Scam letter(s) from Albina Habibullina to Van (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend! How have you been there? I hope that all is well with you and this letter will find you in a good mood! How is the weather there? I hope not bad either! We have a cold weather here but it's a normal temperature for this period. Well I have to admit I'm a little bit worried Van. I don't know if you received all my letters and if I got all of yours. Please look into your spam folder and maybe you'll find there letters from me or review my previous letters. So if I didn't answer some of your questions please feel free to ask me, ok? Are you receiving my letters daily? Or sometimes you receive nothing? Let me know it ok?
As for my friend Katerina, she saw her doctor lately and the doctor said that she is out of risk. I'm very glad that everything went well for her.
I've got a call today from my agency and they told me that I'll have the test which will confirm my skill in the anesthesiology by next week. You know I'm a little bit nervous. If I'll pass this test I'll have an international license in anesthesiology! I'll be able to practice all over the world!
Van, I want to make things clear and let you know that as soon as I come to New York I'll sign the contract which will guarantee my employment for two years. Also I'll have the chance to make a choice the place (city) to work in. I will stay in New York for a couple of days and then I'll move out to the city I'll choose. In fact I want to stay in the New World and never come back to Russia. I'd like to get a citizenship in the future. Who knows how everything will turn out? As for the family I think it is also very important for me. If I ever will get married I'd like to continue my work, but I like to cook and clean the house in the free time. I want you to know that I have never used a translator programme to write letters to you. So you can see how good my English is. I write and talk English alike. Will my English be enough to talk easily in America?
Van, you maybe feel yourself inconvenient for being older than me, but I want to say that I always did well with the people generally older than me. So please do not worry about it. By the way, as you know my birthday will be by August 10 which makes me Leo. Leo is my astrological sign. What is yours? Do you actually believe in astrology? I'm a little bit interested in it. Are you?
Van, I want to ask you if you ever crossed your country from ocean to the ocean. As for me I like to travel very much! In fact I have been in many places in Russia. Since I'm coming soon to America I've got a dream: to cross America form cost to cost on the car or even on the bike! I have never ridden a bike and really want to try it! You maybe think that I'm crazy, but if you would ask what I'd like to see in America mostly I'll say America itself! Please do not think that it's a crazy idea, I really like to get to know America from the inside.
Oh, almost forgot, I've just figured out that my phone cannot make an international calls. I can call to the phones if they installed in our town only. I know it might sounds absurdly, but it is so. I'll try to figure out if I can call from the phone station. I think it will work. Also I've tried to install the Yahoo messenger onto my computer at work, but it does not work. I'll go tomorrow to talk with the system administrator what was the problem. Hopefully he will help me to understand what went wrong.
And in the end I'd like to give you some Russian words:
Privet! means Hello!
Poka! means Bye!
Devushka means a girl
Droog means a friend.
Ok, I have to go now. I hope to see your reply soon and your thoughts on what I've written.
Yours friend
Maria P.S. I did not attach a picture today, but I'll do it tomorrow. I'll prepare the most recent picture for you!
Letter 2
Hello Van! How are you? I hope you are well. I'm fine too. It's just a quick note for you Van. I want to let you know that I can't write much today. I stayed for a duty today at the hospital. Actually it's not my responsibility to stay at the hospital for the night, but the doctor on duty can't work today. Something happened with him so I replace him tonight. I didn't see if you sent me a message or not, but I'll check my mailbox tomorrow morning. Please keep writing to me even if I didn't write, ok. Well, I have to go. Till then Van.
Your Russian friend
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