Romance scam letter(s) from Linda Wales to Patrick (USA)
Letter 1
I hope you understand why you have not heard from me for sometime now,it was due to my work.I also want to talk to you too but i don't have a phone here in Nigeria sure we can talk to eachother if i have a phone But we can talk on instant messanger. I hope you are fine and doing good?Please do take good care of yourself,i miss talking to you for sometime now and i am just thinking about you. Hope to rad from you soon. Love Always. Linda.
Letter 2
I do get connected to the internet when i travel,and i am doing this just for you,i truely love you and want to get to know you more............. Please tell me what you think about me. Love and miss you. Linda
Letter 3
Hi Partick,Thanks for the mail,i am so happy for hearing from you,i am so sorry for not writing you back so soon,it's the nature of my Job.....I am less busy now and would have much time to write you cos work is less,I am fine and doing ok....My work is not that very demanding,Right now i can wait to come bakc home cos i know that i am missing alot here.Your eyes and leaps are inviting to me also and i can't just thinking about tell me about your work and how you felt when you did not hear from me for some while. Hope to read from you soon. Love you.
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