....!!

I have some recent pic of me for u to see how i look like ....hope u like this....lol

have a nice day and hope to read and see more of u soon......!!

Sheila Jose

Letter 2

Plz, help me out and do this ....not asking u to send me ur personal Bank info all i needed from u is to setup and account with WELLSFARGO BANK.....and i don`t ask u to deposited much money....only a $100 to setup the ....Account....and mail me the info ....so can have it forwarded to the ....paying bank....here.
plz, go head and do with i have nothing to do with ur money....is all mine...OK

Letter 3

Plz, Honey Go Ahead And Open The Account ...And am So Sure That There is Nope problem On The Account .......but Honey try and Open The Account today so They Can Wire The Money Into The Account cos I really Need The money so i Can Pay for The Bill To The Agent ....So Honey Dont Worry All is Okay Honey try and Open The Account today and And Email me All the Account Information okay Honey Am here waiting for u Online With The Account Detail...Okay honey i miss u Somuch and Love u